If someone genuinely enjoys your company, they’ll usually display these 9 behaviors

There’s a big difference between someone who just tolerates your company and someone who genuinely enjoys it.

The difference? Well, it all boils down to behavior. When a person truly relishes your company, they’ll show it through their actions.

Discerning these behaviors can sometimes feel like deciphering a complex code. But hey, I’m here to make it easier for you.

In this article, I’ll be revealing the 9 behaviors people usually display when they genuinely enjoy your company. 

Let’s dive in. 

1) They initiate contact

In the world of relationships, both platonic and romantic, initiating contact is a big deal.

Those who truly relish your company won’t wait for you to reach out. They’ll take the initiative because they enjoy your presence and want to spend time with you.

Think about it – we’re all busy, juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments. Yet, when someone takes out time from their schedule to connect with you, it’s a clear sign that they value your company.

This could be anything from a simple text message or call to planning an outing or visit. The method of contact may vary, but the intention remains the same – they want to interact with you.

So, if you find that someone frequently initiates contact with you, it’s a good indication that they genuinely enjoy spending time with you.

But remember, this should be a two-way street. Reciprocation is key to maintaining any type of relationship.

2) They actively listen

Active listening is not just about hearing, it’s about understanding, empathizing and showing interest.

I once had a friend who was always engaged in our conversations. Even when we were in a group, I noticed she would always make an effort to listen to what I was saying. She’d nod, ask follow-up questions and remember details from previous discussions. It was a clear sign that she valued my thoughts and enjoyed our interactions.

Contrast this with someone else I know who would often zone out mid-conversation or simply wait for their turn to speak. It made me feel unheard and unappreciated.

The difference was stark and it taught me a lot about how active listening is a clear behavior displayed by people who genuinely enjoy your company.

3) They show genuine happiness

Did you know that genuine happiness can be spotted in the eyes?

It’s known as a Duchenne smile, characterized by the contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle (which raises the corners of the mouth) and the orbicularis oculi muscle (which causes crinkling around the eyes).

When someone genuinely enjoys your company, they’ll often display this type of smile. It’s an involuntary response to pleasure and joy, making it a reliable indicator of genuine happiness.

True emotions are hard to fake, and the eyes rarely lie.

4) They respect your boundaries

Everyone has their own comfort zones and limits. When someone makes an effort to understand and respect these, it demonstrates a level of care and regard for your feelings.

This could be anything from respecting your time, adhering to your personal space, or being mindful of sensitive topics.

Remember, respect is a key component of any healthy relationship.

5) They share personal stories

Sharing personal experiences and stories is a way of letting someone into your world. It’s about vulnerability, trust, and connection.

When someone starts to share their personal anecdotes, hopes, dreams, and even fears with you, it’s a clear sign that they feel comfortable in your company. They’re not just making small talk; they’re building a deeper connection.

It’s one thing to chat about the weather or the latest news, but it’s another thing entirely to delve into personal territory. This requires a level of trust and comfort that typically only comes when someone genuinely enjoys spending time with you.

So the next time someone starts opening up to you, take it as a sign that they not only trust you but also truly enjoy your company.

6) They make you feel important

Isn’t it an incredible feeling when someone makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room? It’s as if their entire world revolves around you at that moment.

When someone genuinely enjoys your company, they make an effort to show you that you matter. They value your thoughts, respect your opinions, and appreciate your presence. You’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re important to them.

These gestures may be subtle – a nod of agreement, a supportive word, a warm smile – but they speak volumes about how they feel about you.

Being made to feel significant and valued is one of the most heartwarming experiences in any relationship. When someone goes out of their way to make you feel this way, don’t overlook it.

7) They remember small details

I have a friend who once mentioned that she remembered my fondness for vintage bookstores I had casually mentioned months ago. When she visited one on her trip, she thought of me and brought back a book.

This simple act was quite touching and showed me how much she valued our friendship.

When someone remembers these small details about you, it indicates that they listen to you and value your conversations. It’s a lovely way to show someone that they genuinely enjoy your company.

8) They make time for you

In today’s busy world, time is a precious commodity. We all have schedules to keep, appointments to attend, and tasks to complete.

Yet, when someone genuinely enjoys your company, they’ll make time for you despite their busy schedule. They’ll prioritize spending time with you, even when it might not be the most convenient for them.

Whether it’s grabbing a quick coffee, taking a long walk, or simply having a heart-to-heart chat at the end of a long day – they’ll ensure that they carve out moments to be with you.

This willingness to invest their time and energy is a clear indication that they truly cherish your company. After all, we make time for the things and people we value the most.

9) They’re comfortable being themselves around you

Last but certainly not least, when someone is comfortable enough to let their guard down and be their true selves around you, it’s a surefire sign they genuinely enjoy your company.

You see, authenticity is the cornerstone of any genuine connection.

They’ll laugh freely, share openly, and express their thoughts without fear of judgment. There’s no pretense or facade, just the raw, unfiltered version of themselves.

This level of comfort and acceptance is rare and special. It’s an indication that not only do they enjoy your company, but they also trust and respect you enough to reveal their true selves.

Final thoughts: It’s all about connection

Connection, in its rawest form, is a dance of mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation. It’s about being seen, heard, and valued.

When someone genuinely enjoys your company, they aren’t merely tolerating your presence. They are embracing it, cherishing it, and eagerly seeking it out.

These nine behaviors are strong indicators of such connection. But remember, every individual is unique and might express their feelings differently. The key is to stay observant and open-minded.

Mia Zhang

Mia Zhang blends Eastern and Western perspectives in her approach to self-improvement. Her writing explores the intersection of cultural identity and personal growth. Mia encourages readers to embrace their unique backgrounds as a source of strength and inspiration in their life journeys.

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