If someone consistently does these 13 things, they’re unpleasant to be around

Ever wonder why certain people make the air seem a bit heavier when they walk into a room?

We’ve all been there!

Some people just have a way of killing the vibe…

It’s not a personal vendetta against them, either. 

These types of people just do things that make them unpleasant to be around. 

And if they consistently do it, no one will want them as a go-to friend. 

Maybe you’re trying to figure out if you’re the problem…

Everyone has their preferences, so feeling left out doesn’t always mean you’re doing something wrong. 

But, people generally don’t like others if…

1) They constantly complain

Venting is normal and even healthy. But if someone always talks about what’s wrong or bad in their life, it can become a little annoying. 

People who only focus on the negative are draining. 

Whether they keep saying how everything is terrible or that nothing ever goes their way…

The never-ending complaining can make it incredibly unpleasant to be around them. 

It’s okay to share problems, but people who do it all the time create a heavy atmosphere. 

Equally exhausting is when…

2) They always play the victim

Instead of taking responsibility, some people only see themselves as the victim. They’re never honest about their part in things, and if you’re often around them, this can become frustrating. 

It’s rare for the entire world to be against someone. If they always play the “poor me” card, something’s up. 

And if you’re generally an honest person who avoids drama, being around someone who acts this way is the last thing you’ll enjoy.

3) They lack empathy 

People who are insensitive toward other’s feelings can be a real pain. Just think about it:

You tell your friend about the tough day you’re having, and instead of saying something comforting, they brush it off or don’t seem to care. 

There’s nothing pleasant about that!

When someone lacks empathy, they’ll make you feel like your emotions don’t matter that much. 

They’ll also have a few behaviors because of this inability to place themselves in someone else’s shoes…


4) They interrupt frequently

Ever try to tell a story, and someone keeps cutting in? You know, that person who is so eager to share their thoughts that they never give anyone a chance to finish what they’re saying?

Having a conversation with them can feel a bit like trying to talk when someone constantly talks over you

It’s beyond annoying and frustrating.

People who don’t give others a chance to speak aren’t nice to be around. 

For this reason, but also because…

5) They don’t listen

You see, if someone keeps interrupting you, there’s a pretty good chance they aren’t paying much attention to what you’re really saying in the first place. 

They just wait for familiar words to pop up so they can continue with their story. 

Good conversations involve active listening. Good company, too. 

People who don’t listen might be with you physically, but their minds don’t care much about connecting with you. 

And this isn’t enjoyable at all. 

Some might say people act this way when they can’t really relate to what you’re saying, but for the most part, people do this when…

6) They are self-centered

When someone always puts themselves first without considering someone else’s feelings or needs, it can be off-putting.

Think about that friend who never pays attention to you, always does what they like, and never asks what you want…

It’s like they forget other people have thoughts, feelings, and interests too. 

Healthy relationships involve a bit of give and take. 

Being around a self-centered person can drain your energy and create an unpleasant vibe. 

7) They brag all the time

Imagine hanging out with someone who always talks about how awesome they are…

They might go on and on about their wins or things they bought that no one else has. 

Don’t get me wrong – being proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved is okay. 

But when someone brags a lot, it can feel like they’re saying they’re better than everyone else. 

Like no one can measure up…

And constantly feeling like less when you’re around someone isn’t any fun. 

8) They’re always late

Another thing that makes someone an unpleasant person to have around is chronic tardiness

Not only is this annoying, but it can disrespect others’ time and create frustration. 

No one likes waiting until 3:30 PM for that one person when the event was supposed to start at 3:00 PM. 

Being on time shows people you value their time and actually want to be with them.

What makes someone equally unpleasant is when…

9) They always flake on plans

You know when you make exciting plans with a friend – like going on a hike or wine tasting – and then they suddenly cancel at the last minute? 

Yeah, that sucks.

People who keep flaking on plans are also the type to say they’ll do something and just never do. 

When someone does this consistently, it breaks trust. And eventually, you reach a point where having them around isn’t pleasant anymore. 

10) They gossip unnecessarily

I’m not saying all gossip is bad, okay?

Sometimes, we all need a vent sesh with our besties. 

But people who gossip often share stories that aren’t theirs to tell. They walk around with a rumor megaphone and spread information like it’s nothing. 

It’s unpleasant to be around someone who does this. You never know when something you share will stay private. 

11) They’re judgmental

Someone who constantly criticizes and passes judgment on others can make people feel uneasy. 

Not only does it create a toxic atmosphere when someone judges others, but you also never know when you’re the one being watched and evaluated. 

Judgmental people are quick to decide what’s good or bad, right or wrong. 

You can’t have decent conversations with them where different perspectives are considered. 

Overall, they’re just not a vibe. 

12) They ignore boundaries

People who don’t respect boundaries might go through your stuff, disregard your requests for personal space, or involve you in things you’re uncomfortable with. 

Sometimes, it’s like they forget that you’re your own person.

Good friends give each other space. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some or feeling uncomfortable with certain things. 

When someone can’t respect this, being around them can feel like a punishment. 

And more often than not, the worst part is that even when you address that they’ve overstepped your boundary…

13) They never apologize

Apologizing helps fix mistakes and build trust. But there are some people who don’t believe this.

Saying, “I messed up, and I’m sorry,” is something they simply don’t do. 

It’s like they don’t care about how their actions affect others at all. 

And having someone around who’s like this can be hurtful. 

Because no matter how much responsibility you take for your feelings and life, surrounding yourself with someone who creates a toxic vibe can bring you down

And if you’re someone who never apologizes or does any of the things listed, people might find you unpleasant to be around

I suggest you take a good look at your behaviors and try to change them. You don’t have to be the sprinkle of sunshine in someone’s life, but being a decent friend will take you far. 

Natasha Combrink

Nats is a writer who loves creating content for purposeful brands. She enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, and diving down rabbit holes. After rediscovering life, she wants to help others live to their full potential. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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