How to tell if a married woman wants to cheat with you

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You have a feeling that this wedded lady wants to be with you. But you’re not sure, and you don’t want to assume either.

Lucky for you, I’ve gathered 15 ways that tell if a married woman wants to cheat with you.

Let’s begin.

1) She keeps on complimenting you

She always compliments your hair, clothes, shoes, etc., even when your mom or sister has just told you earlier that they don’t look good.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she has a peculiar taste. I bet she’s doing this to get to you.

See, most men take compliments as acts of flirtation – and it’s possible you feel the same way too.

Based on the experience of one Quora poster (and I bet many others), men often “start hitting back on the girls after getting a few compliments.”

It’s possible that she doesn’t want to openly flirt with you since she’s married and all. As such, she’ll do something that’s not that obvious: give you compliments.

2) She always laughs at your jokes

You know your jokes are corny. In fact, many of your workmates have told you that your jokes suck and you should stop telling them.

Yet, for some unknown reason, your married female co-worker keeps on giggling at them. In fact, she even goes on to say that “you’re such a funny guy.”

And, the way I see it, you’re not. She’s doing this because she’s super interested in you.

I too am guilty of laughing at a guy’s jokes when it’s flat-out bad. And, to my surprise, research has shown that it’s a psychological thing.

According to a University of Kansas report,  “it did suggest the more times a man tried to be funny and the more times a woman laughed at his jokes, the more likely she was romantically interested.”

The flipside here is you don’t even have to try. She’ll laugh (to show her desire), no matter how bland your jokes continue to be.

3) She sounds squeaky

Notice how every time this married woman talks to you, she uses her high-pitched voice?

Now I know this may sound squeaky to you, but she’s actually using this to her advantage.

After all, psychologists have proven that “men prefer women with higher-pitched voices.” That’s because “women with higher-pitched voices are perceived to be younger—as well as thinner.”

So that’s why my husband keeps on telling me I sound shrill every time I talk to him…

4) She keeps on prodding about your love life

A married woman who’s interested in you will not ask you directly if you’re taken (though some might.) To hide their attraction, they may try to explore your love life in the most toned-down of ways.

For example, she might tell you, “I hope working on this weekend project will not take much of your time with your girlfriend.”

Now, if you answer no, then it’ll surely motivate her to keep on going.

Then again, you may tell her that your GF won’t mind, and she’ll still push through. If she’s willing to cheat on her husband, I doubt that you cheating on your GF would be an issue.

5) She wears sexy clothes

Everybody knows that there’s a dress code at the office. But for some reason, she manages to skate by them.

Her sexy clothes are enough to entice, but not bad enough to get her an HR warning.

While she may be donning these clothes because she likes them – or she feels comfortable in them – there’s another possible reason.

She wants to turn heads, especially yours.

See, it’s a known fact that some men love women in figure-hugging dresses.

As one Quora poster had remarked (and I’m sure many men share his sentiment): “I love to see a woman’s shape. A well-fitted dress highlights the hips and waist.”

And yes, many have also commented how much they “love girls and women in revealing clothes.”

So if I’m being honest, I bet she’s trying to exploit your ‘sexy dress kryptonite.’

6) She keeps on flirting with you (subtly, of course)

You think she’s just being nice? Think again.

If she’s also doing any (or several) of the things in this list, then it’s not just because she’s being a courteous co-worker.

She’s flirting with you, and I reckon you’re being totally oblivious about it.

On the other hand, maybe she’s being very subtle about it.

If you want to be sure, I suggest you jog your memory to see if she’s tried any of these low-key flirting techniques with you:

  • She smiles at you. A LOT.
  • She remembered all the smallest (nay, negligible) things you’ve told her.
  • She liked the picture you posted months/years ago (she’s social media stalking!)
  • She keeps on sending good morning texts and whatnot.

7) She keeps on subtly teasing you

Teasing is not always obvious. This is especially the case for married women, for they don’t want to get caught dead cheating.

