If someone displays these 12 traits, they will eventually find love

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Someone close to you has been single for a while now.

And they’re starting to wonder if they’ll ever find love. So of course, you start to worry for them, too.

How can we really tell if someone is bound to find love?

Well, you don’t need a crystal ball for that—you can simply pay close attention to their personality traits!

If someone displays these 12 traits, you can be sure that they’ll eventually find love.

1) They’re not desperate for love

They want love, but they don’t NEED love. And most of all, they won’t beg for love.

Sure, they sometimes grumble about how they’re too old to be single or that they’ll never find someone who’ll love them…but you know for a fact that they CAN live without a partner.

As far as they’re concerned, if they can’t find their right match, they might as well remain single.

So they live their lives, and just let love come to them when the time is right. They’ll date but they’re not rushing.

And you know what? This kind of confidence actually makes them quite attractive.

2) They’re kind-hearted and caring

And not just because they want to earn a date!

They’re genuinely kind to everyone— from their friends and family to the random old man on the street that they’ll probably never see again.

It doesn’t take them that much effort to be kind because they simply ARE kind.

If a person has a big heart, you can be sure love will find them in the end.

They might not actually have to try chasing after love simply because love itself will be drawn to them.

3) They have a good sense of humor

Life is hard, and people don’t generally like being around someone who’s always being tailed by a gloomy rain-cloud.

It’s rare to find someone who knows when to poke fun at something and when to take things dead seriously.

So you can be sure that even if someone is not the sexiest or classiest, they’ll eventually find love if they have a good sense of humor.

4) They don’t stay away from the opposite sex

There are some people who believe that men and women can’t ever be “just friends”.

They think that if men try to befriend them, that they automatically like them. Or that if a woman gives them a cupcake, that they’re already flirting.

This is an obstacle that does a good job at keeping love away at arm’s length!

If you see someone who has good friends of both genders, then they have a higher chance of finding the right partner for them.

Their odds will be multiplied by a hundred.

5) They listen more than they speak

It’s quite reassuring being around someone who actually bothers to listen to the people around them.

But the act of listening is not the end-all-be-all!

A lot of people do listen, but spend a lot more time running their mouths.

A good listener knows how to listen intently and ask the right questions. And this is a rare trait that most people are looking for in a partner.

I mean, we spend so many hours in our lifetime talking to our partner so it only makes sense.

Let me ask you this, would you ever consider being with someone who doesn’t know how to listen? Me neither!

6) They know how to communicate clearly

They understand that people are most certainly NOT mind-readers, so they don’t play coy and expect people to know what they’re feeling.

It doesn’t matter how “obvious” their little signs are to them, because not all people are going to interpret those signs the same way, and even those that might understand what they mean might still prefer not to assume.

So they communicate.

If they’re upset at someone, they’re not going to act all passive-aggressive and hope that person gets the hint. They’ll find a good time to talk things over and discuss the problem.

And it should go without saying that good communicators are significantly more likely to have a stable relationship than those who are not.

7) They can laugh at their own mistakes

Confidence is sexy, and it can’t be denied that being able to acknowledge and make fun of your own mistakes takes a lot of confidence.

That’s why people who can make fun of their own mistakes—and genuinely laugh, and not just giggle out of embarrassment or disguise their self-deprecation as humor—will eventually find love.

Because for them to do that, they not only have to acknowledge that they made a mistake in the first place. They also have to accept that it’s okay for them to have made that mistake.

That’s humility, which is itself an incredibly attractive personality trait that most people are looking for in a friend and partner.

8) They have their temper under control

Those who’ve been in and out of relationships know how important this trait is. It’s exhausting to be with someone who can’t control their emotions. So toxic!

And so people who have this are sought after.

They don’t start shrieking and throwing things all over the place when things don’t go as planned, or acting all passive-aggressive when they lose an argument.

They have since learned how to exercise restraint, and they know it so well that even if they’re actually still moody deep inside, people won’t know it.

They somehow learned how to maintain an atmosphere of measured calmness about them.

And most importantly, they do this without being numb and detaching themselves from the world. They still freely express enthusiasm and cheer.

9) They know how to trust

We can all agree that someone who has trust issues will find it hard to find love. They’ll push away people, even the good ones.

But not your friend.

They’re trusting, but not so trusting that they’ll just put their faith in every random ninny and nonny that crosses their path.

There are many reasons why you just can’t trust blindly, after all. Some people have tongues too loose for their own good, and others are simply vultures looking for someone to take advantage of.

It’s almost certainly the case that they have put their faith in the wrong people time and time again in the past.

But instead of just blaming the world and refusing to trust in people anymore, they instead chose to learn how they can tell if someone is trustworthy or not.

And this certainly makes it easier for them to find love.

10) They can give without expecting anything in return

They’re not going to demand that you do their work for them because they gave you coffee last week.

They won’t say that you should take their side because they helped you pay off a $500 debt the other day.

They give freely, and they do so without expecting anything in return.

As far as they’re concerned, charity ceases being charity if they ever did it because they wanted to call in a favor at some time in the future.

And because of this, when they do acts of kindness for other people, everyone feels at ease. People don’t ask “what do they want in return for this?” around them—everyone already knows that there’s no catch.

This kind of selflessness is very attractive, and it would be impossible for them to not find love if they remain the same.

11) They’re mindful of boundaries

There are a lot of people who are aware of people’s boundaries, but they simply don’t respect them.

When someone says “no”, they think it means “you haven’t tried hard enough—keep trying!”

This kind of behavior, while quite common, is also quite creepy and annoying…and it’s hard to fall in love with a creepy and annoying person!

People who find love definitely understand the value of boundaries and are extremely careful not to violate other people’s boundaries.

They’re similarly protective of their own boundaries, and they will immediately shut down anyone who tries to impose themselves on them.

12) They’re open about their emotions

As I have mentioned before, while they have good control over their temper, they’re not unemotional.

In fact they care for their feelings and openly express them. They’re just mindful not to burden everyone else with their negative emotions.

They will admit to these feelings—from jealousy, shame, to disgust.

And this lets them build genuine human connections with the people around them, allowing them to know them better and, sometimes, even fall in love.

Last words

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that hard to find dates and hookups. Bars are everywhere, after all, and dating apps are a dime a dozen.

What’s hard is finding someone to love and be loved by.

For that, one actually needs to be the kind of person that people genuinely enjoy being around—someone whose personality and attitude can light up the whole sky. And of course, they must also have relationship skills.

So do you (or your friend) have all the traits above? Then you need not worry.

True love will find you in the end.

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