If a man displays these 9 behaviors, he sees you as his soulmate

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Are you just another girl…or are you the one?

It’s just hard to tell!

But it would be embarrassing to ask your guy this question, wouldn’t it? Besides, he could just lie.

What you need to do is this: pay very, very close attention to his actions.

Trust me—it will tell you what you need to know!

In this article, I’ll share with you 9 behaviors of a guy who sees you as his soulmate.

1) He finds your quirks cute

He loves your mannerisms.

Heck, he even finds your annoying behaviors cute.

He tells you “Don’t ever change!” and nope, he’s not just trying to be nice—he actually means it.

What’s happening here?

Well, it’s not just because he’s so in love with you. 

It’s also because you’re very compatible.

He loves your strengths and he’s totally and genuinely fine with your weaknesses, too.

And usually, when this happens, a guy is convinced you’re his soulmate. 

After all, this is rare! It’s not easy to find someone whose quirks we can actually tolerate and adore.

2) He becomes romantic (for the first time in his life)

Did he ever write you a letter or a song?

If you’re long-distance, did he travel to your side of the world to surprise you?

And…did he tell you he’s never done any of these things to any girl before?!

Yes? Then he’s obviously so in love with you!

You probably have a big impact on him and when this happens, usually a guy can’t help but see you as his soulmate.

My boyfriend was like this. He told me he knew I was his soulmate because I was able to make him do things that’s totally out of his character.

If your guy used to be unromantic and low effort before he met you…and yet, he suddenly becomes a hopeless and showy romantic with you, then he definitely sees you as his soulmate!

3) He thinks you’re the smartest girl of all time

When you have convos with him, it’s as if you’re some Marie Curie or Simone De Beauvoir. 

He nods a lot, his eyes twinkle, and he keeps saying “Exactly!”

And he acts like you totally get each other!

He’d gush and say “Babe, you totally get me! That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s crazy!”

He’s amazed at how you both have the same wavelength and core values…and that you’re both actually very in sync on a lot of things.

When a man feels this way about you, he thinks you’re his soulmate even if he never believed in such things before he met you.

4) He only says good things about you

You overhear him talk to his friends, and you cringe (in a good way) because all he ever talks about is how awesome you are.

“My girlfriend is such a good writer.”

“I’m not as smart as my girlfriend. She’s a genius!”

“My girlfriend makes really cute bracelets.”


Sometimes you want the ground to just swallow you up because he sings praises for you wherever he goes.

But that’s just how men are when they’re sure about someone.

If your guy only says good things about you to others, there’s no doubt about it—he thinks you’re the one!

5) He makes time for you no matter what

He is a busy guy.

He has a demanding career, a rich social life, and plenty of hobbies, too.

But for some reason, he finds time for you—always!

In fact, you know he’s a busy guy but you don’t FEEL it at all because it’s like he has all the time in the world for you.

Ask any man and they’d tell you that they’re only willing to give this kind of devotion to a girl who they consider is truly special. 

And so if your guy prioritizes you, trust me—he sees you as his soulmate.

6) He talks about the future

And that future, of course, has you in it.

You hear him say “When we buy a house…” instead of “If I buy a house…”

Sometimes, he jokes about how you’ll not invite certain people to your wedding.

But not only that, he’d actually have sit-down convos with you about these serious matters.

A man who sees you as his soulmate isn’t scared of talking about marriage and kids with you.

After all, he knows he’s not leading you on, he actually wants those things!

Deep in his heart, he knows it WILL happen—if you’re into it, too, of course.

7) He invests in your relationship

Men, especially if they’re wiser (by that I mean they’ve already experienced heartbreak), don’t give their relationship their everything.

They learned that love is wonderful but it’s also fleeting…and so they want to be wiser with their decisions and how they spend their time.

But when a man sees his future with you, trust me—he’d go all in!

He’d put in time, money, and effort to make your relationship work.

And he’d even invest in your personal endeavors, too.

He might help you with your projects. 

He might even start a business with you.

He might also start saving up for your future.

If you can see that your man is actually putting in a lot of effort in your relationship, he definitely sees you as his soulmate. 

8) He asks for your opinion when making decisions big or small

My ex (who, in hindsight, clearly didn’t see me as his soulmate) made a lot of decisions on his own…even if we’ve been together for five years!

I knew he didn’t feel like I was the one because he’s too focused on himself—it’s always HIS friends, HIS apartment, HIS hobbies, and of course…HIS decisions.

We were two entirely separate beings!

But now, with my current partner, he asks what I think about almost everything—from what kind of bike he should buy to the color of shirt he should wear.

He told me I’m his soulmate. And I believe him because indeed, being with this kind of relationship feels like we’re soulmates—our lives (and souls) are becoming one.

9) He has become a dreamer

Maybe your guy used to be very simple and practical. All he cared about was paying the bills and watching Netflix.

But now?

It’s like he’s turned into a totally different person!

He sees the world differently.

He’s become more interested in art and life and people.

And he’s imagining an exciting future with you, too.

He wasn’t such a dreamer, but thanks to you, he’s now very inspired to do things and to become the best version of himself.

Some people need love in order to be inspired (I’m one of those people), and once that button is switched on, they become unstoppable.

If this describes your guy, then even if he doesn’t say it out loud, he sees you as his soulmate.

Final thoughts:

If your guy displays almost all of these behaviors, then even if he doesn’t say it out loud, he sees you as his soulmate.

You shouldn’t be surprised if he goes down on one knee and asks you to marry him.

But if you don’t see all of these behaviors in your guy—say, you only notice half of them—don’t worry! 

He might still see you as his soulmate but there are just some factors like trauma that prevents him from going all in.

Honestly, for me, as long as you feel his love and as long as he’s a man of integrity, you’re good.

You don’t have to know exactly how deep his love is or that he sees you as a soulmate for you to love him unconditionally.

You see, for some people, that kind of realization takes time.

Isabella Chase

Isabella Chase, a New York City native, writes about the complexities of modern life and relationships. Her articles draw from her experiences navigating the vibrant and diverse social landscape of the city. Isabella’s insights are about finding harmony in the chaos and building strong, authentic connections in a fast-paced world.

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