If a woman displays these 8 behaviors, she has true integrity

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I’ve been fortunate to know some remarkable women who showed what true integrity looks like through their actions. Their depth of character made an impression on me. 

When you encounter women embodying the following traits, you’ll recognize you’re in the presence of someone with a strong moral compass.

Read on to learn about the signs of a woman with integrity.

1) She keeps her word

I once knew a young woman named Elena who took immense pride in fulfilling every small promise she made, whether grabbing coffee or mailing a book. 

Despite the inconvenience, her commitment never wavered – her reliability was rock solid. She understood that integrity means following through, so her ironclad word became a moral pillar. 

Elena’s oaths bound relationships together. She was an inspiration to me. She taught me promises aren’t transient things, but sacred covenants.

2) She speaks the truth 

A childhood friend named Oriana has a motto – “the truth at all costs.”

She is honest even when it reveals her flaws. She takes responsibility for mistakes rather than obscuring them through excuses. As we grew up, she became a business leader and consultant. She now shines a light on problems in businesses early before they metastasize, making them easier to fix.

Oriana’s honesty is obvious. Lies never muddy her words. Her gaze doesn’t waver under scrutiny because she knows she is reprehensible. Her commitment to truth gives her a kind of warm glow that is great to be around.

Obviously, there are some times when it’s better to tell a white lie, but like most of us, Orianna knows when discernment is necessary!

3) She uplifts others

In college, I had a mentor named Sonja who noticed people’s talents where they could not. She freely shared praise and validation, like a gentle rain shower watering flowers. It was amazing to watch people bloom!

In groups, she highlighted each person’s contributions. Privately, she expressed gratitude for my efforts. Her smiles and encouragement empowered me to keep growing. 

She knew that words have power – used positively, they can transform lives.

A woman who lifts other people up and makes them smile, is a wonderful person to know.

4) She has sound judgment 

My friend Carla has an uncanny ability to see situations from all sides before others grasp the full picture. She reserves judgment until examining each perspective, carefully weighing the truth. Her deliberations anchor her verdicts beyond reproach.

While hotheads spout reactive views, Carla waits and listens. She sifts the authentic from the misleading. Her impartiality arises from empathy and patience, not detachment.

People value this in Carla so much that she has been called upon several times to settle a disagreement in my circle. We don’t need Judge Judy!

Being friends with Carla is relaxing because I know that she will usually make good calls.

5) She stands up for her convictions

My aunt Lena attended 1960s civil rights protests, requiring remarkable courage. Though facing hostility, she stood tall in her belief that separate could never be equal. When pressured to comply with injustice, she remained unbowed like a resilient oak tree. Her convictions ran bone deep.

She spoke her truth without malice towards opponents, embodying Martin Luther King’s ethos. In turbulent years, her principled stance was a profile of bravery that demanded respect.

Lena is a legend in my family for her bravery in the face of danger.

If you know a woman that isn’t afraid to share her mind and stand up for others, then be sure to value her!

6) She serves selflessly 

A friend of my mother’s named Melissa volunteered tirelessly for causes she cared about. She used her legal skills to aid immigrants and abuse victims pro bono. She served hot meals at a homeless shelter monthly. To support cancer research, she fearlessly shaved her head bald before it was fashionable. 

Melissa’s heart was a giving heart. She listened compassionately to understand how to help, not to judge. Uplifting others gave her life meaning. Quietly, without fanfare, she worked to right wrongs.

Melissa sadly passed a few years ago, but one thing is for sure, she will not be forgotten!

7) She is open to learning

When I was a manager, my mentor Marie welcomed my feedback, rigorously evaluating her own performance. She asked me to point out blindspots and areas for improvement. Unlike some people who have hardened mindsets, she has stayed a student for life – learning, evolving, growing wiser. 

She gave people permission to constructively critique her work. Taking criticism with grace revealed her quiet confidence. She mined her missteps for insights to develop better judgment. Her humility allowed her to be shaped into a better writer and manager.

And it also helped me be a better manager and mentor!

8) She cherishes loved ones

My aunt Natalia always put family first. When I was younger, she made her home a haven of warmth where loved ones gathered. A magical place full of treats! At holidays she brought everyone together, kindling our sense of belonging.

She knew life’s meaning comes not from work, but from nurturing hearts that nourish our own.

Her care cup runneth over. When her siblings felt low, she cooked their favorite foods. Her big heart held space for our whole sprawling clan. Acts of service flowed naturally from her soul. Her love left an enduring legacy. And her example has served to inspire many women in our family.

I still have a patchwork quilt that she lovingly hand-made for me. I treasure it!

Women with true integrity – the takeaway

The women I’ve described illuminate integrity through their actions – they live their values.

While words are easy, these women walk the walk. They keep promises, speak plainly, uplift people, judge fairly, stand on principle, serve selflessly, remain lifelong learners, and cherish loved ones. Their moral character runs deep.

True integrity isn’t flashy. It’s revealed through consistency – doing the right thing day after day. When you see a woman who acts with reliability, honesty, compassion, discernment, courage, generosity, humility, and love – you’re seeing integrity in motion. It’s more than a virtue, it’s a way of being. These women set an example.

When you encounter women demonstrating these qualities, take note! And keep them close. They enrich the lives of all around them and inspire us to grow.

Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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