If someone displays these 9 behaviors, they have a genuinely good heart

Ever met someone and just knew they were super nice?

It’s not about money or looks that make them stand out. It’s their actions that say it all.

So, settle in, we’re about to talk about 9 behaviors that show a person has a really good heart.

You might even realize you’re one of these special people. 

Let’s dive into some telltale behaviors that reveal a genuinely good heart.

1) They show empathy

We all know that empathy is a cornerstone of good relationships. But those with a genuinely good heart take it to another level.

Empathy, in this context, isn’t just about understanding someone’s feelings. It’s about truly feeling with them, sharing in their joys and sorrows.

People with a good heart are often natural empaths. They can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, feel their pain, understand their perspective, and do what they can to alleviate any suffering.

These individuals don’t just sympathize – they empathize. They don’t just hear – they listen. And it’s not just about acknowledging someone’s emotions – it’s about validating them.

2) They’re kind to all

In my life, I’ve met people who are kind only to those who can offer them something in return. But then, I’ve also met people who display kindness to everyone, regardless of status or circumstance.

Take my friend Lucas, for example. Lucas is someone who has a genuinely good heart. His kindness isn’t selective – it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a janitor, he treats everyone with the same level of respect and consideration.

I remember we were at a coffee shop one day, and the barista accidentally spilled coffee on his shirt. Instead of getting upset, Lucas simply smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. We all make mistakes.”

He then proceeded to help her clean up the mess, reassuring her that it was no big deal. This incident stuck with me because it was such a simple act, yet it spoke volumes about his character.

People with a genuinely good heart, like Lucas, exhibit kindness as their default mode. So if you come across someone who is kind to all, without expecting anything in return, it’s a telltale sign of a genuinely good heart.

3) They’re resilient in the face of adversity

People with a genuinely good heart have an uncanny ability to stay resilient during tough times.

This doesn’t mean they don’t experience pain or heartbreak – they do. But they possess a certain tenacity that enables them to navigate through life’s storms without succumbing to despair.

Resilience isn’t a rare quality that only some people possess. Instead, it’s an “ordinary magic” that we can all tap into, given the right circumstances and support.

Resilience isn’t about avoiding difficulties but facing them head-on, learning from them, and growing stronger as a result. People with a genuinely good heart often use their experiences of adversity to build empathy and become more compassionate towards others.

4) They’re honest but tactful

People with a genuinely good heart value honesty. But they also understand the importance of tact and kindness when delivering the truth.

They won’t lie to you or sugarcoat reality just to make you feel better. Instead, they’ll tell you the truth, even if it’s hard to swallow. However, they do so with compassion, ensuring they don’t hurt your feelings unnecessarily.

These individuals believe in the power of constructive criticism and are capable of delivering feedback that is both honest and helpful.

They know that honesty without kindness can be brutal, and kindness without honesty can be misleading.

5) They practice forgiveness

Holding grudges isn’t in the nature of someone with a genuinely good heart. These individuals understand the power of forgiveness and don’t allow resentment to eat away at their well-being.

This doesn’t mean they allow themselves to be walked over or disregard wrongdoings. They still acknowledge the hurt, but they choose not to let it define their future interactions. They believe in giving second chances and understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Remember, forgiveness isn’t about forgetting or condoning harmful behavior. It’s about letting go of the burden of anger and resentment for one’s own peace of mind.

So if you encounter someone who can truly forgive and move on from past hurts, they likely have a genuinely good heart.

6) They’re selfless

One of the most profound signs of a genuinely good heart is selflessness. These individuals prioritize the needs and feelings of others before their own, often going above and beyond to help those in need.

But this isn’t about grand gestures or heroic acts. It’s about small, everyday acts of kindness that may seem insignificant but have a significant impact on others. Like giving up their seat on a crowded bus, offering to help a stranger with heavy bags, or staying up late to listen to a friend’s problems.

These selfless acts are driven by pure love and concern for others, without any expectation of something in return.

7) They appreciate the simple things

I’ve noticed that those with genuinely good hearts tend to have an appreciation for the simple things in life. The sound of rain on a tin roof, the laughter of a child, a well-made cup of coffee – these small joys matter to them.

For instance, I have a habit of waking up early to watch the sunrise. There’s something magical about the quiet of dawn, the sky slowly lighting up in hues of pink and orange. This routine has always been a source of comfort and peace for me.

This appreciation for life’s simple pleasures isn’t about ignoring life’s challenges or hardships. Rather, it’s about finding beauty and happiness in everyday moments, which can bring a sense of contentment and joy.

8) They’re respectful

Respect is a fundamental trait of those with a genuinely good heart. They show respect not just through their words but their actions as well.

These individuals understand that everyone, regardless of their background, status, or beliefs, deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness. They listen attentively when others speak, value differing opinions, and avoid passing judgment.

This respect extends not just to people but to animals and the environment as well. They believe in treating all living beings with kindness and consideration.

9) They’re consistently authentic

The most important marker of a genuinely good heart is authenticity. These individuals are true to themselves and others, regardless of the situation.

They don’t put on a facade or pretend to be someone they’re not. They express their feelings honestly and aren’t afraid to show vulnerability.

They understand that authenticity is about being real, not perfect. They accept their flaws and mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.

Final thoughts: The heart of the matter

We often say actions speak louder than words, and when it comes to identifying a genuinely good heart, this certainly holds true.

The behaviors we’ve explored all point to a person’s character – their capacity for empathy, their resilience, their honesty, and their authenticity. But perhaps the most crucial factor is consistency. A genuinely good heart isn’t revealed in isolated acts but in a consistent pattern of behavior.

As Mark Twain wisely said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” It’s not about grand gestures or dramatic declarations. It’s about small, everyday actions that demonstrate respect, understanding, and love.

So as you navigate through life, remember to look beyond the surface. Look for these behaviors. Because when you find someone with a genuinely good heart, you find a rare gem worth cherishing.

Mia Zhang

Mia Zhang blends Eastern and Western perspectives in her approach to self-improvement. Her writing explores the intersection of cultural identity and personal growth. Mia encourages readers to embrace their unique backgrounds as a source of strength and inspiration in their life journeys.

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