If a man displays these 10 behaviors, he will never cheat on you

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I’ve been with two cheaters.

Verrrrrrry traumatic!

At one point I wondered if there’s something wrong with me—if I’m simply not good enough for any man.

Luckily, I’m now with someone who’s very loyal. We’ve been together for six years and not once did he flirt with any girl.

I tried to examine what traits set him apart from my cheating exes…and boy, there are plenty! 

And he shares these traits with my loyal father and my friends’ loyal husbands, too.

I want to share them with you so you’d know exactly what to look for if you want a loyal man.

Here are 10 behaviors of a man who will never cheat on you.

1)  He can’t stand cheaters

When you watch a movie and there’s cheating, does he cringe?

Do you hear him say “That’s crazy!” or “Why would they do that?!”

And when he talks about his colleague who’s cheating with their boss, does he get disgusted—even a little furious?

Then you’re one lucky chap!

A man who can’t stand cheaters will never cheat on you…unless of course, you notice signs that he’s a dishonest or manipulative boyfriend.

A regular guy who openly expresses that he hates cheating would rather end things with you than become like the people he finds despicable.

2) He finds it extremely difficult to lie to you

Is he a bad liar?

Does he fidget or avoid eye contact?

Does he say a few words…and when you push him to say more, does he blank out?

Does he huff and go “Alright, you got me. I can’t lie.”?

Then he will not likely cheat on you.

Cheating involves a lot of lying—even if it’s just emotional cheating over text.

And if he knows he’s likely going to get caught because he’s such a bad liar, he’d be very nervous to even sit beside another woman.

Why would he make his life miserable? After all, he KNOWS you will find out!

3) He reassures you when you get suspicious and paranoid

As I’ve said, two of my exes were cheaters. 

And one thing that they have in common is that they get defensive and angry when I get a little suspicious.

A question like “Who will you be with?” will trigger them as if I asked “Who will you have sex with tonight?”

They’d say things like “You really don’t trust me” or “What’s wrong with you. Why are you so suspicious?!”

My current partner who’s loyal isn’t like this.

When I get a bit jealous, he’d sit down and reassure me by giving me answers.

He’d say “I’d be with my usual friends and there will be one girl but she’s the girlfriend of Joe.”

He even sends me photos sometimes.

If your bf is the same, then he likely won’t cheat on you.

Most of the guys who get defensive and even offended when you get suspicious are probably the ones who don’t want you to be clingy.


Well, so they can probably do some stuff without you getting in the way!

4) He doesn’t consider it “snooping” when you use his phone or computer 

He doesn’t freeze when you log in to his computer for a while.

He doesn’t go “Hey, what about my privacy!”

And that’s probably because he has absolutely nothing to hide from you.

In fact, his whatsapp, email, and social media are just open for you to see.

And his files? Nah, they’re not locked.

When it comes to his phone, you don’t borrow it (because why?) but when you’re beside each other, he doesn’t hide his screen from you.

If he’s this open and transparent to you, then he likely has nothing to hide from you.

5) He’s insensitive

To flirtatious advances, that is.

It’s like he’s from another planet. He can’t sense when a woman flirts with him even if it’s obvious to everyone else in the room.

Even if a girl keeps whispering to his ear, he won’t think of this as flirting. And that’s probably because he doesn’t actually do those things to flirt!

My ever loyal father was like this that his friends make fun of him.

There were women who were throwing themselves at him—stalking him, following him around, giving him gifts.

One time, a pretty woman sat beside him at a bar, obviously flirting. What did he do? He slept.

My parents have been married for 30 years and not once did my father cheat on my mother.

So if you’re with a guy who’s a bit insensitive to flirtatious advances, don’t hate them for being too friendly. They probably just don’t know these women are flirting with them. 

Instead, appreciate them for being loyal to you, because they most likely are.

6) He has no insecure bone in his body

Men with self-esteem issues find it hard to NOT cheat when there’s an opportunity to do so.

Why would they turn down a hot woman chasing them?

After all, they’re willing to do anything just to feel good about themselves—to feel sexy, smart, and worthy of attention.

Beware of insecure men!

You will have a lot of problems because of their insecurity, trust me.

If your boyfriend is fine with how he looks, is happy with his job, and overall content with how his life turned out, he’s less likely to cheat.

Why would he? He has no need to.

7) He keeps his promises

When he promises that he won’t tell anyone your secret, does he keep it?

And when he promises to do something, does he actually do it instead of giving excuses?

Then he’s a person you can truly rely on.

When a man has this trait, he will find it hard to cheat on you—not even if women would beg him.


Because he has integrity and he values commitment.

When he’s unhappy in your relationship, instead of finding happiness in someone else, he’d talk to you, try to solve things, and really put in the effort to make things work.

And if he’s been unhappy for a while, he’d break up with you instead of cheating on you.

8) He doesn’t get bored easily 

Some men cheat not because they no longer love their partner, but simply because they’re bored.

It’s quite sad, really.

They just need something new once in a while—something to spice up their life and make them feel alive again!

Is your man happy just doing “boring” things with you?

Is he content with just staying at home and doing “nothing”?

Then he’ll likely stay faithful to you. 

People who know how to be content are hard to come by. So if your partner is generally content and happy (and not restless), don’t let him go.

My current boyfriend is like this and I feel so lucky.

9) He has no problem saying “no”

Some men are too “nice” and too “friendly” to say NO—especially to women.

They want to be a gentleman…to be some sort of savior, to the point that they don’t know how to set boundaries.

And this is the reason why men like this often face temptation.

They find it hard to not help the new girl at the office, to not reply to a message from a female “friend”, and so on.

Good thing your bf isn’t like this.

He sets his boundaries—even to girls.

No woman even tries to guilt-trip him into doing something because that’s just not possible with your bf. 

He knows how to prioritize himself and protect your relationship…and he’s not afraid to look like an “asshole” because of that.

10) He has a rich and meaningful life

One thing I notice about cheaters is that, most of the time, they’re the ones who are miserable.

They’re not happy with their job.

They’re not happy with their relationships.

And they’re not sure of where their life is going.

It’s like they’re going through a midlife crisis—except that it’s not happening at midlife, and it never ends. It’s basically just a crisis 24/7.

This is why they do st*pid things like cheating on their partner.

Good thing your partner has a life purpose and is devoting his life to it. 

You can be sure that if he’s not busy with you, he’s busy NOT with another woman, but with his rich and meaningful life.

Final thoughts:

Do you find all of these traits in your man?

Then please calm down. You have nothing to worry about!

Trust in their love for you not just because you’re an awesome person, but also because they’re someone with integrity.

Although anyone can still cheat, men who have these traits are the least likely ones to commit it.

And if you’re single and loyalty is the most important thing for you, then you now know the exact traits to look for.

Isabella Chase

Isabella Chase, a New York City native, writes about the complexities of modern life and relationships. Her articles draw from her experiences navigating the vibrant and diverse social landscape of the city. Isabella’s insights are about finding harmony in the chaos and building strong, authentic connections in a fast-paced world.

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