If someone displays these 7 traits, they’re a really genuine person

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Ever heard the saying, “Real recognizes real?”

Well, it’s an adage that holds some truth. 

Spotting a genuine person in a world full of masks can be challenging, yet it’s incredibly rewarding once you do.

But here’s the catch.

Identifying genuineness isn’t as intuitive as you might think. 

Genuine people can often be misunderstood or overlooked due to certain unique traits they possess.

Eager to know, “What makes someone genuinely authentic?”

Stick around as we delve into 7 tell-tale signs that can help you decode true authenticity in people.

1) They value honesty

Let’s kick off with a no-brainer. 

Genuine people prioritize truth over convenience. They don’t sugarcoat realities, nor do they spin tales to save face.


Because authenticity requires courage – the courage to be honest, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Even when it could potentially put them in a tough spot.

But there’s something to be aware of here; genuine people aren’t necessarily blunt or harsh with their honesty.

They simply value transparency and trustworthiness above all else.

2) They’re not afraid to show vulnerability

For the longest time, I used to equate vulnerability with weakness.

It wasn’t until my encounter with a close friend, John, that I realized how wrong I was.

John was always open about his feelings, his struggles, and even his fears.

He wasn’t afraid to shed a tear during a moving movie or admit when he felt overwhelmed.

At first, it was disconcerting. “Why would anyone willingly expose their weak spots?” I’d wonder.

But then, I observed something remarkable. John’s openness didn’t make him weak – it made him relatable and trustworthy.

His ability to show vulnerability created an environment for deep and meaningful connections.

That’s when it hit me – vulnerability isn’t a weakness.

It’s a strength and a surefire sign of a genuine person.

So if you come across someone who isn’t afraid to show their vulnerable side, consider yourself lucky.

You’ve probably found a genuinely authentic individual.

3) They possess emotional intelligence

Here’s something that might surprise you.

Being genuine doesn’t just mean being honest or vulnerable.

It also involves a deep level of understanding – understanding oneself and others. In other words, emotional intelligence.

Let’s consider empathy, an integral part of emotional intelligence.

Genuine people can put themselves in others’ shoes, understanding their feelings and perspectives.

They don’t just listen to react, they listen to understand.

And then there’s self-awareness. Genuine people are conscious of their emotions and how they can impact others. They’re not afraid to admit their flaws and work on them.

No one’s perfect, right?

But genuine people aren’t striving for perfection. They’re striving for growth, balance, and emotional maturity.

And that’s what sets them apart.

4) They are consistent

It’s one thing to be genuine in a single interaction, but another to maintain that authenticity consistently across time and situations.

Consistency is a key indicator of a truly genuine person.

You see, genuine people aren’t chameleons changing their colors to blend in.

They stay true to themselves, regardless of who they’re interacting with or what situation they’re in.

I mean, it’s easy to be kind and empathetic when you’re in a good mood or things are going well.

But what about those challenging days?

Or when you’re interacting with someone who’s difficult?

Well, genuine people don’t let circumstances sway their character.

They remain true to themselves, displaying the same level of honesty, kindness, and respect no matter what.

5) They don’t seek attention

Here’s something you might not know:

Peacocks fan out their extravagant tail feathers not just to attract a mate, but also to distract predators.

In our human world, some people tend to behave like peacocks, seeking attention and validation from others.

They may flaunt their accomplishments, exaggerate their stories, or be overly dramatic in their interactions.

But genuine people?

They’re different.

They don’t need to be the loudest in the room or the center of attention. They’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to put on a show for others.

They understand that self-worth comes from within, not from external validation.

That’s why their actions are motivated by sincerity and integrity, not by a desire for recognition or applause.

6) They are kind without expecting anything in return

One of the most heartening things I’ve ever witnessed was a stranger helping an elderly woman cross a busy street.

He didn’t know her, and there were no cameras around to capture his act of kindness. It was a pure, selfless deed.

Here’s the thing:

Genuine people have this inherent sense of kindness that isn’t contingent on reciprocation or reward.

They help others because it feels right, not because they expect something in return.

Whether it’s lending an ear to a friend in need, helping a stranger, or showing compassion to an animal, their acts of kindness are a natural extension of their genuine character.

7) They are comfortable with who they are

The most telling trait of a genuine person?

They’re at peace with who they are.

They don’t feel the need to impress others or fit into societal molds.

They accept their strengths and weaknesses, their successes and failures, their perfections and imperfections.

They know they’re a work in progress and they’re okay with it. They don’t see the need to pretend to be someone they’re not.

So if you meet someone who is unapologetically themselves, treasure them.

Because in a world that often encourages us to be anything but ourselves, these genuine souls are refreshing reminders of the beauty of authenticity.

Final thoughts 

So there we have it – the eight traits that genuine people often display.

If you’ve recognized these traits in someone, consider yourself fortunate. There’s nothing quite like the company of a truly authentic individual.

And if you’ve seen these traits in yourself, give yourself a pat on the back.

Authenticity is a journey, not a destination. It’s about continuously striving to stay true to who you are, amidst all the noise around you.

But what if you’re still on your journey? What if you’re yet to fully embrace these traits?

Well, that’s okay too.

Remember, self-improvement is a lifelong process.

It’s never too late to cultivate authenticity. Start by embracing your unique self – your strengths, your flaws, your passions, everything that makes you, you.

Ava Sinclair

Ava Sinclair is a former competitive athlete who transitioned into the world of wellness and mindfulness. Her journey through the highs and lows of competitive sports has given her a unique perspective on resilience and mental toughness. Ava’s writing reflects her belief in the power of small, daily habits to create lasting change.

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