If someone uses these 10 phrases in a conversation, they’re an authentic person

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In a world full of pretense, meeting someone who is real and genuine feels so good, doesn’t it?

But how can we tell if someone is truly being their authentic self?

Well, one way is to listen to what they’re saying. And there are certain phrases that can give them away.

So, grab a chair and let’s get down to business. Here are 10 phrases that might just reveal you’re talking to an authentic person.

1) “I don’t know”

One phrase that authentic people aren’t afraid to use is “I don’t know.”

It sounds simple, but it’s a phrase that a lot of people struggle to say.

Authentic people understand they can’t know everything, and they’re not afraid to admit when they don’t have the answers.

It shows a level of humility and honesty that is refreshing in today’s world where everyone is expected to have an opinion or solution for everything.

2) “I made a mistake”

Authenticity involves owning up to your mistakes and learning from them.

Genuine people acknowledge when they’re wrong, apologize if needed, and do their best to make things right.

They believe in growth and understand that mistakes are stepping stones to improvement. They don’t pretend to be perfect; instead, they embrace their flaws and work on them.

3) “I need help”

They recognize that they can’t do everything on their own, and they aren’t too proud to ask for assistance when they need it.

For example, I remember a time when I was working on a project at work. The deadline was approaching and I was struggling to get everything done on time.

Instead of trying to do it all by myself and risk not meeting the deadline, I swallowed my pride and asked my colleague for help.

Not only did we manage to complete the project on time, but it also strengthened our professional relationship.

Authentic people understand the power of teamwork and don’t hesitate to seek help when necessary.

4) “No”

You might be surprised, but “No” is a phrase that authentic people use often.

They understand the importance of setting boundaries and aren’t afraid to say no when something doesn’t align with their values or priorities.

This can be a tough one, as many of us are conditioned to avoid saying no out of fear of offending others or missing out on opportunities.

However, saying no more often can boost your sense of self-control and make you feel more empowered. Authentic people know this and aren’t afraid to exercise their right to say “no”.

5) “I appreciate you”

Authentic people express gratitude and they aren’t shy about telling others how much they appreciate them.

The phrase “I appreciate you” is a simple, powerful way of acknowledging the value others bring into their lives.

They know that the words can make a world of difference to someone who may feel overlooked or unappreciated. Whether it’s a coworker who has been working hard or a friend who is always there for them, authentic people make it a point to express their appreciation.

It’s this heartfelt acknowledgment that makes their interactions genuine and meaningful, strengthening the connections they have with those around them.

6) “I’m listening”

They use it to show that they’re present and fully engaged in the conversation.

For instance, I remember a time when a friend was going through a tough time and needed someone to talk to.

Instead of offering advice or trying to fix her problems, I simply said, “I’m listening.” Those two words made her feel heard and understood.

Authentic people understand that sometimes, all you need to do is lend an ear, and let the other person know that they have your full attention.

7) “I’m scared”

You won’t often hear people admitting they’re scared. But authentic people? They don’t shy away from it.

“I’m scared” is a phrase they aren’t afraid to use. They acknowledge their fears, their vulnerabilities, and they don’t try to hide them under a mask of fake bravery. They know it’s okay to be scared, it’s human.

Being authentic doesn’t mean being invincible; it means being true to your feelings, even if those feelings are of fear or uncertainty.

It’s about saying, “Yes, I’m scared, but that’s not going to stop me.” That’s raw honesty for you.

8) “I was wrong”

Authentic people don’t mind admitting when they’re wrong. They say, “I was wrong” without hesitation because they understand that being wrong is a part of life and a big part of learning.

Interestingly, accepting one’s mistakes and learning from them can lead to higher self-esteem and satisfaction in life.

Authentic people know this. They see their mistakes not as failures, but as opportunities to learn and grow. They aren’t interested in being right all the time, but in understanding and seeking the truth, even if it means admitting they were wrong.

9) “I need time to think”

They know the importance of taking time for themselves to reflect and make thoughtful decisions.

I remember a situation where I was offered a job opportunity that seemed great on the surface, but something didn’t feel quite right.

Instead of rushing into a decision, I told them, “I need time to think.” Taking that time allowed me to weigh the pros and cons and ultimately make a decision that I felt good about.

Authentic people understand that they don’t have to have all the answers on the spot and that it’s okay to take time to think things through.

10) “This is me”

“This is me” – three simple words, but they carry so much weight.

Authentic people say this phrase unapologetically.

They are not trying to fit into someone else’s mold or meet someone else’s expectations. They don’t hide their quirks or try to suppress their unique traits just to blend in with the crowd.

They embrace who they are, warts and all. They know they’re not perfect, but guess what? They don’t strive to be.

They accept themselves, and they want you to accept them as they are too – raw, real, and uniquely them. That’s what being authentic is all about.

Eliza Hartley

Eliza Hartley, a London-based writer, is passionate about helping others discover the power of self-improvement. Her approach combines everyday wisdom with practical strategies, shaped by her own journey overcoming personal challenges. Eliza's articles resonate with those seeking to navigate life's complexities with grace and strength.

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