If someone uses these 10 phrases, they’re probably hiding something

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Ever feel like someone’s not telling the whole truth, but you just can’t figure out why?

It could be because of the words they’re using.

When people have something to hide, they often use certain phrases that are a dead giveaway.

I’ve put together a list of 10 such phrases that might just mean someone’s not being 100% honest with you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these phrases don’t always mean someone’s lying.

But if you’re getting that ‘something’s off’ feeling, they could be a clue. 

1. “To be honest…”

Now, this phrase might seem pretty innocent, right?

But think about it – why would someone need to specifically mention they’re being honest?

It’s like they’re trying to convince you that they’re telling the truth, which could be a sign that they’re hiding something.

If someone uses this phrase more often than not, it might mean they’re not being completely upfront with you.

2. “I don’t remember…”

This phrase is a classic. People use it when they want to avoid answering a question or when they’re trying to hide something.

Of course, we all forget things from time to time.

But if someone frequently uses this phrase, especially about things they should remember, it might be a red flag.

If they’re saying “I don’t remember” a little too often, it might be time to ask yourself if they’re trying to avoid telling the truth.

3. “Maybe, I guess…”

This one really takes me back. I had a friend who used to say “Maybe, I guess…” a lot.

At first, I thought they were just a little indecisive.

But then I noticed they would use it whenever they were trying to dodge a question or avoid making a solid commitment.

For example, when I asked them if they’d borrowed my favorite book that had gone missing, they said, “Maybe, I guess…I might have picked it up by mistake.”

Turns out, they had my book all along but didn’t want to admit it.

So if you hear “Maybe, I guess…” a lot, it could be a sign that someone’s not being entirely open with you.

4. “As far as I know…”

This phrase might seem like another innocent one.

But phrases like “as far as I know” are often used to create distance from the truth.

It’s a clever way to avoid outright lying while still being deceptive.

When someone says, “As far as I know, the project is still on track,” they might be hiding something they don’t want you to know about.

5. “It’s complicated…”

This phrase often carries a heavy weight. It’s what people say when they don’t want to share the full story or when they’re trying to avoid an uncomfortable truth.

I remember a dear friend who would use this phrase when asked about her relationship status.

She would say, “It’s complicated…” with a sad smile, choosing not to reveal the issues she was dealing with.

It turned out she was in a difficult place, but wasn’t ready to share it.

So, if someone keeps saying “It’s complicated,” they might be struggling with something they aren’t ready to disclose just yet.

Your understanding and patience could mean the world to them during this time.

6. “I wouldn’t lie to you…”

This is a classic one that I’ve experienced firsthand. A friend of mine used to say this quite often: “I wouldn’t lie to you…”

But the funny thing was, he usually said it when he was about to stretch the truth a little!

He’d say something like, “I wouldn’t lie to you, I totally nailed that presentation,” when in reality, he’d barely managed to get through it.

It’s like he was trying to convince me – and maybe himself – that he was telling the truth.

So if someone frequently tells you they wouldn’t lie to you, it could be a sign they’re not being entirely truthful.

7. “Why would I ever do that?”

This phrase is often a knee-jerk reaction when someone feels cornered. It’s less about convincing you and more about justifying their actions to themselves.

I’ve known people who’ve used this phrase when they’re backed into a corner, trying to deflect the attention away from their actions.

It’s like saying, “I’m not capable of doing something like that”, even when they very well might be.

If you hear this phrase, it could be a sign that someone’s getting defensive…and they might just have something to hide.

8. “I have nothing to hide…”

You might think that someone saying this is being open and transparent, right?

People who insist they have nothing to hide are often the ones who do. It’s a phrase used to divert suspicion and make you think they’re being open.

But in reality, it’s a red flag that they might be concealing something.

9. “That’s about it…”

I used to know a guy who would end his stories or explanations with “That’s about it…” It was like his signature catchphrase.

At first, it just seemed like a quirky habit. But over time, I realized he used it when he was leaving out details he didn’t want to share.

Like the time he explained his sudden breakup with, “We had an argument, and that’s about it…”

Later, I found out there was a lot more to the story. So if someone often wraps up with “That’s about it,” you might not be getting the full picture.

10. “Trust me…”

When someone constantly tells you to trust them, it can be a sign that they’re trying too hard to convince you of their honesty.

It’s like they’re asking for your trust instead of earning it.

I’ve come across people who use “Trust me…” like a magic phrase to make all their sketchy stories seem believable.

But trust isn’t just given freely; it’s earned through honesty and transparency.

If you find someone repeatedly telling you to trust them, it might be time to question why they feel the need to insist on it so much.

So there you have it, 10 phrases that might indicate someone’s hiding something.

Remember, these phrases aren’t definitive proof of dishonesty, but they can serve as clues if you feel like something’s not quite right.

Trust your gut, keep your eyes open, and never be afraid to seek the truth, even if it’s hidden behind a few crafty phrases.

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