How to write down what you want to manifest: 15 ways to get results

The idea of manifesting what you want has become popular these days, especially on apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Influencers promise that we can create the life of our dreams through certain processes of visualization and verbalization.

Does it work? Yes. But you need to go about this the right way and in a calm and patient manner.

Here’s how.

How to write down what you want to manifest: 15 ways to get results

One of the key ways to manifest is to write down on paper.

If you want to know how to write down what you want to manifest, take a look at the following list of advice.

As always at Hack Spirit, this is about doing what works and without any of the frills or vague promises other sites make.

I’ll spell out how to manifest the future of your dream including in a material, romantic and spiritual sense.

This really works if you do it right and respect the process.

Good luck!

1) Follow the 3-6-9 rule

If you want to know how to write down what you want to manifest, try following what’s known as the 3-6-9 rule.

How does it work?

It’s actually fairly simple: what you do is you wake up and right down what you want on a piece of paper being detailed and specific.

For example:

“I wish for a blue 2022 Subaru Forester with all the latest perks and that the money for this would arrive in greater quantities than I expect as well as aligning with a special promotion at the dealership that saves me a lot of money. Having this blue 2022 Subaru Forester would make my life so much more convenient and allow me to drive my kids to school and get to work on time every day.”

Write this three times when you wake up.

Then, in the afternoon write it down six times once again.

Then, in the evening write it down once again nine times.

Continue doing this for 33 or 45 days and watch as changes begin to take place in your life leading you closer to this goal.

Generally, try to make what you want to manifest a proactive and forward-looking goal.

In other words instead of writing:

“I wish for the conflict with my father to come to an end and for us to stop fighting so much about things in the past. It’s been such a drain on both of us to have so much conflict and bitterness these past few years.”


“I wish for a healthy and loving relationship with my dad and that he can see how much I appreciate and love him despite our past difficulties. It would be so healing and inspiring for us to be able to rebuild our relationship and show each other love once again.”


2) Be extremely specific

The most important thing to realize about how to write down what you want to manifest is that being specific matters.

The above examples I gave are more of a basic framework.

In order to really do this with maximum effect, you want to be writing down very specific details.

Sights, smells, sounds, memories, ideas…

If you’re trying to manifest a romantic partner it could be specific all the way down to them having a nose ring or liking the Smashing Pumpkins.

Get very, very specific.

And remember to be patient! Manifesting is not actually about sitting back and twiddling your thumbs.

It’s very much about aligning yourself with the Universe to let it work in your favor and draw your desires towards you.

“Although manifesting is about turning your dreams into reality, it does require you to take proactive steps toward whatever it is you desire.

You shouldn’t expect it to happen instantly—but even though it’s a lengthy process, that time is a small price to pay for a (hopefully) profound impact on your life,” noted Kimberly Zapata at Oprah Daily.

“Whatever you desire, though, one thing is essential: Make your intention as specific as possible.”

3) What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Let me ask you a question:

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

You see your face, your smile or frown, your eyes, maybe your body as a whole if it’s a full-length mirror.

But what do you see on a deeper level?

What “vibe” do you get?

To tell the truth, my quest to manifest the career of my dreams came about because of being really honest about what I saw in the mirror.

Six months ago I saw someone who was lost at sea. Washed out. Hollow. Passive.

I wanted to change that and get out of the rut I was in.

My comeback story had a lot to do with a program called Life Journal, created by the highly-successful life coach and teacher Jeanette Brown.

Jeanette turns a lot of the traditional self-help advice on its head.

Instead of leading me by the nose to do what she says is best, her program helped me realize all the tools I already had at my disposal.

Step-by-step, Jeanette helped me realize that my own willpower wasn’t going to get me the career of my dreams, and manifesting would only take me so far.

Don’t get me wrong…

I still very much believe that if you know how to write down what you want to manifest it greatly increases the probability of it happening.

But I also believe that you must actively align yourself with specific goals and action-oriented steps.

Thanks to Jeanette’s guidance, it’s been easier to do than I could have ever imagined.

Click here to learn more about Life Journal.

4) Not just ‘what,’ but why

There’s something really important about how to write down what you want to manifest that many people overlook.

This is the fact that you shouldn’t just write down what you want, but also why you want it and what your intentions are.

The universe is sort of like a giant cash register, and it adds up how much you give it and what you get back.

