If a man does these 9 things, he’s making you a priority in his life

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So, you’ve met a new guy and things are off to a good start.

His hilarious sense of humor has you in stitches, you share several common interests, and you feel totally comfortable around him.

How exciting!

But there’s just one niggling thing on your mind.

How serious is he?

Well, keep reading for your answer. Because, if he does these nine things, chances are he’s smitten (and making you a priority in his life).

1) He makes an effort (with your friends and family)

This is a dead giveaway.

Think about it.

He understands that your close friends (and family) are important to you. After all, they’ve been in your life a lot longer than he has (and will continue to be). So, if he’s making a big effort with them, he’s probably got big plans with you.

I’m not just talking about being polite or civil around them.

But he proactively goes out of his way to involve them and is super keen to get to know them better.

It feels great too, trust me.

When my boyfriend wanted to invite my parents over and cook for them, it meant a lot to me. It really showed me that he’s in this for the long term.

It works both ways too.

Which leads perfectly to our second point.

2) He introduces you to important people in his life

When a man decides you’re the one, he’ll want everyone to know.

Here’s the thing.

If he’s seriously proud of you, he’ll naturally want to flaunt you to all the important people in his life. Take it as a compliment (and a big sign that he’s making you a priority).

I’m talking about parents, close friends, neighbors, and even work colleagues.

Put it this way.

If he’s not keen to introduce you as his significant other, you have to ask why. 

Now, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation (like his parents have strict religious beliefs). But it could also mean he’s ashamed of you (and doesn’t really see you in his life going forward).

3) He’s there for you (in times of need)

Studies show that unconditional support is an essential part of any relationship.

Note – the unconditional part is important!

In other words, he doesn’t want anything in return.

This demonstrates that he’s willing to compromise his own goals and spend his time helping you with your endeavors.

It could just be regular words of encouragement or emotional support when things get rough. But it could also be a more significant commitment like supporting you financially while you get off the ground with a new business venture.

This is related to our next point.

4) He shares everything with you (including money)

If he’s willing to share all his material possessions, money, and time, he’s serious.

Take it from me.

It’s a clear sign that you’re his priority right now.

Here’s why.

It’s a sad truth, but many men (and women) see personal net worth as their scorecard in life. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but it’s hard not to. So, if someone is willing to share everything they have with you, it ticks a few important boxes.

First of all, it means they totally trust you. Whether his net worth is large or small, he trusts that you won’t judge him or exploit him.

It also adds some transparency to your relationship which can foster a sense of inclusion and togetherness.

Finally, sharing belongings is a symbol of commitment and represents a desire to build a life with someone in a meaningful way.

It’s not just material stuff that he should share either…

5) He’s honest and authentic with you

If he holds nothing back, it’s a good sign that he has long-term plans to be with you (even if some of those truths are hard to swallow).

Because honesty is the foundation of everything.

How can you ever build a lasting bond if he’s not being himself (and constantly keeping secrets)?

No. That just doesn’t work (and he knows it).

6) He’s genuinely interested in your opinions

Have you ever been talking to someone and thought to yourself “They really aren’t listening to me, are they!”

It happens more than you think.

Perhaps they’re more interested in their phone or they keep interrupting you mid-flow.

The fact is, they’re not actively listening. This requires someone’s full attention and includes things like observing both verbal and non-verbal messages, eye contact, body language, and asking follow-up questions.

If he actively listens to you, he’s listening on purpose (for a reason).

Because you’re the most important thing in his life right now and he genuinely wants to hear how you feel and what you think.

Now, he doesn’t always have to agree with your opinions!

It’s perfectly healthy to disagree! But at least he listens and understands your point of view.

7) He protects you

You need to be careful with this one.

As the last thing you want is an over-protective partner.

But assuming he can read the room and takes appropriate action only when needed, offering protection is a strong sign that he’s making you a priority in his life.

Because it shows he’s willing to risk his own safety for you.

I’m talking about everything from taking care of you when you’re sick or defending your reputation in front of friends to actually physically protecting you against potentially dangerous situations.

8) He doesn’t try to change you

Remember – there’s a reason why you’re together.

It’s because he likes you just the way you are!

And you probably don’t feel like it (especially first thing in the morning) but in his eyes, you’re perfect. And he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

That’s the theory anyway.

Unless he’s constantly trying to change you that is.

9) He includes you in his future plans

Finally, a big clue that your man has caught the love bug is that he starts to include you in (and discuss with you) his future plans.

I’m talking significant (life-changing) stuff here. Like moving in together, getting married, and starting a family.

With this kind of chat, he’s literally telling you that YOU are his number one priority in life.

Leila El-Dean

Leila is a passionate writer with a background in photography and art. She has over ten years of experience in branding, marketing, and building websites. She loves travelling and has lived in several countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and Malta. When she’s not writing (or ogling cats), Leila loves trying new food and drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

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