So, to remain in the clear, she may try these subtle teases like licking her lips and using her tongue while drinking from a straw.

8) She likes whispering in your ear

Does she keep on whispering things to you? And, the way she tells it, you realize it’s no corporate secret. In fact, it’s something she can say out loud in front of the entire workplace.

Well, I must say she’s doing this to seduce you.

Whispering, after all, triggers an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – also known as ASMR.

In other words, her whispers can make you feel nice all over.

Unsurprisingly, ASMR is now “used for a pleasurable experience in the bedroom. (That’s because) the relaxation and stimulation can lead to more intimacy and pleasure during sex.”

I think this is sneaky on her part, but hey, whatever works, right?

9) She ‘touches’ you for a long time

Whenever you talk, do her fingers manage to reach your arms, shoulders, thighs, or legs? More importantly, do they stay there for longer than usual?

As you see, this is not an unconscious move on her part. She’s touching you because she wants you.

As Vanessa Van Edwards explains in her article for Science of People:

“When someone is attracted to you, they want to touch you. Touch releases the bonding hormone oxytocin. So, it is an instinctive way of trying to strengthen your connection.”

10) She always gives you gifts

Every time she goes somewhere, she manages to get you (but not the other guys in the office)

a souvenir.

And I doubt it’s because you’re her favorite employee. I believe it’s just one of her ways to butter you up.

In fact, there’s a scientific basis behind this. According to Psychology Today, gift-giving “expressed loving feelings to the recipient, and helped ensure relationship success.”

I’m pretty sure this is the message she wants to get across.

11) She’s always complaining about her husband

Notice how every time you talk to her, she has something to complain about her husband?

“He’s lazy.”

“He’s so messy!”

“He doesn’t have time for me.”

While she may simply be venting out, it’s also possible that she’s airing her dirty laundry to get to you.

She just wants you to play hero and rescue her from her unhappy marriage.

12) She wants to be ‘alone’ with you

This married woman doesn’t want to get caught making a move on you. So, for all intents and purposes, she’ll try to get you alone.

For example, she may try to get you – and just you – in her office – for a ‘private’ meeting.

Likewise, she may ask you to meet her in a lay-low place – and keen to remind you not to bring anybody else.

She’s being sneaky, if you know what I mean.

13) She jokes about being with you…

Does she always tell you that “I’m telling you, we should get together when my husband and I get divorced.”

While this may sound like a joke, it’s good to remember that jokes are often half-meant.

Furthermore, the famed neurologist Sigmund Freud once said that jokes “expose unconscious desires.”

She’s talking about being with you because it’s exactly what she wants to happen.

14)…or she keeps telling you dirty jokes

If you still can’t take the hint that she likes you, she’ll push it a bit further by exploring dirty joke territory.

While other women may feel comfortable telling dirty jokes to male comrades, “women who held a positive attitude toward casual sex tended to find dirty jokes funnier.”

Keyword: casual sex.

And in case you do laugh at her jokes, I’m sure she’ll take it as a sign that you’re willing to get down with her.

As psychologist Robert Burriss, Ph.D. explains in his Psychology Today article: “A shared appreciation of dirty humor might also be a way for two potential partners to signal that they are both interested in a fling.”

So be careful about laughing – especially if you really aren’t interested in cavorting with her.

15) She talks about sex, baby

Let’s say you’re careful enough NOT to laugh at her dirty jokes. She may even call you a prude because of this.

This, however, doesn’t mean that she’d stop. If she’s thoroughly interested, she’ll push the envelope by initiating sex talk with you.

She probably won’t talk about doing the deed with you directly (though she might.) She’ll drop hints like, “This turns me on…” or “This is my favorite position…”


If a married woman likes to cheat with you, she may not tell you outright. Instead, she may showcase these signs to show that she’s super interested in you.

The question here is: would you make a move or not?

Of course, that decision depends solely on you.

Good luck!

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