If you just tell it what you want, you’re more likely to end up getting “charged” quite a bit for that.

But if you explain why you can often barter…

If you want to get a new house so you can care for your disabled sister and create a therapeutic riding association, it’s going to go a lot further in terms of karmic penetration than wanting a new house “just because.”

Dr. Anna Kress also has great advice about this, noting that “instead of just writing down what you want, make sure to include the reason that you want it.”

5) Capitalize on the desired feeling state

Many times it’s not things we want, but emotional states.

This is part of why so many people fall into a hole hoping for another person to satisfy the emptiness they feel inside…

Or a car…

Or a new job…

Or moving to a place they’ve always dreamed of.

How to write down what you want to manifest has a lot to do with the feeling state you want to achieve.

As the author Jon Kabat-Zinn put it, “wherever you go, there you are.”

6) Unlink from outcome

How to write down what you want to manifest obviously has a lot to do with the outcome.

Why would you want to manifest something if you don’t care whether or not you get it?

We all want to get what we want, even if it’s freedom from being chained to our desires!

But the thing about manifesting what you want is that attaching yourself to an outcome too strongly can actually prevent it from materializing.

Here’s the thing:

You should be very specific in what you want and why you want it.

But the process for how to get there and the method for how it comes about should remain fluid.

Constraining it only to “I need to win the lottery because xyz” is not going to yield fruit and is likely to fall flat.

If you truly want to get what you want, you need to let go of your attachment to getting it and of the form in which it may come to you.

This leaves energy to flow your direction

Manifestation Coach Kenneth Wong has this exactly right:

“Letting go is one of the most important steps for receiving your manifestation.

“If you want to allow your desire to come into form, you must release your attachment to the outcome that you think you need.

“Oftentimes, we get tunnel-visioned into a specific outcome because we believe that’s what we need in order to feel good”

7) Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a popular concept these days and sometimes it can be overdone.

Still, it’s important to practice it.

Practicing gratitude is about realizing just how blessed you are and the many advantages life has given you.

Even if you don’t feel it, thinking about the blessings in your life and the people who love you can have a really humbling effect.

In terms of manifesting, gratitude is also key because it encourages an abundance mindset.

It plunges you into the feeling state which is conducive to manifesting and opens up energetic channels for that to take place.

8) Write it down by hand

Another important tip about how to write down what you want to manifest is to do it by hand.

Handwriting is a bit of a lost art with so many of us tapping around on our phones and keyboards.

But it’s a wonderful thing and it also puts much more intention and physicality into the act and makes the manifesting much more powerful.

When you use an abstract medium such as a screen or keyboard, your words go through a kind of filtering and fading process.

They don’t emit out into the universe in the same sense as they do when you write them down by hand and feel the scratch of pen on paper.

Writing it down by hand also takes a bit more time, which allows your brain and spirit time to really inhabit and feel the power and intention of the words.

Buy yourself a notebook and a pen and follow the 3-6-9 rule I mentioned at the beginning.

Use the exact same words each time, paying attention as you craft each sentence.

This attention to detail will really pay off in the end and make the manifestation more targeted and powerful.

9) Get your love life on track

If you’re trying to manifest love or a partner, or recover a lost relationship or re-spark an old flame, it can feel like the stakes are very high.

In my situation I’ve been trying to manifest a reconciliation with my ex because I still love them and feel a huge bond still exists between us.

Part of my journey in that regard was to speak to the love coaches at the website Relationship Hero.

It’s a place where highly trained relationship coaches help people with many challenges such as trying to manifest the partner of their dreams or get back with an ex they still love.

They’re a very popular resource for people dealing with this kind of manifesting challenge.

Personally I was intimidated at first but found my coach very insightful and helpful.

I began taking practical steps for how to make my manifesting align with my outer actions and maximize my chances of success, and ultimately have ended up getting back together with my ex.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice for your situation.

Click here to get started.

10) Play the long game

If you want to know the best way for how to write down what you want to manifest, you need to be in it for the long game.

Manifesting, like life, takes time and patience.

It’s much better to play the long game.

At the very least here, you’re looking at 33 to 45 days, and that’s just the very start.

If you want to snap your fingers and manifest like a magic spell, you’re likely to be sorely disappointed.

Manifesting is all about broadcasting a meaningful, clear and repeated intention into the universe and eventually having it come your way.

