If a man displays these 16 behaviors, he’s definitely ready to date you

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Dating doesn’t always get the best rap. In an era of short-termism and Tinder-based hookup apps, it’s easy to become disillusioned by the current dating pool.

After all, 57% of single adults now say they’re not looking to date. But that’s a subject for another day.

If you’re unsure whether a man is ready to date you, look for these behaviors.

1) He’s transparent

Openness and honesty are often enshrined as some of the cardinal virtues of a great relationship. So, if your guy expresses himself to you with no filters, it’s a big green flag.

Most men have their guard up, so if a man lowers theirs, it shows they’re ready to take this thing to the next level.

For that matter, anyone who talks with #NoFilter is sending a signal that they’re comfortable around you.

2) He makes time for you

We’re all busy. And being busy is no excuse for you to stay single forever.

The man who goes out of his way to make time for you is probably interested in dating. He realizes that the stars will never align and there will be no “perfect time,” so he’s willing to work to make it happen.

If he’s concerned more about your schedule and is willing to make dating work around you, that’s a sign that you’re fast becoming a priority in his eyes.

3) He always keeps in touch

Ghosting is always hurtful and unacceptable. Yet 30% of U.S. adults admitted to ghosting a romantic partner or a friend.

So, in a world where this is apparently acceptable behavior, it’s a good sign if a guy goes out of his way to keep in touch with you.

And here’s another green flag to look for.

4) He’s a man of his word

Getting into a relationship with someone means building a team. You don’t want to date someone who can’t follow through on their promises.

Simple things like meeting for lunch or turning up on time are basic tests that show whether a man is mature enough to date you.

Besides, if you can’t trust a man’s words now, how could you trust them in a serious relationship?

5) He asks for your opinions

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, but who a man asks is a big deal.

I don’t ask for advice or opinions from people I don’t value. Likewise, I don’t share my personal life with the world. So, if I ask for your advice or opinions, I value you in my life.

The same thing applies here. If someone specifically wants to know what you think, it shows where you stand.

6) He smiles when you compliment him

The power of compliments is enormous – and we should share more of them. But there’s something special about complimenting someone who vibes with you.

A compliment about a shirt, smile, hair, or anything else can make your day. But watch a man carefully. If complimenting his smile makes him smile more, it’s a sign that the compliment wound its way right into his heart.

Here’s a bonus behavior you can also hang your hat on.

7) He tries to give you what he thinks you want

We men have a habit of going overboard when our hormones have been engaged.

Think about every teenager who has doused themselves in Lynx Africa or changed their sense of fashion because they believe it’ll win them the girl.

Well, adult males aren’t immune to this either. If you notice someone has changed themselves (in a good way) since you started talking, it could be a sign that they’re changing to grab your attention.

8) He wants a deeper connection with you

Relationships are all about connections. What says that someone is special more than any other is an intentional desire to establish a deeper connection.

In practice, this can involve asking personal questions. It may even edge into a common ground of interest.

Whatever it is, if a stranger wouldn’t lead with those conversations, it’s a sign that he wants to strengthen his connection with you.

9) He makes you FEEL special

True love is impossible to fake. It cannot be manufactured or quantified because love is a topic we don’t understand.

So, if he makes you feel special, if there’s a crackle in the air or the atmosphere surges with electricity, he’s ready to date.

Men don’t go out of their way for just anybody!

10) He sends you little hints

While you’re searching high and low for a grand gesture, the little hints are already in front of you.

Think Jim Halpert from The Office. Much of the show is based around Jim’s playful pranks and light-hearted romantic gestures toward office receptionist Pam.

If you notice any little hints or gestures aimed at you, this could signify a man ready to date. And here’s something else you can look for.

11) His physical presence makes you feel comfortable

Physical attraction is vital in any relationship. What isn’t clear to your brain may already be clear to your body.

If you feel comfortable around a guy and not in mortal peril, your body is giving you the green check mark for this guy.

Read on for some extra signs that a guy is really into you.

12) He is very protective of you

Protectiveness is both a compliment and a part of a man’s natural psyche: to defend the person most important to them.

Guys who are ready to date aren’t raging about your guy friends, but they will display their protectiveness via other means, such as:

  • Asking you to call when you get home safely.
  • Being angry when someone else hurts you.
  • Always asking if you’re okay if you’re sick/injured.

Note that none of the above are traditional signs of a protective man. Stay well away if they get jealous about your guy friends or they want to control where you can go. That’s not a dateable man. That’s years of therapy in the making.

13) He wants you to meet his friends and family

Introducing anyone to your existing circle of friends or family members is nerve-wracking. You don’t want to be embarrassed if things go wrong in short order.

So, if a guy invites you to hang out with his bro or buddies, it shows that he sees something in you.

If a guy is ready to start dating seriously, he will want to introduce you to his inner circle at some point.

14) He wants to meet your family and friends

And it works both ways, too.

If a man asks about your family and friends and wants to meet them, he really likes you. Many guys fear this step because they want to impress their girl.

So, if a guy is ready to date, he will love to meet those who matter most to you.

15) He shares his passions with you

Look, men aren’t the best at exposing their feelings. According to one study, 60% of men don’t share their feelings with anybody. And that’s a combination of patriarchy and stereotypes.

So, maybe leave this part on ice at this early stage. Instead, look for whether he shares his passions with you.

What somebody is into and their willingness to share it can say just as much as any emotional platitude.

With that in mind, if he loves laser tag and asks if you’d like to try it out, he wants to date you. Now, here’s perhaps the biggest flashing neon sign of all that someone wants to date you.

16) He talks about his future plans

Talking about the future is an essential aspect of any relationship, no matter if you’ve been dating for ten days or ten years. When you’re just dating, talking about marriage and kids is really weird.

But there’s more to the issue than that.

If a guy is talking about what he wants from life and how he plans to get there, he’s looking for your reaction. Internally, he’s wondering whether you have any part at all. How you react in these situations will define whether he asks you out or not.

As men, we’re more complex than the media likes to portray. We scheme, plot, and plan before putting ourselves out there and making ourselves vulnerable.

In other words, if a man is talking about his future, he’s subtly testing the waters before going all-in.

Dating troubles? Jump right in

Wasting time, energy, and money on a guy who isn’t suitable for you is always the big fear. On the flip side, if you’re waiting for everything to line up perfectly, you’ll be single forever.

The above behaviors are signs some highly dateable men display when they’re ready to ask you on a date. However, don’t rely on it exclusively. Like all things in the mystical realm of romance, sometimes you just know when to pull the trigger.

What’s the biggest sign that a man wants to date you that you’ve experienced?

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