If a man displays these 12 behaviors, he’s trying really hard to impress you

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So there’s this guy…

You’ve been noticing him lately because he’s always around. And he’s always doing things to get your attention!

Well, he’s probably smitten by you and making deliberate (and desperate) moves to win your heart.

His crush on you is too strong that he’s making a fool of himself.

If a man displays these 12 behaviors, he’s trying really hard to impress you.

1) He laughs so hard at your bad jokes

You’re no Ali Wong, but he laughs so hard every time you make a joke. What’s actually funny is that no one else does.

He always goes “Haha, that’s a good one” even though it’s obviously a bad one.

In fact, there were times you didn’t even make a joke and wonder if you actually did because you just heard him chuckle.

Well, it could be that you’re indeed funny and everyone else just doesn’t get your sense of humor. 

Or, you know, that he could just be laughing at your jokes to make you feel supported…and to make you feel that you’re on the same wavelength.

2) He stares into your soul as if to say “I’m here, I see you”

You know this look.

It’s the look that makes you shiver because it’s as if they’re touching your soul. And he does it often!

It’s not only when you share something emotional or touching, he gives you this look even if you’re just comparing brands of coffee.

He’s probably doing this to make you think that he’s an empath and a good listener. 

After all, don’t girls just love a sensitive man?

3) He nods everytime you talk 

Even if you didn’t say something impressive, his head would bob up and down as if you’re some genius.

You must admit, it’s nice to talk to him sometimes because you feel really heard.

But sometimes, you can’t help but feel creeped out because his nods become so rhythmic that it’s as if he’s a bobblehead on a car dashboard.

Well…have some sympathy for the guy.

He’s probably just trying his best to make you think that he’s a good listener

4) He wears too much perfume

Ah yes. All of a sudden, it seems like he just won a contest and he’s got an unlimited supply of Axe body spray. 

You can smell his presence even if he’s a kilometer away!

He probably thinks it’s what can get your attention. 

He probably thinks it’s the magic potion that can make you start getting goosebumps when he’s around. 

5) He says “yes” to everything

Ask him to buy you coffee, and he’d do it.

Ask him to do a silly dance, and he’d do it, too.

Ask him to help you clean your garage on a Sunday night even if he has a deadline the next day, and he’ll probably say yes (please don’t do it).

The point is, you just know that nine times out of ten, he’d say “yes” to your requests. 

“Anything for you”, he’d say. 

Well, obviously, the guy is extra kind and he also wants to impress you. But please don’t abuse his kindness.

6) He posts about stuff that you’re into

You told him you love cooking. 

Well guess what? He now posts recipes on his Facebook!

You told him you hate men who think feminism is annoying.

Well guess what? He just shared “Men of quality are not afraid of equality” on his IG.

Coincidence? He wants you to think so…

He’s obviously trying very hard to make you think you’re a good match!

7) He befriends all of your friends

There’s a new message on your group chat.

You open it and you see a photo of him with your friends.

Huh?! Since when are they friends?!

Then when you’re about to have lunch, you see him wave at you. He’s sitting with your best friends, talking about stuff they “genuinely” have in common.

What is happening?

Why is he acting like a new BFF to your friends?!

Well, you know the answer. He’s obviously trying really hard to impress you!

Cute if you’re into them. Creepy if you’re not. 

8) He loooooves all the movies and bands you like

You post on your IG that you like the band Cigarettes After Sex.

Well, he doesn’t just like them, he loves them!

But turns out, he only knows one song from them.


You say that you enjoy B Movies. And interestingly, he’s sooo into them, too. 

But when you ask him which one is his favorite, he stutters and go “Ahh uhmm…you know—not really sure if this is a B Movie—but I really like Conjuring. It’s a B movie, isn’t it?

Well, no.

But what’s a yes is that he’s definitely desperate to make a connection with you.

9) He uses difficult words to sound more intelligent

Instead of using simple words to explain things, he’ll make it sound complicated by inserting jargon, gobbledygook, and metaphors.

So even if he just wants to say I’m hungry, he’d go “I’m so famished that I could eat a cow.”

And instead of saying “cool” or “awesome” when you show him photos from your trip to Venice, he’d say “Such a breath-taking view! Louis Armstrong was right when he crooned “What a wonderful world.”


But that’s just because he desperately wants to impress you.

10) He’s way too friendly with the waiter

You know what they say that you can judge a person’s character by how they treat the waiter? Yeah, well…he takes that way too seriously—especially when you’re together!

“I hope I’m not bothering you but may you please bring us some water?”

“Oh, we don’t deserve your kindness. Thank you for serving us our food. Truly.”

He acts so polite that for a moment you’re confused if they’ve become the waiter instead of the customer.

And when it’s time to give the tip, just before putting the $50 bill, he’d wave it for two seconds to be sure you see how generous he is.

Definitely trying too hard.

11) He talks about his achievements 

Well, this is a classic.

But a man who’s trying really hard to impress you would try his best to show off without actually seeming like he’s showing off.

How does he do it?

He’d probably tag along a wingman. He’d instruct him to ask him questions about his achievements. That way, he’d be “forced” to share them.

Or he’d ask other people about their achievements. And the moment they’d go “So how about you, what have you been up to?”, they’d go on and on talking about his wins (as long as you’re around, of course).

12) He acts like your hero

You don’t need saving—you’re perfectly fine!

But then he says things like “Hey, call me if you need me. No, really. I don’t mind. Please do.”

You would even wonder “Huh? Do I look like I need help?!”

And on the moments that you actually do, he’d rush to your side. He’d drop everything to make sure you’re alright.

What’s adorable is that you can see in his face that he’s actually very happy to help you in any way he can.

Final thougths:

These traits might turn you off at first.

After all, many of us want what we can’t have. And anything that’s “too easy” automatically becomes less desirable.

But before you dismiss this guy, take a hard look at how determined he really is to make you happy. Remove the cringe, remove the desperation…and see him for who he really is.

If you like him too, then it’s time to reciprocate his moves. Maybe that way, he would start to calm down and just be himself.

What I love about men who are trying too hard is that they’re usually not players…and they do love hard!

They’re awkward and desperate because they just don’t know what to do with their infatuation. They like you so much but for one reason or another, they just don’t have the guts to say it to your face.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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