How to tell if someone is reading your mind

Do you ever have the feeling somebody is reading your mind?

I’ve often had it, but sometimes it was just paranoia.

Other times it turned out to be true: this person would say exactly what I’d been thinking or know my plans ahead of time.

Here’s how to know whether somebody’s really reading your mind or if it’s just in your head.

How to tell if someone is reading your mind

When somebody is reading your mind, they tend to do so effortlessly.

If you look at mentalists and psychics, they somehow have a grasp of what you’re thinking and what you care about almost instinctively.

Is it supernatural or just a finely-tuned intuition and ability to read others?

This could be partly a matter of opinion, but it’s certainly the case that certain signals tend to show up when somebody’s reading your mind.

They tune into you

Mind readers know how to tune into people like a radio station.

They pick up on your mood, your style, your untied shoelaces, your stray strands of hair or the lines on your face.

They may seem to have a second sense about what makes you tick and what’s on your mind.

In most cases they are simply very intuitive and able to tell what you’re most likely thinking and why.

They mentally shotgun and Barnum you

Shotgunning is a psychological technique that’s extremely effective.

It is actually quite simple, but if you don’t know to watch out for it you may miss it.

It’s where somebody makes general statements in a group and sees who responds emotionally.

If someone’s interested, upset, happy or so on, they begin to refine and specialize these statements until they basically have read your mind by default.

Barnum statements are a similar technique.

This is where somebody reads your mind by making a very general statement and then gets you to start opening up and spilling more details when you believe they’re reading you.

“I sense that you have deep pain in the past you’re dealing with,” is a typical Barnum statement.

Which of us could this not potentially apply to? Come on now…

The thing with spirituality and those who say they have insights into us is that it’s just like everything else in life:

It can be manipulated.

The spiritual side

On the spiritual side of this, the matter is open to debate.

For those who do credit the spiritual side of things with showing signs, there are many signs that somebody is trying to read your mind.

These include:

  • A sudden and inexplicable need to sneeze, itch or cough.
  • Burning red cheeks out of nowhere while a person comes into your mind (ostensibly the one trying to read your mind)
  • A dream in which you dream of someone you haven’t seen in some time and they are trying to communicate with you or find something out from you
  • An interaction in which someone seems to look right into your soul and know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling.

The spiritual side of mind-reading has a long and storied history.

In medieval and ancient times it was mainly believed to be a product of sorcery or dark magic.

More modern interpretations have it that mind reading may be a function of quantum mechanics and spiritual realities which a rare few are tuned into.

Just because we don’t yet understand something does not mean it isn’t real, as a quick glance at the history of technology can show us.

Is someone reading your mind using spiritual abilities? It’s certainly possible, and there are many who believe this can be the case in some instances.

Mental illness or mentalism?

A mentalist observes tiny details and uses intuition to get inside people’s heads.

The popular TV program the Mentalist features a protagonist who does exactly this, coming up with stunning solutions to crimes and mysteries because of his uncanny grasp on small details that others miss.

Rapidly sifting through clues, he uses deduction to know who is guilty and why to judge people’s motivations, and to rule out certain suspects.

To outsiders, it looks like he’s reading their minds in some literal way, or seeing into the past.

In reality, he’s just using a powerful intuition and combining it with extremely astute observational skills.

At the same time, it’s important to draw a line between the idea of mind reading and mental illness.

Unfortunately, the idea that someone is reading your mind or that you are “broadcasting” thoughts can be a classic indicator of mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

For this reason, it’s important not to get too carried away with the paranoid or over-analytical aspects of ideas like mind-reading.

As I said previously, there most likely is something to the idea of reading minds in some cases, and thinking someone could be reading your mind somehow doesn’t make you crazy.

But it’s also true that thinking there are various individuals possibly reading your mind or that your thoughts are putting out radio waves that can be intercepted is a classic manifestation of some very serious psychoses.

All of us see ourselves as the center of our own world. That’s natural and it’s a function of being concerned first and foremost with our own physical and mental survival in life.

Mental illness essentially shows itself when neurological or experiential conditions cause us to believe that everything which happens relates to us or is directed at us in a personal or highly specific way, which just isn’t the case.

This is explored, for example, in the famous film about schizophrenic genius John Nash called A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe.

Is someone reading your mind? It’s possible!

But just be cautious going so far down the rabbit hole that you start wearing a tinfoil hat and trying to send bat signals to the Pleiadians using a walkie-talkie.

Your soulmate is manifesting you

Another common reason that it may feel like someone is reading your mind is that your soulmate is trying to manifest you.

The idea here is that the person you are meant to be with is sitting, lying or standing at some place in this old world and is putting out a strong intention into the universe about finding their love.

That’s you.

You then pick up these “love waves” and feel like someone is reading inside your mind or drawing you to them.

You may find an irresistible urge to travel to Alaska or Argentina. Or you might find that a coffee shop down the street is calling your name.

This could be your soulmate drawing you to them.

If you want to flip the script and take the lead on this, you can also learn some powerful ways to manifest your own soulmate and draw them toward you.

Getting to the bottom of it

Is someone reading your mind?

There are many cases where someone may be thinking of you or have you in mind and you are somehow picking up on that energy.

It could be that they have specific spiritual skills, or it could be that they are simply putting out a lot of “intention” energy into the universe that you are then picking up on.

This can be especially true in the case of someone who is feeling a lot of anger and hate or love and affection towards you.

If you’re a sensitive person, you may pick up on that.

The power of the mind

Our minds are deeply powerful. We use them to form logical thoughts, process emotions and deliberate on challenges and opportunities which face us.

If someone can access or intuit what’s inside our minds, they have enormous influence over our lives.

We would all do well to remember the way economic, political and media elites get inside and “read” our minds in predictive programming and shaping cultural and social values that we follow as well.

These individuals and their technocratic mindsets may not be literally invading our minds, but they often control us through conditioning far more than we realize.

This is another important aspect of mind reading:

Intuition and understanding of the human being and our drives and desires can be used to motivate us to proactive behavior, but it can also be used to trap and disempower us.

It’s important to always remain empowered and awake about what we are consuming and what’s consuming us.

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