If a woman displays these 12 behaviors, she’s deeply in love

When a woman is in love, you can clearly see it.

And when she’s deeply in love with YOU, you can clearly feel it.

If you’re wondering if a woman you know is deeply in love (either with you or someone else), read up.

Here are the things they do that are impossible to miss.

Signs a woman is deeply in love

1) Gatsbying (aka peacocking)

Gatsbying is basically posting photos on social media that are intended for one’s love interest to see.

It’s not just posting “thirsty” bikini photos, mind you.

It could also be posting books, food, and hobbies that would make their love interest think “Oh, we really have a lot in common. I better send her a DM.”

Most women who do it are aware that it’s a bit of a desperate move, so when a woman does it, trust me—she’s already deeply in love.

2) Suddenly obsessing over her looks

A woman in love would try to level up on the looks department, even if she’s already too pretty to begin with.

You can see her change her style, get a new haircut, wear a new shade of lipstick. And you have a feeling she’s spending a much longer time putting on lotion, too.

This might be too obvious if she used to not care about her looks and all of a sudden… It’s like she had a total makeover.

But even if she’s the type who’s always been well put together, the changes in her level of self-care would still be very, very obvious.

3) Smiling for no reason

If you’ve ever been deeply in love, you know how difficult it is to pretend everything is normal when, deep inside, you’re bursting with joy.

It’s like you won the lottery but you can’t share it with anyone. It can drive you crazy!

She’d be doing something totally mundane—like clearing her desk—and when you look at her closely, you can see she’s actually smiling from ear to ear.

Of course, when she notices you’re looking, she’d try as hard as she can to wipe her smile away. She doesn’t want others to suspect she’s in love, after all.

4) Absent-mindedness

Her head is in the clouds.

When you talk to her, she always goes “Sorry, what did you say?”

She might even put salt in her tea, instead of sugar. And use shampoo instead of facial wash.

Her performance at work is likely affected, too.

It’s almost impossible for her to focus on anything because all she can think about is her love interest from the moment she wakes until she sleeps.

5) Being inspired

While being in love has made her somewhat unproductive in her job, she’s very productive in other ways.

And that’s because a woman in love is bursting with inspiration!

She’d make art, write poetry, and start a new project.

You see, being in love can awaken our senses. It makes us want to do things that are more connected to our heart and soul…and it can make us dream big dreams, too.

6) Transforming into a better person

Because she’s inspired, a woman in love is driven to change her life for the better.

If she’s a couch potato, she might start going to the gym. If she used to smoke and drink every night, she might quit cold turkey.

She might even start thinking more seriously about her future when those “adult” concerns never bothered her before.

That’s because a woman who’s deeply in love has found new meaning in life…and this drives her to become the version of herself.

Signs she’s deeply in love with you

The signs above are rather overt and can be observed by anyone.

So now, I’m about to enumerate the ones you can observe and feel if you’re on the receiving end of their love.

If you want to know if the woman you’re seeing is already truly, madly, deeply in love with you, here are the behaviors you’ll notice:

1) She’s willing to make sacrifices for you

Willingness to make sacrifices is probably the number one indicator that someone is already deeply in love.

But what’s wonderful is that, to her, they’re not even “sacrifices” because she actually loves doing things for you.

If you’re sick, she’d cancel her night out with friends so she can take care of you. Or if you have to be somewhere and your car breaks down, she’d drive you even if it means she’d be “wasting” her precious time.

Here’s the thing: if she’s starting to act like your teammate instead of just a casual date, then she’s probably deeply in love with you already.

2) She remembers things about you

When you go grocery shopping, she’d put your favorite snacks in the cart.

And when you check shows on Netflix, she’d go “No, let’s not watch that. I know you hate crime documentaries.”

It’s like she has a folder in her memory that’s just dedicated to you.

It’s impressive, really. You can’t help but go “Woah, this girl really knows me.”

That’s because a woman in love has a memory of a dolphin. Everything you say will be registered to her brain.

3) She’s accepting of your flaws (and she even loves some of them!)

So you always wake up late and you hate this about yourself. Instead of seeing this as a “red flag”, she won’t castigate you for it.

She might just roll her eyes and laugh because she thinks it’s cute.

People who are deeply in love adore their beloved. They only see their good traits, and they’re very forgiving of the negative ones.

They also believe that any flaw can be improved, and they trust that their beloved will handle it well eventually.

A woman who’s deeply in love with you maximizes your strengths and minimizes (or even starts to love) your flaws.

4) She talks about the future

A woman who’s deeply in love would want to go beyond casual dating.

To her, you’re a catch, and she wouldn’t let you get away—no way would she let you slip out of her hands!

She’d try to define the relationship if you still haven’t discussed it. And she’d drop hints about wanting to have a future together—whether that future means next week, year, next month, or next decade.

Someone who’s still not there would not want to discuss the future (they’d find it cringey or “too soon”), but someone who’s deeply in love would feel anxious NOT talking about it.

5) She’s active, not passive

You can tell when a woman is already deeply in love when the dynamic feels 50-50.

It wouldn’t feel like you’re trying to chase them or impress them. It wouldn’t feel like you’re trying to prove your worth. No more wooing and going down on one knee.

Instead, it would feel like you’re both into each other.

When you send her a message, she replies. If you cooked her favorite meal, she’d give you a back massage.

When a woman is deeply in love, you can clearly see that there’s the right amount of give and take.

6) She wants to go deeper

A woman is deeply in love if she wants to go deeper.

She wants to know more about your life and she’s willing to share hers, too. In fact, she’d tell you secrets she hasn’t shared to anyone.

She wants to try experiences that can make your bond stronger, too—like camping or attending a class together.

A woman who’s not yet there would find these things rather boring. But a woman who’s deeply in love with you would be delighted to get more and more intimate with you.

Final thoughts

While it’s easy to tell when a woman’s in love, it’s hard to tell when she’s DEEPLY in love with you already.

I mean, she might not even be aware she’s deeply in love already.

But, if you notice most of the signs mentioned in this article, chances are —she’s already head over heels in love.

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