If someone is secretly attracted to you, they’ll display these 8 subtle behaviors

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Navigating the waters of romantic attraction can feel like you’re out in the middle of the ocean without a compass.

You’re spending time with this person, maybe they’re even a good friend, and you can’t shake this nagging suspicion that they might be harbouring feelings for you.

You’ve tried to figure it out, looked for any glaring signs, but it’s like trying to read a language you don’t understand.

Often, it’s not even that obvious.

You might just have this gut feeling that they’re attracted to you, but your mind keeps second guessing it.

Here’s how to decode their behavior and know for sure if someone is secretly attracted to you. Keep reading to discover the 8 subtle behaviors they’ll display if they are.

1) They find reasons to be around you

Attraction has a funny way of pulling people together, even when they’re trying to stay apart.

If someone is secretly attracted to you, they’ll find a way to be in your vicinity, no matter how trivial the reason might seem.

Maybe they’re always at the same coffee shop at the same time as you, or they always seem to be around when you’re hanging out with mutual friends.

Subtly, they position themselves in a way that gives them the opportunity to interact with you, even if it’s just a quick hello or a passing glance.

It’s not about stalking or crossing boundaries, but rather an almost magnetic attraction that makes them gravitate towards you. 

2) They remember the little things

Now this is something I’ve noticed when I’m the one smitten.

I’ll remember the smallest details about them. Their favorite movie, that time they mentioned they love raspberry jam but hate strawberries, or how they prefer their coffee.

And if someone is secretly attracted to you, they’ll have just as sharp a memory when it comes to things related to you. They’ll recall these seemingly insignificant details you’ve shared with them.

In a conversation, they might bring up a topic you once casually mentioned, or they may surprise you by remembering your preferences when you least expect it.

It’s not about being obsessive or creepy, it’s about them being genuinely interested in you and wanting to show it in a subtle way. 

3) They’re always lending a helping hand

I remember when I had a massive crush on this girl in college. Every time she was around, I found myself going out of my way to help her. It could be anything from offering to carry her books, to fixing her computer issues, or even walking her home after late-night study sessions.

Looking back, it was a clear sign of my attraction towards her, even though I didn’t say it outright.

If someone is secretly attracted to you, you’ll notice them doing the same. They’ll be your go-to person for help, always willing to lend a hand, be it big or small tasks.

It’s their subtle way of showing they care about you and want to make your life easier. 

4) They mirror your actions

This is something that happens subconsciously when we’re attracted to someone. It’s called mirroring and it’s a form of non-verbal communication.

We naturally mimic the behavior, speech patterns or body language of the person we’re attracted to. It’s our brain’s way of saying, “Hey, I like you and I want to be on the same wavelength as you.”

So if you notice that they’re mirroring your gestures, like when you cross your arms or when you laugh, it might not be a coincidence.

Same goes for your speech patterns. If they’re using the same phrases or talking in the same manner as you, it’s definitely a sign.

This subtle behavior is a strong indicator of attraction and if you’re seeing this from them, they might just be secretly attracted to you.

5) They’re keen on knowing your interests

Ever noticed someone who suddenly takes an interest in your hobbies or passions, even if it’s something they’ve never shown an interest in before?

I’m talking about someone who’s always been indifferent to art suddenly wanting to go to an art exhibition with you. Or someone who’s never been into sports, asking about your favorite team and trying to understand the game.

It’s not that they’re pretending to be interested. They genuinely want to understand and share in what you love.

This is a subtle yet clear sign of attraction. They want to know you better, to connect on a deeper level and what better way than through your interests?

6) They’re always complimenting you

Compliments can be a tricky thing. We all like giving and receiving them, and someone could be complimenting you out of politeness.

That said, I think you’ll know on some level. When someone is secretly attracted to you, they will find more reasons to compliment you.

It doesn’t have to be something over the top or incredibly romantic. It could be about your sense of humor, your intelligence, or even the way you tie your shoelaces.

What’s key is the frequency and the genuineness behind these compliments. They are not just trying to flatter you, but genuinely appreciate these aspects about you.

If you notice that they’re complimenting you more often than usual and in ways that make you feel special and appreciated, there’s a high chance they’re secretly attracted to you.

7) Their body language is open and directed towards you

What I love about knowing how to read body language is that it can reveal a lot about someone’s feelings, even if they’re trying to keep them hidden.

When someone is attracted to you, they tend to have an open body language around you. What exactly does that look like?

Their feet will be pointed towards you. They’ll maintain eye contact. They won’t cross their arms or legs as that can be seen as a defensive stance.

They might lean in when you’re talking, showing that they’re interested in what you’re saying. Even the simple act of mirroring your gestures, as I mentioned earlier, is a form of open body language.

If you notice that their body language is consistently open and directed towards you when you’re together, it’s a strong indication of their secret attraction to you

8) They show genuine concern for your well-being

This is, in my opinion, the most important sign that someone is secretly attracted to you.

When someone cares deeply for you, they show genuine concern for your well-being. It’s not just about asking if you’re okay when you’re visibly upset. It’s about noticing when something’s off, even if you’re putting on a brave face.

They’ll check in on you when they know you’ve had a rough day. They’ll ask about that doctor’s appointment you were worried about, or they’ll remember to ask if your headache has gotten better.

Their concern goes beyond superficial pleasantries. They genuinely want to know how you’re doing and want to help in any way they can.

If they’re consistently showing this level of care and concern for your well-being, it’s more than just being friendly or kind. They are likely secretly attracted to you.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been nodding along to these signs, there’s a good chance someone in your life is secretly attracted to you.

Understanding these subtle cues can give clarity to situations that may have left you guessing. But it’s important to remember, attraction doesn’t always equate to love or compatibility. It’s just the first step in a long journey.

So what do you do with this information?

Here’s the thing: attraction is a two-way street. Reflect on how you feel about this person. Do you see potential for a deeper relationship, or do you value keeping things as they are?

You have the power to steer the course of this relationship. Consider your feelings and decide your next steps with thoughtfulness and respect for both parties involved.

Ultimately, it’s about listening to your intuition and honoring your emotional well-being. Attraction can be exciting, but authenticity in relationships is what truly fuels long-lasting connections.

Clifton Kopp

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