If someone is deeply in love, they’ll usually display these 12 behaviors

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Ever wondered how you can tell if someone is totally in love? It’s not like they wear a badge, right?

But, guess what? There are signs you can look out for.

Being in love can make people act in all sorts of exciting ways.

And if you’re curious to know whether someone’s really smitten or just playing around, I’ve got your back.

Here are 12 behaviors that people who are deeply in love tend to show.

1. They prioritize their partner’s happiness

When someone is really in love, they put their partner’s happiness on top of their list.

It’s not about self-sacrifice or letting go of their own needs, but rather about finding joy in seeing their partner happy.

They’ll go out of their way to bring a smile to their partner’s face, whether it’s by planning a surprise date, cooking their favorite meal, or simply being there when they need a shoulder to lean on.

This behavior is a strong sign that they’re deeply in love.

2. They listen… like really listen

Listening is an art, and when someone is in love, they become a master at it.

They hang on to every word their partner says, remembering the details and showing genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings.

It’s not just about hearing the words, but understanding them and the emotions behind them.

This shows a deep level of care and respect for their partner, which are key elements of being deeply in love.

3. They include you in their future plans

This one is close to my heart. When my partner and I were dating, we would often talk about our hopes and dreams.

But it wasn’t until he consistently started including me in his future plans that I realized just how deeply he was in love with me.

It could be as simple as discussing holiday plans or as big as where he saw us living in a few years.

If someone is including you in their future, it’s because they can’t picture it without you. This is a surefire sign they’re seriously smitten.

4. They keep their promises

Did you know that trust is one of the fundamental pillars of a strong relationship?

When someone is deeply in love, they understand this well and make an effort to keep their promises.

They know that broken promises can lead to trust issues, so they’ll do everything in their power to avoid that.

So, if your significant other has been consistently keeping their promises, it’s not just a sign of respect and trust – it could also indicate deep love.

5. They show empathy

When someone is deeply in love, they don’t just hear your words, they feel them.

They share your joy, your pain, your worries, and your excitement as if they were their own.

This isn’t about being overly sensitive or emotional; it’s about understanding you on a deeper level. It’s about willingly walking in your shoes to really get where you’re coming from.

This level of empathy isn’t common, but when it happens, it truly is a heartfelt sign of deep love.

6. They defend you

I remember this one time when a friend was making fun of a mistake I had made at work. It wasn’t a big deal and was meant to be light-hearted, but it made me feel a bit embarrassed.

Without missing a beat, my partner jumped in and deflected the conversation away from my mistake.

That action said more to me than any words could.

If someone is deeply in love with you, they’ll be your biggest defender, even when you don’t necessarily need defending.

They just can’t help but protect you because your well-being matters that much to them.

7. They’re not afraid to show vulnerability

Love isn’t always about the butterflies and the sweet nothings. It’s also about the raw, unfiltered moments that bring you closer.

When someone is deeply in love, they’re not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

They let you in on their fears, their insecurities, and their doubts, not because they want to burden you, but because they trust you with the deepest parts of themselves.

It’s not easy to be this open, but when someone is, it’s a clear sign they’re truly in love.

8. They respect your personal space

Here’s an interesting fact: according to psychologists, having personal space in a relationship is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced partnership.

When someone is deeply in love, they respect this concept wholeheartedly.

They understand that you need time for yourself, your interests, and your friends.

They don’t see this as a threat or sign of disinterest, but rather as a necessary part of individual growth.

So, if your partner respects your personal space and encourages you to do what you love, it’s a strong indication of their deep love for you.

9. They remember small details

A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned to my partner that I used to love eating cotton candy as a kid at the fair.

To my surprise, he showed up a few days later with a fluffy pink cotton candy. That simple gesture told me that he not only listens to my stories but also cherishes them.

When someone is deeply in love, they remember and value the little details, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

These small details matter because they are the threads that weave the fabric of your shared life together. It’s a beautiful sign of deep love.

10. They’re your biggest cheerleader

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There will be days when you’re down, days when you fail and days when you question your worth.

But if someone is deeply in love with you, they’ll be there on those days, cheering you on.

They believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

They’ll uplift you, encourage you and remind you of your strength.

Love isn’t just about being there in good times; it’s about standing by each other during the tough times too.

11. They are comfortable with your flaws

Nobody’s perfect. We all have our quirks, habits, and flaws that make us uniquely us.

When someone is deeply in love, they don’t just tolerate these imperfections – they embrace them.

They love you for who you are, not despite your flaws but because of them.

This acceptance creates a safe space where you can be your authentic self.

12. They make sacrifices for you

Love isn’t always easy or convenient. Sometimes, it requires sacrifice.

When someone is deeply in love, they’re willing to make those sacrifices for the sake of their partner’s happiness or well-being.

It might be something small like giving up their Saturday morning sleep-in to help you with errands, or something big like moving cities for your job opportunity.

But the bottom line is, these sacrifices aren’t forced – they come naturally out of their deep love for you.

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