If a woman displays these 10 behaviors, she truly values her independence

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When a woman likes to be independent, this quality shines through in her actions, mindset, and zest for life.

She doesn’t wait around for others to help her out or accommodate her.

Instead, she dives head-first into anything life throws her way, all while pursuing her dreams with a ferociousness that’s downright inspiring.

I’ve met a few women like this during my lifetime – and I like to think that I’m one of them myself.

Or, at the very least, that I’m well on my way to joining their ranks.

So, how can you spot this elusive creature in the wild?

If a woman displays these 10 behaviors, she truly values her independence.

I advise against standing in her way.

1) She is career-driven

Independence often comes with a passion for self-sufficiency, and she’s working hard to achieve it.

In other words, a woman who truly values her independence cares about her career. A lot.

Whether she’s climbing the corporate ladder, running her own business, or following a more creative path, she pursues her professional goals relentlessly.  

She might work long hours, have side hustles, and constantly yearn to improve at her craft.

A solid career earns her money, which is crucial if she wants to maintain that independence in the long term.

That brings us to the next point on the list.

2) She is financially stable

If a woman is independent, she won’t call up her parents or partner whenever she needs an influx of cash.

She figures it out. She is financially stable, or she’s working hard to get there.

Ideally, an independent woman has an emergency fund and savings.

She pays off her bills and her credit cards on time.  

With financial independence comes a sense of security, which boosts her self-confidence.

Even when in a relationship, an independent woman will have money of her own, so she doesn’t depend on anyone else.

If you’re not quite there yet, the first step towards financial stability is taking control.

Create a budget, track your spending religiously, and set financial goals for yourself.

You might have to live more frugally to get there – but once you do, the journey will be well worth it.

3) She goes on solo adventures

Ever wanted to go to a concert or try a new restaurant but backed out because none of your friends were in the mood to tag along?

A truly independent woman doesn’t let a minor detail like that stand in her way.

She enjoys her own company, so she has no problem with attending events or going on adventures solo.

I have a close friend who loves to travel, to the point where she’s going on solo trips every couple of months.

She got tired of waiting around for others to join her and to coordinate times in the group chat.

Whenever she feels like it, she books the trip.  

I regularly go to the cinema alone because my friends don’t 100% share my taste in movies. It was weird at first, but I got used to it.

Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t get lonely or don’t enjoy being with others.

It simply means that you don’t mind being alone. You’re capable of entertaining yourself.

4) She is comfortable in her skin

An independent woman doesn’t let societal beauty standards and trends prevent her from being unapologetically herself.

She exudes confidence because she’s comfortable in her skin:

  • She has a positive body image and doesn’t obsess over perceived flaws
  • She dresses however she wants, regardless of what’s in fashion or how “people her age” are expected to dress
  • She wears makeup (if she chooses to) for self-expression, not as a mask to hide behind
  • She has confident body language (stands tall, maintains eye contact, has a firm handshake)
  • She practices positive self-talk and avoids self-deprecating comments or unfavorable comparisons

She might occasionally struggle with self-doubt, but she gets over it.

Life’s too short to stress over a few extra pounds or a new wrinkle.

5) She doesn’t need external validation

As she’s self-assured and confident, an independent woman doesn’t need external validation.

She may ask for someone’s advice or opinion, but she does what’s best for her.

She makes her own decisions and walks on her own path, even if that path is less traditional.  

She may quit her well-paid job to follow a passion or break up with the perfect-on-paper partner because she’s not feeling it.

She knows that she’ll land on her feet.

6) She relies on herself

A woman who values her independence doesn’t run, hide, or immediately ask for help when something goes wrong.

She finds a way to fix it.

If she stumbles upon a spider in her bathroom, she disposes of it.

If her sink breaks, she hires a plumber.

If her partner is acting up, she opens a conversation instead of beating around the bush.

Additionally, independent women are more likely to bounce back from setbacks with resilience and a can-do attitude, seeing challenges as opportunities for growth.

It’s the only option they have.

7) She has a robust support system

Just because an independent woman can pick herself up when life throws her a curveball doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need support.

Quite the contrary – independent women generally cultivate meaningful, deep friendships that sustain them when the times get tough.

They have a robust support system of people who care for them and are one text message away.

Everyone has moments when they feel like crawling under the covers and never getting back out. 

(Even Beyoncé, I would venture a guess.)

When that happens, having someone come around with a bottle of prosecco and a feel-good playlist can motivate you to finally put on pants, throw the covers into the washing machine, and get back your mojo.  

8) She sets boundaries

Setting boundaries is a sign of self-respect and self-awareness.

Independent women know this, so they’re well-versed in stating their limits. They don’t let anyone walk all over them.

Instead, they go to great lengths to protect their well-being:

  • They don’t overextend themselves financially to please someone else
  • They prioritize quality time with loved ones
  • They protect their alone time religiously to engage in self-care activities that allow them to recharge
  • In romantic relationships, they’re open about what they’re willing to tolerate or not, ensuring a respectful dynamic
  • They don’t give in to peer pressure and expose themselves to potentially harmful situations

All in all, maintaining physical and emotional health is a priority for any woman who values her autonomy.

If you don’t care for yourself, who will?  

9) She has hobbies

A woman who values her independence engages in hobbies that help her relax and put a smile on her face.

Whether we’re talking travel, reading, or puzzles, she invests time and energy in the things that make her feel fulfilled and at peace with herself.

More importantly, she doesn’t abandon these hobbies when she enters a new relationship.

While she may welcome new shared activities with her partner and enjoy exploring their interests together, she doesn’t let go of the passions that have always been a part of her life.

A healthy relationship complements each person’s individuality and growth rather than overshadowing it.

Something to keep in mind.

10) She takes responsibility for her happiness

Finally, a woman who truly values her independence knows she’s the only one responsible for her happiness.

Having a partner, friends, and a loving family significantly contributes to your sense of accomplishment and life satisfaction.

At the end of the day, however, if you’re not content with who you are, other people can’t make you happy.

An independent woman sees her relationships as sources of joy and companionship rather than the sole providers of her happiness.

And this belief makes her lead a much more fulfilling life.

Bottom line

If an independent woman wants you around, it’s not because she needs you.

She’s perfectly fine to take care of herself.

It’s because she wants you.

As a teammate, an equal partner, someone to share life’s many ups and downs with.

That will only make your relationship stronger and more likely to last.

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