If someone displays these 12 traits, they’re a naturally classy person

Classy folks have a way about them that’s immediately noticeable. 

They have traits that stand out and lend sophistication and class to any occasion. 

Here’s what to watch for… 

1) Speaking with grace

Classiness can be heard in the voice and the way somebody speaks. 

Not all of this is in our control:

Things such as our vocal tonality and pitch are up to nature. 

But the manner in which we speak including volume, speed and enunciation is in our control to an extent. 

Speaking in a calm and measured way and with intentionality is a hallmark of class. 

The sophisticated man or woman says what they want to say and says it in a firm but calm manner that gains the respect and admiration of those around them. 

2) Making eye contact 

Classy people make eye contact with those they’re interacting with. 

Shady people tend to avert their eyes or look around at everything but the people around them. 

Direct eye contact is a sign of both respect and trust. 

Classy people respect others and aren’t afraid of them. 

They look anyone in the eye who they’re speaking to, especially if it’s a matter of making a business deal or interacting about anything specific. 

3) Remembering names

Classy people do their best to remember names of those they’re introduced to. 

This isn’t always easy, but there are various easy techniques for remembering the names of those you meet. 

Remembering peoples’ names gives them a warm glow, as they know that they matter to you and that you’ve noted their presence and identity. 

Classy people always make a point of remembering somebody’s name and will also use it in conversation to emphasize that they do recall and respect somebody’s name. 

4) Paying their fair share

Classy people are never stingy. 

Even if they don’t have big financial resources they will do their part to chip in and pay their fair share. 

Whether it’s a date or going out with friends, the classy individual is open and generous with small costs. 

They don’t argue or quibble over a dollar here or there because the stress just isn’t worth it. 

And if they have tight financial restrictions they let others know before heading out or doing activities that end up being expensive. 

5) Opening doors and being courteous

Basic courtesy and things like opening doors goes a long way, particularly in today’s tense and busy world. 

Classy people do this because they like to do it, not because they expect any recognition or reward. 

They know that one of the positive differences we each can make on a daily basis is our small actions:

Instead of only thinking of ourselves we can take a second now and then to consider others. 

The result is feeling more connected and empowered, as well as more useful. 

6) Being a shoulder to cry on

Classy folks understand that everybody goes through hard times. 

As such, they’re OK being a shoulder to cry on now and then. 

This isn’t a role that they inhabit permanently, but it is a way in which they show that their ego isn’t always in first place.

Sometimes it’s about another person’s need to express pain and sorrow

Sometimes you’re just there to let them cry or vent or yell and rage. 

As long as it doesn’t become some kind of codependent pattern, being a shoulder to cry on can actually be a way to demonstrate emotional stability and fortitude. 

7) Supporting others when they’re in need

Classy people are able and willing to support others when they’re in need. 

They have enough confidence and self-worth that they don’t need to always have the focus be on themselves. 

Classy people always take care of themselves and ensure they are well and whole before giving of themselves. 

But they enjoy being helpful and being there for others in their hour of need. 

If and when they can, they prefer to be a net asset for those around them. 

8) Not prying about personal matters 

There are times when somebody is going through something that’s confusing or upsetting but also very intimate or personal. 

Classy people are intuitive and are able to sense when somebody wants to open up or not. 

They respond accordingly and don’t push. 

They know how to not pry when a person seems too hesitant to open up

The truth is that many times somebody will open up only if and when they see that there is no pressure about it and that it’s up to them to say or not say whatever they’d like to. 

9) Refraining from judging too quickly 

There are times when judgment is warranted or even necessary:

For example if somebody is about to hurt someone you love or a person is engaging in a scam and trying to get somebody to go along with it. 

But classy people do their best not to judge too rapidly or quickly. 

If they don’t need to judge or it serves no real purpose, then they reserve judgment. 

There’s already more than enough judgment in the world, and the classy and sophisticated individual doesn’t want to add to that critical mass. 

They’re fine just remaining as a person who sees what’s happening without always needing to have a formed opinion about it. 

10) Cheering people up when times are hard

Classy people are people who cheer others up when times are hard. 

They are the type of calming presence who comes along during a stressful time or crisis and reassures you with their presence. 

They say a few words or crack a joke, but it’s not even about that. 

It’s the energy they carry of calm certainty that calms people around them and makes others feel better about the situation. 

Classy people always find the silver lining, even if it’s just the absurdity of something bad that’s happening and getting people to laugh a bit about it. 

11) Staying far away from schadenfreude 

Schadenfreude is the feeling of happiness at other people’s pain. 

It’s a close cousin of jealousy and often pops up in people who are dissatisfied with their own life or bitter and resentful about the happiness of others

They are happy enough with themselves that they don’t feel the need for others to lose in order for them to win. 

This ties directly into the final point about the behavior of classy people: they want everyone to win (if possible). 

12) Seeking out and creating win-win scenarios 

Classy people may be competitive and love winning, but they avoid the dog-eat-dog mentality. 

This isn’t just about being nice or easygoing, it’s about being smart. 

Many situations in business and life are actually win-win.

In fact studying the stories of many self-made billionaires it’s easy to see pattern:

They partly got massively wealthy by finding opportunities where many people could benefit and they could be the conduit to that progress or enrichment. 

Nobody else has to lose so you can win and getting over this idea is one of the first steps to enormous personal and financial success. 

Classing it up

Being classy can include a high sense of personal style, citing poetry and advanced philosophy and drinking subtle and refined types of coffee. 

These things can all add up into a very classy vibe.

But at the end of the day it’s the personality traits and instincts of somebody which make them a true class act. 

While there are ways to improve, classiness is much more about action than appearance or outer style. 

The truth about class

The truth about class is that it’s all about the above traits displayed on a consistent basis. 

Anyone can be well spoken a time or two, but it takes a truly classy person to not lose their cool and start cursing even in a fight…

Anyone can open a door for an elderly person when they’re having a great day, but a truly classy individual does it even when they’re having a terrible day…

Class is about having high standards that don’t change with outer circumstances. 

Class is about consistently high standards that stay the same come rain or shine. 

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