If someone displays these 11 traits, they’re a pleasure to be around

We sometimes stumble upon the rare type of individual who shines like a star and can instantly light up our day with their infectious positivity and charm. 

They just seem to have a knack for making everyone around them feel special and at ease, and getting even the gloomiest of people to crack a smile.

But what exactly is it that makes certain individuals so likable and delightful to be around?

And what might we learn from their unique subset of characteristics?

Well, let’s delve in and find out about the 11 characteristics that make someone stand out as an absolute pleasure to be around:

1) They actively listen

You know those people who make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room? 

The ones who notice when you get talked over and make sure to return the focus to you (even if it’s their focus alone), making you feel heard and seen?

They’re not just waiting for a chance to jam their own words in nor itching to check their phone whilst you’re talking. 

Instead, they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say; asking thoughtful questions and providing empathetic responses (as is generally part of active listening).

This not only shows a great deal of respect, but also makes the conversation much more engaging and meaningful, plus ensures you feel valued and never overlooked.

2) They’re incredibly empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. 

It involves being able to expand your mind and really place yourself in that person’s shoes – even if you haven’t been through the same experience – to share and understand their pain.

And it’s empathy that is such a key trait of people who are a pleasure to be around

They don’t just sympathize – they empathize.

Sympathy involves a greater degree of pity. More “aww, poor you!”

Empathy, on the other hand, involves sharing the burden and trying where possible to support the other person and ease their suffering.

This rare type of individual who brightens everyone else’s surroundings tends to be so empathetic, they’re seen as a safe haven for others, which creates an unshakable bond of trust and shared love.

3) They’re comfortable with silence

Silence, surprisingly, need not always be awkward.

While good conversation skills are indeed important, people who are a pleasure to be around also understand the value of silence. 

They don’t feel the need to fill every quiet moment with meaningless chatter just to avoid the black hole of silence – they understand that sometimes, silence speaks louder than words.

They’re comfortable with just being present and letting a moment of silence occur naturally. 

And it’s often these people with whom you can sit side by side, interacting with your own hobbies yet sharing this amicable, silent space.

This trait allows for deeper connections and more meaningful interactions, as they recognize when words are necessary, and when they’re not.

4) They maintain a positive attitude

But not toxic positivity, that is.

Life is full of ups and downs, but those who are a joy to be around tend to maintain a positive attitude, even in challenging situations. 

That’s not to say they’ll shun you or tap you on the wrist if you’re feeling low.

However, they’re not gloomy or droll themselves, either.

They tend to radiate positivity and optimism, which can in turn be incredibly infectious. 

This positive attitude means occasionally you need to be the one checking in on them, as it’s sometimes the brightest of people who are quietly suffering.

But for the most part, those who are a pleasure to be around lift up the spirits of everyone in their presence.

5) They respect boundaries

Respecting personal and professional boundaries is a sign of understanding and respect; inherent inherent in people who are welcomed and loved by all.

They understand that everyone has their own comfort zones, privacy needs, and personal space. 

There will be no invasion of space, no stealing of private possessions, nor pushing you to do more than you’re comfortable with.

This level of respect for each individual’s boundaries creates a strong sense of trust, comfort, and a sense of safety, all of which make interactions with this person enjoyable and completely stress-free.

6) They express gratitude and thanks

What’s nicer than someone who tells you how deeply grateful they are for the gift you gave them?

Or texts you after you’ve hung out and tells you what a pleasure you are to be around? 

These types of expressions really leave such an impactful impression, so never underestimate the power of a ‘thank you’ or even a delighted smile.

As simple as it sounds, acknowledging and appreciating even minute gestures contributes to their overall positive aura these individuals are surrounded by, and makes those around them feel equally valued and appreciated.

7) They’re unbelievably kind

Kindness is a universal language which we can all speak.

Some choose to speak it more than others.

For people who are a pleasure to be around, it’s a mother tongue.

Whether it’s offering a helping hand to a mother struggling up some stairs with a pram, a warm smile to a stranger, or a kind word about a friend’s new avant garde hairdo, their acts of kindness can light up someone’s day instantly

Their kindness isn’t selective or conditional either; they extend it to everyone around them, regardless of who they are and it never has to be earned.

Be honest – how could you resist someone who has such a positive effect on the world around?

8) They are authentic

In a world where we love filters, airbrushing, scams, lies, and counterfeits – these people really stand out.

People who are genuinely enjoyable to be around don’t put on a show or try to be someone they’re not. 

Plus, if I’m honest, those who try to fake being magnetic and delightful are quite easy to spot.

The truly kind and genuine are as true to themselves as they are the world around them. They aren’t afraid to show their flaws and vulnerabilities, making them all the more relatable and lovable.

This pure honesty allows for deeper connections, as they invite others to be just as real and authentic in return and bare all their flaws as well.

Thus a safe space is created where everyone who interacts with this person is able to open up and show their true colors, which certainly leaves a radiating, lasting impression.

9) They show respect and manners

Respect is a two-way street, and people who are a pleasure to be around understand this well. 

Hence why they show respect not only through their words but also through their actions. 

Forget being kind one minute, then rude to wait-staff. 

These individuals value others’ opinions, acknowledge their feelings, and treat everyone around them with dignity and courtesy; regardless of their status or background. 

They’re ever polite and cordial to the extent that others notice and smile in admiration.

Yes, your grandma in particular.

10) They are reliable and dependable

Reliability is a trait that is highly valued in any relationship, because feeling like you can’t count on someone or they’re always late sucks.

However, this category of people, those who leave a lasting impression for being such a pleasure, are never late nor flaky.

Whether it’s meeting up for a coffee date or answering a late night emergency phone call, you can count on them.

They value commitments and understand the importance of being there for others, and would never want someone to feel undervalued or overlooked. 

11) They find joy wherever they go

Lastly, people who are delightful to be around have a knack for making the best out of even a dreary situation and finding the good in everything. 

They find happiness in the most simple of things and love taking others along for this joyful ride.

Whether it’s sharing a funny story (they tend to be great storytellers), appreciating a beautiful sunset all wide-eyed in awe, or simply delightful a good meal, their zest for life is incredibly contagious. 

They remind us to savor the small moments and embrace the joy that life has to offer, even if it’s difficult for us to see at first – and that is one of the best lessons that others can teach us.

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