If someone displays these 15 behaviors, they’re definitely in love

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It’s often said that love is like a drug.

It’s addicting, it changes the way we see the world, and it makes us do things they normally wouldn’t do.

The funny thing is that the lovestruck person isn’t aware of just how obvious they are with their infatuation.

If you’re wondering if you, your partner (or someone you know) is head-over-heels in love, here are some telltale signs.

1) They keep smiling for no clear reason

Someone who is lovestruck won’t be able to resist thinking about their partner all the time…and it will show in their smile!

We all know this smile. It’s not the typical smile one gives to the cashier, it’s a smile that’s mixed with fondness and excitement.

They would see a cat and be reminded of how their beloved is fond of cats, and so they’re grinning from ear to ear.

It’s just so irresistible that even those who try to hide it for fear of looking dumb only manage to make it all the more obvious to everyone else.

2) They do things a little differently

If one remains unchanged, are they really in love?

Love can transform even the toughest person among us.

It can make a rule-breaker out of someone who’s normally cautious and proper. It can make an outspoken person out of someone who’s normally shy, and vice versa.

And as dramatic as these changes might be, the lovestruck person isn’t necessarily going to feel like they’re that different from usual.

The reason why is itself quite simple—they’re just following their heart, and not really trying hard to do anything different from the norm. In other words, they let go.

3) They have more love to give to others

If someone, all of a sudden, becomes extra generous and caring than usual—say, they bring donuts to the office “just because”—there’s a chance they’re in love.

People are just a bit more affectionate and generous when they’re high on love.

It goes without saying that a person in love has a lot of love to give, and they’re not necessarily reserving it just for the object of their affections.

Like a perfume’s smell that’s impossible to contain, they can’t help but spill this love over to the people around them.

4) They’re distracted

They would zone out, forget about important things, and fail to finish things.

They end up leaving their keys in their car or pouring Coke instead of milk into their cereal.

They stop being as productive as they used to be, and end up idly nodding along to conversations without actually catching what people were saying.

Focusing is hard for them simply because their mind is being constantly occupied by the person of their affections.

5) They can’t stop talking with their partner

It doesn’t matter if it’s through text, or calls, or face-to-face. Someone who’s madly in love simply won’t run out of things to talk about with their partner.

They might sit down and ring their partner up for a quick chat before bed and, the next thing they know, the sun is already rising.

They won’t notice the time passing. We hear them say things like, “Oh, we’ve been talking for two hours already?! It feels so short!” or “I really don’t get bored with you.”

But the thing is…it’s actually not just because of what they’re talking about, it’s who they’re with that matters more.

They could be talking about random nonsense like the weather, and it won’t matter—they’ll have a blast regardless.

6) They can’t stop talking about their partner to others

It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about. One way or another, they’ll find a way to insert their partner’s name in the convo.

And it’s not like they’re exactly trying to draw attention to their partner. It’s simply that their partner is almost always the first thing on their minds.

Most people end up not realizing this, and will react with confusion or even indignation when others bring it up.

Even those that are aware and worry about whether they’re mentioning their partner too much end up doing it anyways.

7) They engage with their partner’s hobbies

They might not always pick up their partner’s hobbies, but will nonetheless keep themselves in the loop.

They might not like listening to K-pop, for example, but they might keep an ear out for news on their partner’s favorite groups to keep them updated.

And when their partner’s hobbies do click with them, they’ll happily geek out over it with their partner.

The fact that they get to share in something that gives their partner joy means a lot to them.

8) They start showing off to impress

People who aren’t usually the kind to show off suddenly break character by trying to do things to impress when their partner’s around.

They might step up to show off their talents when asked, or rush to help when they see someone in need.

Perhaps they might even show off their smarts by rattling off random trivia without anyone asking.

You can almost think of them as a peacock strutting its feathers about unknowingly.

9) They now care (way too much) about their looks

You can definitely tell that someone is in love once they start caring way too much about their looks.

They used to be a slob, but now their shopping cart is filled with expensive body wash, sexy lingerie, and big tubs of lotion.

They now obsessively pay close attention to each of their body parts and think of ways that they can be improved.

There’s a reason why love is often called the ultimate beautifier—it gives people the motivation to pull themselves together and actually care for their looks!

10) They don’t care what others think

The infatuated picks up a curious habit to not care what other people think—well, except for their beloved.

So they don’t care if others think they look tacky, careless, or airheaded. So long as the object of their affection is looking at them, then all is well.

It doesn’t matter if other people think they’re foolish for loving someone who’s clearly not good for them, they’ll keep loving them anyway.

For a person in love, nothing else matters to them but their beloved. And other people should just mind their own business.

11) They have a photographic memory

But only about things related to their special person, of course.

They can forget where they put their keys, but god forbid they forget their partner’s favorite album of all time!

They can remember almost everything their partner told them, with all the detail and nuance that they were given. And they do this effortlessly.

It’s almost like they have an entire section of their brain dedicated to remembering things related to their beloved alone, to the detriment of their focus elsewhere.

12) They introduce their partner to everyone in their life

Not only do they want to feel more connected to their partner by introducing them to their friends and family, they are actually proud of who they are.

In other words, they want to show off their partner to everyone they know—from their best friend to even their annoying colleague.

They can’t believe they have someone as precious as their partner, and they want others to see it and be happy for them.

13) They spend less and less time with their friends

Well, unless they’re in love with their own friend of course.

We only have so much time to spare, and many of us put a higher value on love than friendship. And when such a person gets hopelessly lovestruck, they end up prioritizing love at the expense of everyone else.

While this kind of “abandonment” does frankly suck and really hurt those being left behind, it’s ultimately something to be understood.

Very few people can manage to balance love and friendship. And if it happens in the first few months, cut them some slack. Let them enjoy their new-found love!

14) Their partner has become an exception to their rule

They’ve always said that they prefer blondes over brunettes? Well, that was a lie—they’re head over heels in love with someone who’s very, very brunette!

Or perhaps they’ve always considered “being easily upset” as a dealbreaker, and yet they’re perfectly willing to live with a partner who is indeed easily upset.

This does not necessarily mean that they’re liars and they have no integrity.

It simply means that they’ve found someone they love so much that their “ideal partner checklist” simply goes up in smoke.

They might insist that they haven’t changed their standards. And yet for this one special person, they’ve made an exception.

15) They become a different person

It perhaps happened gradually, and it’s perhaps not that drastic a change. But they have clearly become a different person ever since they’ve found their special someone.

They don’t have to act extremely clingy and lovey-dovey, but nonetheless it’s clear that love’s transformative effect has touched them.

There are many different reasons why this could have happened.

Perhaps being so deeply in love lifted them out of a deep depression, or maybe they realized what’s worth living for.

They look happier, they’re more optimistic of the future…and their whole aura shows that they’ve found home.

Final thoughts

One should not underestimate the power love has to transform mature, composed adults into enthusiastic teens. That also includes being blind to one’s own actions.

In fact, you might be nodding along to all these signs I’ve listed and think you know how to know if someone is genuinely in love.

And sure, you might be able to see it as clear as day when you see others doing these things. But likely won’t catch yourself once you start doing these same things. Well, not until someone tells you how silly you’ve been acting, of course.

So while it can sometimes be annoying—perhaps even painful!—if someone is clearly in love, then just try to be truly happy for them!

They’ll surely be happy for you too when it’s your turn.

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