If a man says these 7 things in conversation, he’s trying to manipulate you

Let’s be clear, there’s a world of difference between charming conversation and manipulative chatter.

When a man is trying to manipulate you in a conversation, he’s not playing fair. He’s hiding his true intentions, attempting to get you to do what he wants without your full understanding or informed consent.

On the other hand, honest communication allows you to make your own choices, even if he’s suggesting an alternative perspective or approach.

As a relationship expert and founder of Love Connection, I’ve seen it all. And trust me, there are certain phrases that are red flags. These are words that can signal a man is trying to manipulate rather than communicate with you.

Today, I’ll share those phrases so you can identify and respond to manipulative behavior. This isn’t about creating paranoia; it’s about empowering you with knowledge. Because knowledge is power, and helps you keep a relationship balanced and fair.

1) “Just trust me”

Manipulation often finds its way into conversations through blind trust.

When a man uses phrases like “Just trust me,” he might be trying to sway you without providing proper reasoning or explanation.

This phrase is a classic trick in the manipulator’s playbook. It appeals to your affection or respect for him, making it hard to say no. But by asking for blind trust, he’s avoiding accountability and transparency. He’s not giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Manipulative? Absolutely. Because true trust in any relationship is earned, not demanded.

So next time a man asks you to “just trust him” without providing reasons, take a step back. Ask for more information. Make sure you’re making informed decisions based on facts and not just blind trust.

2) “I know you better than you know yourself”

It might sound romantic in a movie, but in a real-life conversation, it’s a sneaky manipulation tactic.

When a man tells you, “I know you better than you know yourself,” it might feel flattering initially. But be wary. This phrase is often used to make decisions for you, assuming he knows what’s best for you.

It’s a subtle way of undermining your self-awareness and independence. It implies that he has more authority over your feelings and choices than you do.

Remember, no one knows you better than you do. You’re the expert on your feelings, experiences, and desires. When someone tries to take that away from you by claiming they know you better, it’s a clear sign of manipulation. Always trust your intuition and never let anyone else dictate your feelings or choices.

3) “You’re too sensitive”

“Too sensitive” is a phrase I’ve heard over and over again in conversations, personal experiences, and stories shared by my readers. It’s a phrase that’s often used to undermine and manipulate.

When a man tells you that you’re too sensitive, he’s attempting to discredit your feelings or reactions. It’s a classic gaslighting technique where the manipulator makes you doubt your own feelings and perceptions.

It’s also a way of shifting the blame. Instead of acknowledging his actions, he puts the focus on your reaction, making you feel guilty for feeling upset or hurt.

In my book Breaking The Attachment: How To Overcome Codependency in Your Relationship, I explore this more deeply – how to recognize emotional manipulation and how to break free from it.

For now, here’s the gist: never let anyone tell you that your feelings are not valid. You have the right to feel whatever you feel. And remember, being sensitive is not a weakness, but a strength that shows empathy and compassion.

4) “I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you” is another phrase that can be a sign of manipulation.

When a man uses this line, it often means he’s not taking responsibility for his actions. By saying he didn’t intend to hurt you, he’s trying to deflect blame and make the situation about your reaction, not his behavior.

Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” Well, passing on good advice is exactly what I’m doing here.

This phrase is a subtle attempt to make you feel guilty for being hurt, instead of addressing the issue at hand. It’s a form of emotional manipulation that can be very damaging.

It’s not just about intentions, but actions too. If someone hurts you, they need to acknowledge their actions and apologize sincerely, not hide behind their intentions.

5) “I only did it because I love you”

“I only did it because I love you” is one of those phrases that can sound sweet on the surface, but there’s often a manipulative undertone to it.

When a man uses this line, he’s often trying to justify his actions, no matter how harmful or disrespectful they might have been. By saying he did it out of love, he’s attempting to make you overlook the negative impact of his actions.

In my years of counseling and guiding relationships, I’ve seen this phrase used as a mask for controlling behavior. Love is not an excuse for harmful actions, and it’s important to remember that.

6) “You’re overthinking this”

“You’re overthinking this” is another phrase that often signals manipulation. When a man uses this line, he’s trying to dismiss your concerns or worries.

This phrase is a subtle way of undermining your thoughts and feelings. It suggests that you’re making a big deal out of nothing, and in doing so, it attempts to discredit your feelings and make you doubt your judgment.

The great philosopher Socrates once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” This means it’s important to think deeply about things, especially when it comes to your feelings and relationships.

If you feel something is wrong, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re overthinking it. Your feelings are valid, and they deserve to be heard.

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7) “If you really loved me”

“If you really loved me” is a phrase that can twist your heart in knots. It’s manipulative, pure and simple.

When a man uses this line, he’s employing emotional blackmail. He’s using your love for him as a means to get his own way or to make you feel guilty for not complying with his wishes.

This phrase is a manipulative tool designed to question your love and commitment based on your willingness to meet his demands or expectations.

True love isn’t about fulfilling unreasonable demands or changing who you are for someone else. Love is about respect, understanding, and mutual growth, not manipulation.

So if you hear this phrase, take it as a red flag. Love should never be used as a bargaining chip. It’s as raw and honest as it gets.

Final thoughts

Understanding manipulation in a relationship is complex, and it’s often subtle. But recognizing the signs is the first step towards addressing it. It’s important to remember that you deserve respect, honesty, and genuine love in your relationships.

As relationships evolve, so does our understanding of them. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” This applies to recognizing manipulation too. It can be scary to admit, but once you do, it gives you strength and confidence to deal with it.

I strongly recommend checking out this video by Justin Brown, where he discusses the illusion of happiness and why chasing it makes you miserable. It’s a powerful reminder that embracing life’s challenges and fostering meaningful relationships brings true contentment.

Remember, in all relationships, communication is key, and your feelings are valid. Trust your intuition and never let anyone else dictate your feelings or choices.

Stay strong and keep learning. That’s what makes us grow as individuals and helps us build stronger, healthier relationships.

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Tina Fey

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