How to tell if a guy likes you: 35 surprising signs he’s into you!

This is the complete guide to figuring out if a guy likes you or not.

So if you’re finding a guy impossible to read, you’ll love the 35 signs presented in this article.

Now before we dig deep into all the 35 signs, here are the top 12 signs that a guy likes you that occur most frequently.

  1. He can’t stop asking questions about you
  2. Darting his eyes away when you look at him
  3. Prolonged eye contact with you
  4. Telling a story/joke and immediately looking at you for your reaction
  5. He remembers everything you tell him
  6. Shooting constant short glances your way
  7. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys
  8. He “randomly” shows up wherever you are
  9. He’s nervous around you
  10. Lightly touching you on the arm or shoulder
  11. Laughing when you talk
  12. He leans in when talking to you

Alright, let’s dig deep into all the signs we’ve found from our research showing a guy likes you.

1. Body Language: How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

how to tell if a guy likes you - body language

One of the easiest ways to determine if a guy likes you is to pay attention to the way his body moves.

If he is sending you some classic signals, he could be interested. Is he looking at you a lot? Is there something on your face?

Check, and if you are clear, it might be that he thinks you are cute. Is he licking his lips and swaying his hips? You know what that means: men always have sex on the brain.

Does he smile at you and gesture at you? Could be the real thing.

If you are standing near a guy and he is interested, he’ll lean into you, want to be near you, and make eye contact on the regular to try to let you know he is interested.

He could also just come right out and say it, but that is highly unlikely. So stick with deciphering body language and some of these other tricks to tell if a guy likes you for sure.

2. Is he making an effort in the conversation?

If a guy likes you, he’ll make an effort to talk to you. What might start as an awkward conversation will soon become a great chance to get to know one another.

Sometimes guys don’t know what to say, but in the end, they’ll show you they are interested with their listening skills and the tone of voice.

If his voice is high-pitched and seems to trail off when the two of you are talking, it’s not likely he is interested in you.

But if his voice is deep and present, he is into the conversation and asking questions about what you are saying; he is probably crushing on you too.

If he’s not a great conversationalist, this one might be a bit trickier, but you can get lots from him just by paying attention to how he responds to what you are saying, especially if he’s not much of a talker himself.

3. He’s infatuated with you

Why do men choose a certain woman while overlooking others?

Well, according to the science journal, “Archives of Sexual Behavior”, men don’t choose women for “logical reasons”.

As dating and relationship coach Clayton Max says, “It’s not about checking all the boxes on a man’s list of what makes his ‘perfect girl’. A woman can’t “convince” a man to want to be with her”.

Instead, men choose women who they are infatuated with. These women stir up a sense of excitement and desire to chase them.

Want a few simple tips to be this woman?

Then watch Clayton Max’s quick video here where he shows you how to make a man infatuated with you (it’s easier than you probably think).

Infatuation is triggered by a primal drive deep within the male brain. And although it sounds crazy, there are a combination of words you can say to generate feelings of red-hot passion for you.

To learn exactly what these phrases are, watch Clayton’s excellent video now.

4. Notice his eye contact

One of the main reasons a guy will look at you is that he likes you.

He may be trying to get direct eye contact with you, or he may be shy and will quickly turn his head away when he catches eye contact with you.

So keep this in mind:

  • If he maintains eye contact with you, he’s definitely interested.
  • If his eyes wander to your mouth, he’s interested.
  • If he looks away quickly when you catch him looking, he’s probably interested and shy. This is especially important to remember. If his head turns ridiculously quickly, he is likely shy. Have patience and you’ll get more opportunities for eye contact!
  • On the other hand, if he breaks eye contact with you and continues gazing around the room, then he may not be interested in you.
  • If you don’t like the guy, break eye contact and continue scanning the room.
  • If he tells a joke or says something funny, his eyes will glance towards you to see if you’ve laughed.

5. He’s teasing you

We’ve all heard this one before. A guy who likes you teases you. Sound familiar?

No matter what age they are, guys have a habit of teasing a female they’re interested in.

