If a man displays these 10 traits, he’ll always be loyal to you

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If a man displays these 10 traits, he’ll always be loyal to you

The loyalty question is one we all encounter at some point in relationships.

For some, it’s the first thing they think of when they wake up, and the last thing to cross their mind before they sleep.

For others, they sleep tight knowing that their man is unwaveringly loyal.

Not sure where your Mr. Right stands?

Well, you’re not alone.

Understanding loyalty, and spotting it in your partner, can be a tricky task. 

However, there are a certain set of traits that can serve as indicators of how devoted and faithful a partner is.

Ready to test his true loyalty?

1) Honesty is his policy

Oh, the wonderful, truthful creatures who have a knack for always speaking the truth, no matter how hard it might be. 

Rare to come by in a world where many tend to squint at their dates after one too many drinks and tell them they’re “a solid 10”, even though they can barely see.

And then they tell them they’re the only girl they’re messaging. Pinky promise.

(He keeps his phone face down, whilst the Tinder notifications roll across the screen.)

A man who tells the truth, no matter what, even if that means lightly suggesting you choose another outfit as that one isn’t the most flattering, is undeniably honest.

And honesty is so tightly interwoven with loyalty.

These men understand that trust is built on truth, and they’re not afraid to communicate openly, even when the topic is tough.

He’ll tell you when he’s upset, when he’s happy, and when he’s worried – all with the aim of maintaining clear communication.

So, if your man consistently demonstrates honesty, don’t take it for granted and definitely don’t shun his emotional expression (unless he’s actually being unpleasant.)

2) He values your opinion

Girlies, we are way past the era of children/women should be seen and not heard.

So this one should be a given.

But the fact that it’s not kills me.

I once went on a brief, fleeting date with a finance boy. Did I get a word in edgeways whilst he mansplained the news and the markets and memes to me?


Someone who asks for your advice when it comes to big or small life issues, who loves hearing your perspective, and who always makes room for your voice – that’s the sort of man who will be truly loyal.

Because he cherishes and values you so much as an equal. (So he’s got some half decency, too.)

3) He supports you

An insecure and disloyal man will shun your pursuits and hobbies, and try to tear you off your pedestal and away from your dreams.

A loyal man will do the opposite.

Sure, using that honesty he might voice his opinions as to whether taking up bull-fighting is a safe weekly activity. But he won’t try to stop you if you have your heart set on it.

Loyal men are not just invested in the relationship, they’re invested in you as an individual. 

They want to see you grow, succeed, and achieve your dreams, thus will be there as your biggest fans and most trusted confidants. 

So if he’s supporting the quirky hobbies you want to try out, as well as celebrating every milestone you achieve, he’s got your back which is a sure sign of his loyalty to you.

4) He’s consistent

Men (and people in general) promising so much yet delivering so little has become almost custom to us.

So if he makes promises and plans things and voices opinions, and then doesn’t flake or bail or suddenly change his mind because of outside influence, he’s likely extremely loyal.

Consistency is key in a relationship, especially when it comes to loyalty. 

A man who is consistent in his words and actions is showing you that he’s dependable and trustworthy.

And consistency and trustworthiness both combine to make the perfect cocktail of loyalty.

5) He respects you

At the heart of every successful relationship, and indeed at the core of every loyal man, is a deep and unwavering respect for their partner.

Respect is also more than just being polite or courteous – opening doors and having good table manners.

It’s about valuing you as an individual, acknowledging your feelings, and treating you with kindness and understanding.

On top of always being open to your perspective, a loyal man respects your boundaries, values your feelings, listens to your thoughts, and appreciates your differences. 

There will be no trying to push the limits you have set or otherwise disrespecting you.

Now, he might not always agree with you, but he’ll respect your right to have your own opinions and will be open to a healthy, hearty debate when they differ from his.

Loyalty and respect come hand in hand, so if the above sounds like the man in question, it sure is looking good for you.

6) He includes you in his future

This one can go one of two ways:

  • Love bombing and falsities, where he promises you the world (as we spoke about above), and talks about having a big house and 7 kids and living happily ever after. Whilst sexting four women at the same time.
  • He actually means it. (Shocking, I know).

He asks for your opinion about his own life choices and discusses his future plans with you, all of which signify that he sees you in these plans, and isn’t going to spoil that with disloyalty.

And this future planning could be as simple as planning where you’ll go on vacation next year (you’re lasting a whole year!), or as significant as discussing buying a house together.

Honest future talk is a very veritable sign of someone who is standing by your side and is there for the long run.

7) He protects your relationship

A man who is loyal to you will always protect your relationship.

This doesn’t mean he’ll go around fighting every person who looks at you. 

This, in fact, is incredibly toxic behavior and screams insecurity.

No, it’s about safeguarding the bond you share and ensuring the security of your relationship.

A loyal man understands the value of what you have together. 

He won’t put your relationship at risk by engaging in activities or behaviors that could harm it.

That doesn’t mean yeeting every female that accidentally bumps into him far away.

Men can be respectful and prioritize their partners without acting callous or disrespectful towards others.

But a loyal man understands that trust is fragile, and once broken, it can be hard to rebuild. 

Thus, he makes conscious efforts to maintain trust and avoid situations that could lead to misunderstandings or doubts. You are after all his number one priority. 

8) He makes sacrifices for you

By sacrifice, we don’t have to mean dragging the goats out for slaughter.

But relationships involve a lot of give and take, and of compromise.

Ideally, this should even out to about 50/50 but will at points involve one person sacrificing more and vice versa.

Whether it’s giving up a night out with friends to take care of you when you’re sick, or moving across the country to be with you, these sacrifices speak volumes about his loyalty.

If he frowns at the idea of sacrificing a night of drinking with his buddies to mop your fevered brow – bad sign.

But if your man is willing to make sacrifices for you and the relationship, it’s a clear sign that his loyalty runs deep.

9) He shows you love in your love language

Understanding and speaking your partner’s love language is a profound expression of loyalty.

These are divided into 5 categories:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Gift giving
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch
  • Quality time

Even if initially, you love cuddling and hugging and want to be wrapped around him every second, and he prefers to show his love by fixing your windows, couples do tend to adapt.

That might not mean he is touchy-feely to your degree, but in time, loyal partners learn to grow and accommodate our needs.

So ideally, he’ll start reaching for your hand unprompted. And you’ll give building his furniture for him a go.

If your man takes the time to understand and speak your love language, it’s a clear sign of his loyalty. 

It shows that he values your emotional needs and is committed to making you feel loved and appreciated in the way that resonates most with you, even if it’s unfamiliar to him.

10) He is loyal to more than just you

Loyalty is not specific to romantic relationships. 

A man who is loyal to his friends, family, and commitments is likely to be loyal in his romantic relationships as well.

If he is known for sticking by his friends through thick and thin, keeping his promises, and being there for his family, it’s a great sign.

But if he lies to his friends, evades his family, and makes excuses at work…

Bad vibes, people!

Remember, loyalty is a character trait, not a switch that can be turned on for one person and off for another.

So if your man demonstrates loyalty in all areas of his life, it’s a clear sign of his overall character and a strong indicator that he’ll always be loyal to you.

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