If a man displays these 16 behaviors, he’s probably quite successful in life

Success is a funny thing. It’s not about the price tag on your clothes or the car you drive. 

It’s about something much deeper. 

So how can you tell who’s truly successful from all the pretenders? What separates a genuinely powerful man from a beta male orbiter who just happened to buy a nice watch?

Let’s take a look…

1) He plans ahead

Forethought is a crucial part of success. 

Having a plan for the future is a definite sign of a man who’s ambitious with a roadmap to get there. 

His dreams aren’t just abstract ideas, they’re attainable through actionable steps.

And this man has planned those steps out, as well as fallback options for if and when he has setbacks. 

2) He stays present

The past matters and so does the future. 

But the power to act and make change lies in the present. 

A man who stays present and is alert and listening is likely quite successful in life. He’s not zoned out in nostalgia or regret and he’s not high on dreams of the future. 

He’s living in the now. 

3) He translates ideas into action

There are men who talk a big game but don’t have much to actually back it up. 

The man who’s truly successful in life doesn’t live in his head or in his ideas. He actually carries out his plans in real life. 

His ideas for business? He’s developing them and actually taking them to market. 

His desires in his personal life and relationships? He’s doing his best to make them happen and learn from what doesn’t work. 

He’s more walk than talk. 

Which leads me to the next subject… 

4) He doesn’t procrastinate or dawdle

Procrastination and dawdling are always lurking somewhere, a temptation, a danger and an excuse waiting to happen…

Men who don’t take the bait tend to be very successful in all areas of their life. 

They know when to take some time off and relax, but when they work, they work. 

They’re not interested in excuses or in hanging around and waiting for inspiration to strike. 

They know that immense talent is almost always overshadowed by hard work. So they buckle down and get the job done, even when they’d rather just lay back with Netflix. 

5) He’s disciplined and has a schedule

This ties into the previous point but is well worth emphasizing. 

You may meet a man who’s extremely smart, hard-working and has some great ideas in his life: 

But his schedule and punctuality is all over the place. He works a lot some days and shows up hungover other days with wild stories. 

This kind of man tends to have a checkered past and struggle with his organization. 

The kind of guy who succeeds in life is strict with his schedule and tries his best not to mix work and pleasure. He tries his best to be on time and give his all. 

6) He uncovers opportunity all over

For years I thought opportunity was something that arrived at your doorstep.

You got the degree, took the tests, shook the right hands and you got great job offers and opportunities. 

But the reality is that the majority of opportunities are either created or discovered through actively searching. 

The kind of man who’s successful in life finds opportunities where others see nothing. He finds an open window where others just see a shut door. 

In some cases he just knocks down the wall. 

7) He’s great at networking and building bridges

Successful men tend to be very skilled at networking. 

They are able to build bridges and find common ground even when it’s not easy. 

They go into a room full of strangers and emerge with a head full of first names. 

The kind of guy with great ideas and other positive attributes who can’t connect them to those around him is a different matter:

He struggles to network or link up with others and has difficulty taking his ideas beyond the initial stage as a result, in many cases. 

8) He’s innovative and has unique ideas

Originality is a vastly underrated quality. 

With the growing influence of AI and machine learning on almost every industry, one big ingredient is missing:

The human spirit. 

The kind of man who brings his unique spirit to bear on life is generally very successful. 

His success isn’t always represented in material terms, either, but in the positive impact he makes on the lives of those around him. 

9) He seeks out his discomfort zone 

There’s a lot of pleasure to be had in the comfort zone, but successful men ultimately leave it for one main reason:

They get bored. Plain and simple. 

Therefore, they seek out their discomfort zone and try to push boundaries instead of just sitting back and doing what’s easy or convenient at the moment. 

The result is that they accomplish much more than their peers, gaining immense self-awareness as well as a long line of external accomplishments. 

10) He loves challenges and thrives under pressure

The merit of a man is hard to judge when everything is hunky dory and the times are good…

But you add a little heat to the fire and people’s true caliber starts to shine.

Men who thrive under pressure and love challenges tend to be much more successful than those who don’t. 

They don’t play the victim or talk about why “the market” means they couldn’t do something…

They’re trying hard and thinking outside the box even when the situation is extremely challenging. 

11) He takes risk at work and in his career path

Without taking a chance and a risk it’s hard to get far. 

The man who succeeds in life takes risks in his career and on his career path. 

He doesn’t expect everything to be lined up for him, because he knows that those who follow the well-trodden path usually end up in well-trodden destinations. 

But he’s not interested in being average, he’s looking for something more. 

So he takes big chances and puts his neck out, even when many others don’t.

12) He’s courageous even in unsure situations 

When the  going gets tough, the tough man gets going. 

Even when things are unsure, he does his best not to give up. 

He sticks with his ideals and hard work ethic even when others are giving up, and even when  you see him not at his best, he’s defiant. 

He won’t let the unknown get the best of him. He’s forging ahead. 

13) He’s persistent and doesn’t give up 

We all need a break now and then. 

But the kind of man who’s likely to be successful in life is a hard worker. 

He’s persistent and doesn’t give up easily. Even when he has to change course in his life, he puts all his energy into his new pursuits and gives it his all. 

He’s not trying to get a participation trophy, he’s in it to win it. 

14) He’s highly motivated and passionate

The man who’s successful in life has a burning fire inside. 

He’s highly motivated and passionate, not just about his job or interests, but about almost everything. 

He talks with energy and enthusiasm. He expresses his emotions. He cares about those close to him and about what he uses his time for. 

15) He keeps learning, including from his mistakes 

No matter how much money and prestige a man has, he doesn’t have a success mindset if he shuts down when he makes a mistake. 

A man with a truly successful outlook keeps learning throughout his life, even when he reaches various milestones. 

And when he makes a mistake he does his best to learn from it. 

16) He’s modest about his accomplishments 

Men who are genuinely successful don’t spend time bragging about it. 

If they have a skill or knowledge base they will bring it up when relevant, but they’re not trying to show off. 

They are focused on their goals and on making real connections, not on impressing others or showing that they are superior in some way. 

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