If someone uses these 17 phrases in a conversation, they’re secretly flirting with you

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Flirting isn’t always completely obvious, especially when somebody shy is trying to flirt with you. 

But if you know what to watch out for you’ll be able to tell. 

The following phrases are often used to flirt. 

I’ll explain what to listen for and the likely intentions of the flirter. 

Let’s dive in: 

1) “Do you come here much?”

This is usually a pick-up line.

It’s an invitation to talk about yourself and what you like to do with somebody. 

If you’re asked about whether you come somewhere a lot in almost any context, chances are you’re being flirted with.

2) “Have we met before?”

If they start bringing past lives or karma into it, then you’re under intense heat. 

This is usually a very flirtatious thing to say.

Sometimes it’s genuine, but usually it’s more about feeling strongly attracted to you

Do you feel the same?

3) I like your hairstyle, it’s really unique”

When a person praises your hairstyle (or clothing or overall look) they’re almost always flirting. 

There are exceptions to this, of course.

But at the very least they are opening the door to friendship or an ongoing interaction of some kind. 

4) “What do you usually do around here?”

This is a subtle way of flirting as well because it brings up the subject of what there is to do in the area. 

You’re being tasked as a temporary tour guide or really to be whatever you want to be. 

This is your chance to decide if you’re interested as well, because you can essentially suggest anything at this point and let the potential romance commence. 

5) “Do you work out?”

This is a low-key flirting attempt for sure in most cases. 

You’re being told that you’re attractive and that your figure turns them on. 

They’re letting you know that they find you hot and want to let you know about it. 

6) “Aw! Your pet is so cute, what’s his name?” 

Complimenting somebody’s pet is a classic way to flirt with them. 

When you don’t want to come right out and wink or say “hey there, how you doin’?” you focus on the pet. 

This is how smooth operators let you know they want to get to know you better:

They focus on your furry friend (for now) and then see where that road leads… 

7) “I feel so good when I’m around you” 

This is a great thing to know about. 

You’re the source of somebody’s happiness, or at least a significant accelerant to it?

Whether or not they’re exaggerating a bit, they are certainly letting you know that they’re quite attracted to you. 

8) “You have such pretty eyes” 

Maybe you really do have pretty eyes!

But if you’re being told this, you’re being flirted with. 

Do you find they have pretty eyes, too? If you want to flirt back, try to find something you find attractive about this person, too, and return a compliment of your own. 

9) “What are you doing later?” 

This is a way to ask somebody out. 

If you’re asked this during a conversation it’s hard to misinterpret:

At the very least, you’re being asked to continue the interaction at a later time and extend getting to know each other. 

Are you interested? 

10) “Your life story has me intrigued”

This is a thing I’ve heard a few times. 

I wasn’t always being flirted with, but I was flattered. 

If you’re told this by somebody, they usually are trying to flirt with you and are also smart:

They know that the way to many people’s hearts is flattery (or at least showing an interest in their life). 

11) “Hello again you, how’s it going today?” 

The “hello again” sounds pretty flirtatious, doesn’t it?

When a person indicates their pleasure in seeing you again, they’re welcoming you into their little world. 

This is usually a flirtatious and friendly way to tell you they like you. 

12) “This sure is a nice surprise seeing you!”

Being appreciated is great, and this can be a friendly thing to say. 

But it’s also a very flirtatious phrase when delivered with the right intonation and a certainly sultry look. 

Is it a nice surprise for you, too? 

13) “I know about this place I think you’ll love…” 

It’s always nice to get thoughtful recommendations. 

If somebody is telling you about a place they think you will love, there’s almost always another aspect to it. 

They’re talking about a place you’d enjoy which they’d like to show you, or which they’d like to go with you. 

There’s not much subtle about this:

In most cases it’s you being asked out. 

14) “I’ve never met somebody who thinks like you, it’s a breath of fresh air!”

A meeting of two minds can be a romantic experience and this is a way for somebody to let you know they’re feeling it. 

They love how you think and feel intrigued and fascinated by you. 

Is it purely intellectual? Perhaps. But quite often it’s more and also has a physical and emotional attraction aspect as well. 

15) “Trust me, that guy/girl is bad news, you’re better off sticking with me” 

When somebody says this to you, it’s hard to misinterpret. 

They may say it with a hint of irony or a wry smile, but the intention is clear. 

To get you focused on them and sabotage the reputation or potential of somebody else so you don’t wander astray. 

16) “I think there’s a spot just for you in my schedule” 

When a busy person lets you know that you have a special place in their schedule, it’s their version of flirting. 

This is a way of also making something sound business-like that’s actually more personal. 

It teases out the difference between a personal meetup or a business meetup. 

17) “There’s just something about you”

This is about as steamy as it gets!

The only exception here would be if this is meant in a negative context. 

But almost always this phrase is a flirtatious come-on letting you know that you’re special and especially attractive to this person. 

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