It is not about instant gratification, but rather about delaying gratification and remaining focused on your goal and what you can do to help make it happen and align your energy with it.

The more patience you have and the less attached you are to the outcome, the better the probability of manifesting will be and the more effective and accurate it will be.

11) Try using colors for emotions

This is a great tip about how to write down what you want to manifest: use color!

In particular, I have found it effective to use colors to represent different emotions.

So, for example, for me red represents the emotion of pride and desire, blue represents calm, green represents inner peace, purple represents togetherness and orange represents wealth and success.

I have more colors coded to different emotions as well.

When I write my daily 3-6-9 affirmations, I write them in a color of the day.

One day I write about what I want to manifest in red, thinking of the pride and satisfaction of desire it will bring me.

The next day I write in blue, thinking of the calmness my objective will bring.

And so forth.

Exploring this full spectrum of colors that have meanings for you let’s the objective unfold out into the universe and become much more real.

12) Repeat the words as you write them

Verbally repeating the words as you write them is another tactic I strongly recommend.

I did this for four months in an extended manifestation that led to reconciling with my ex.

I would use the colored pen method and the verbalization method in conjunction with the 3-6-9 strategy and working to align my energy with what I wanted.

It paid off in spades when I bumped into my ex at the grocery store and was completely prepared and aligned with what unfolded next as we touched base and agreed to meet up.

I partly credit that to my habit of verbally speaking the affirmations as I wrote them out every morning, afternoon and evening.

The voice is powerful and is the instrument of making thoughts and intentions conscious and audible in the world.

Using it as a portion of your manifesting process is definitely a good idea.

13) Be open to possibilities

This relates to the earlier point about unlinking a bit from outcome.

You need to be open to possibilities about how your manifesting will come to you.

How to write down what you want to manifest has a lot to do with remaining flexible.

You may not know how your object or goal will come about or even what form it might appear in.

Being specific about you want is crucially important, but watching with wide open eyes at all times of the day and night to see if it’s actually happening will prevent and impede the manifesting process.

This has a lot to do with faith.

You need to have faith that your manifesting is being heard and is truly happening, not only in some abstract form but in the physical real universe we inhabit.

This isn’t blind faith, because it rests on your knowledge that what is best and necessary for you will happen.

14) Watch for signs

The universe will send you signs and indications that your dream is arriving closer.

These include repeating angel numbers that keep showing up, people that help direct you towards your goal and even songs, TV shows and random billboards or images that keep showing up with encouragement or direction.

You are being told that you are on the right path.

Your manifestation is taking place and succeeding.

All you have to do now is keep moving into closer integration and alignment with your true self, and…

15) Trust the plan

So often we think about what can go wrong in life or in the manifesting process.

First off, what if nothing happens at all?

Or what if I break my leg tomorrow and then get a weird illness that totally interrupts my process of trying to manifest getting back together with my ex?

Yes, these are all possible.

But what about everything that could go right?

Think about how many things have gone right in your life that you never really expected but that brought you so many rewarding experiences, relationships, jobs and rewards.

Imagine how many more of these blessings could be headed your way. Because they are.

It’s just a matter of remaining committed and knowing your manifesting process is working.

Nina Zorfass has the goods on this one, writing “similar to your limiting beliefs, distrust of the manifestation process can create unwanted experiences or situations.

You create distrust in the process by focusing on what can go wrong instead of what can go right, creating stress, tension, frustration, and disappointment that realizing your dreams is taking way longer than you want it to.”

Manifesting done right

When you really think about it, we’re all manifesting something every day of our lives.

When I get up in the morning and feel hungry, I then imagine two slices of delicious toast with warm butter on them.

If I’m lucky and have been grocery shopping lately, this item now manifests only moments later.

Manifesting a more specific goal of something out of your control like a relationship or material success is the same thing but simply on a grander scale.

Yes, you are willing the universe to provide pathways and objectives to you.

But you are also aligning yourself subconsciously and consciously to direct your energy and attention to this goal.

If you stick with it for the long term and remember that the outcome may occur via many different paths, then success is headed your way.

Clifton Kopp

Welcome to my writings on Hack Spirit! I'm a bit of a "polymath" in that I like writing about many different things. Often I'm learning from the process of writing. I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment on one of my articles.

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