If someone is secretly interested in you, they’ll display these 10 subtle behaviors

When someone likes you, they might not always be so upfront about it.

But there will be signs – mostly very subtle ones. Slight changes in their behavior towards you will give them away. You just have to look close enough to spot them!

If you think someone is secretly interested in you, watch out for these 10 behaviors. If you recognize more than one, they probably like you a lot more than you think!

Up first:

1) They’ll turn their feet towards you when you’re talking

First up, when someone is secretly interested in you, they’ll be fully invested in your conversations.

You’ll never catch them staring off into the distance or turning their body away from you – looking for someone else to talk to.

Instead, they’ll actually turn their feet towards you! It’s like the saying goes, “Where the feet point, the heart follows” – and it’s true!

They might shift their entire body closer to you, too. They won’t realize they’re doing either of these things, though. It’ll be a limbic brain response that just comes naturally to them when they like you.

2) They’ll laugh at all your jokes

Don’t we all think our crush is the funniest person on Earth?

When someone is secretly into you, you’ll know it by how much they throw their head back and laugh whenever you make a joke! Or by how often they giggle away to themselves when you say something subtly funny…

This is another thing they won’t realize they’re doing more than other people would (i.e., those who aren’t secretly interested in you).

This happens because they’re paying close attention to you and the things you say. And they laugh because they deeply appreciate your personality and how comical you are.

You’ll especially notice them laughing when you make comments or facial expressions that most people miss. Which leads us nicely to how…

3) They’ll hang onto your every word

Imagine your crush starts telling a story. Do you zone out and think about what you’re having for dinner tonight or how much homework you have to do?

Or do you listen to their story like it’s the only thing occupying your brain right now?

Let me guess – it’s the latter, right?

That’s because you’re totally into them – and when you’re into someone, everything they say is interesting. Plus, hearing their stories helps you learn more about them and makes you fancy them even more!

So if someone is secretly interested in you, whenever you speak, they look like they’re hanging onto your every word. If you’re in a group, they might even stop speaking when you start – just so they can hear what you have to say, too!


4) They’ll make eye contact while you’re talking

How do you know this person is listening intently to your story? Well, it’ll be pretty darn obvious by the eye contact they’re making!

Plus, when someone is secretly interested in you, they won’t just be interested in everything you have to say.

They’ll be captivated by your appearance, your smile, the way your hands move as you speak, and how cute your dimples look when you start to laugh. They’ll also probably get lost in your eyes more than they should…

So if you’re speaking one-on-one, you best believe they’ll be meeting your eye the entire time. And if you’re in a group, they’ll be watching you closely – catching your gaze every time you meet theirs!

5) They’ll catch your eye randomly

What happens when you’re in a meeting and you look around the room randomly? Or when you’re at a party and your eyes start to wander?

Does your gaze instantly meet theirs? Or do you spot them quickly avert their eyes when you look their way?

If either of these things happen, this is another pretty obvious sign that they’re secretly into you!

Like I said earlier, when you like someone, you want to take all of them in. Everything they do makes you fall that much harder for them.

And looking at them will feel like an obsession, something you know you shouldn’t do, but you just can’t help yourself…

Even if you’re not looking their way, you’ll feel their eyes on you the entire time, taking all of you in…

6) They’ll be happy to see you

Imagine you’ve just bumped into this person in the hallway. Or you’ve just met up with them and you say hey.

Do they give you the biggest, cheesiest grin you’ve ever seen? Do their eyes light up at the mere sight of you?

If the answer is yes, I think you already know what I’m going to say!

This person is head over heels for you. And just seeing you again makes them the happiest they’ve been all day.

7) Their smile will reach their eyes

The Duchenne smile: AKA, the smile that proves someone is deeply, madly, truly in love with you! Or, at least, they care about you a whole lot.

The Duchenne smile is known as the smile someone gives you when it lights up their face and reaches their eyes. It’s widely recognized as the most genuine type of smile you could give – and that someone can give you.

And I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t give total strangers these kinds of smiles. I don’t hand them out freely to people I’m not interested in either…

So if someone gives you smiles like these, you could be in luck. They might be totally into you – and it’s not much of a secret at all!

8) They’ll ask you questions (and lots of them!)

Another sign someone is secretly interested in you is if they actually show you some interest!

When you first meet them (or whenever you meet up, really!) they’ll ask you a ton of questions about yourself.

They’d never sit there on a date with you and do all the talking. They also wouldn’t talk your ear off about their own lives without letting you get a word in edgeways (not caring if you do or don’t manage to, either!).

When someone is into you, they actually want to hear what you have to say. They want to learn more about you, and they care/value your view on things over the sound of their own voice.

So they’ll ask how your day was, what you thought of the movie, whether you like your job or not, and what you want to do for the holidays this year.

And they won’t just ask these things and let your answers go over their head…

9) They’ll remember things you’ve said

When you’ve already met this person once, you won’t feel like you have to do the first date all over again. I.e., you won’t have to answer all the same questions again, repeating yourself or saying, “I thought I’d already told you this”.

Nope, nope, and nope some more! When someone is secretly interested in you, they’ll remember (almost) everything you say.

They’ll know exactly what you do for work and what you studied at college if you already told them about it. And if you told them about something you were doing in between your next meeting, they’ll ask you how it went and whether you enjoyed it.

Basically, they pay attention to you and the things you say. And they don’t simply “forget” things you’ve told them before.

10) They’ll keep the conversation going

Lastly, when someone is secretly loving every minute of being with you, they won’t ghost you or let the conversation die a sudden death!

Instead, they’ll make a huge effort to keep your conversation going – whether it’s over text, in person, or on the phone.

And I think the reason they do it is pretty obvious: They want to talk to you.

They enjoy your company and love hearing about what’s going on in your life.

So they might stay up late just to hear your voice that little bit longer. Or keep finding reasons to message you every moment of the day, about absolutely anything…

Final thoughts

Do you recognize any of these subtle behaviors in someone you know?

If more than one describes this person’s behavior to a tee, then I’m pretty sure they’re secretly into you!

If you like them back, maybe it’s time to start dropping them a few subtle, not-so-subtle hints their way, too. It might be all they need to make the first move.

Or praying to the algorithms that they send this article to their timelines. Or, of course, taking matters into your own hands and asking them out!

Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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