Remember in Kindergarten when a boy would pull a girl’s hair? Yep, he liked her.

Guys do this because they want attention and they want to be funny. Teasing is basically a way of telling you they like you.

Remember, some guys will do this a little awkwardly, and they might not be very good at it. They might even insult you.

They may even tease you because they want to flirt with you, but they are afraid of rejection.

But there’s no need to get insulted. After all, they’re just trying to let you know that they like you!

6. He looks for your reaction when he makes a comment or joke

This is a big indicator that’s easy to notice. Watch for this when you’re in a group of people.

If he makes a comment to the group, or he attempts to tell a joke, and then he immediately looks at you to see your reaction, that’s a great sign that he likes you.

It shows that he’s seeking your approval or trying to impress you.

This is especially the case if he tells a joke. After all, if he likes you, he’ll want to make sure that you’re laughing and that you find him funny!

7. Is he complimenting you?

Compliments are a great way to gauge a guy’s interest. Of course, many guys can give compliments when they don’t really mean it if they want to get you in the sack.

But if they truly like you, they’ll probably start complimenting you on subtle things that you may not be aware of.

It could be unique tidbits about your personality, or they could notice subtle changes in your hairstyle.

In fact, sometimes it may not even be a compliment, but the fact that they’ve noticed that you’ve changed your hairstyle or used different make-up.

If they notice, it means they’re paying attention to you, and they probably like you.

Also, not many guys are great at giving compliments, so keep your ears out and notice when he says something that could even be remotely viewed as a compliment. If you’ve noticed that he doesn’t really compliment others, then he probably likes you.

8. Yes, if he shows up where you are

If you mentioned you like skiing on weekends and suddenly he is showing up on the slopes, there’s a good chance he’s into you.

If you happen to stop by the party you were both invited to and headed straight to your location – unless you are standing by the beer – he is probably into you.

If he’s following you around the party, trying to strike up a conversation, congratulations, he likes you.

9. Is he mirroring your actions?

Imitating one’s actions is generally a sign that he respects and admires you. It’s also something that happens subconsciously.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Is his energy level mirroring yours? This can include things like speaking at a similar pace to you or leaning back on the chair when you’re leaning back.
  • Is he starting to use similar language to you? This can include the same shortened words or slang.
  • Is he copying some of your mannerisms like touching your hair or using your hands when speaking?

If you can say yes to one of these, then he likes you.

10. His eyebrow may lift as he watches you

When a man raises both of his eyebrows (or one eyebrow), it means that he is fascinated or interested in what he is looking at.

If his stare is directed at you, then it means that he likes what he is seeing. He’s positively surprised and interested.

Obviously, if he keeps his attention on your face, and not on your breasts/ass, then he genuinely has feelings for you.

Also, lifting his eyebrows shows that he’s an expressive guy. He’s got feelings for you and his face isn’t afraid to show it.

11. He starts grooming himself

If you notice that he readjusts his clothes, or he runs his hands through his hair in an attempt to tidy himself up and make himself better, he probably likes you.

Male birds preen up their feathers before trying to attract a love interest.

Of course, make sure that he’s actually doing it for you, and not for someone else.

If you’re the only girl in the vicinity or he was just looking at you, and then he tidies himself up, that’s obviously a great sign.

12. What is he doing with his face?

There are a million and one ways to tell if a guy likes you just by looking at his face.

For example, he might lick his lips when he talks to you. This is a classic sign that he is attracted to you and wants to do more than just look at you.

If his eyes are bright and wide and his pupils are dilated, you can bet that he is thinking about you and what the rest of the date might bring for the two of you.

His eyes tell you what his body is thinking. He is smiling at you, not in a creepy-stop-smiling-now kind of way, but in a sweet and attentive way.

He might be flashing his pearly whites at you so that you know he’s neat and clean, which men think is important to women, which it is, but it’s really a biological “look at what I have” thing.

His eyebrows will move up and down, and his facial gestures will be attentive.

Finally, all eyes are on you. If he’s into you and wants to see more of you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

And his eyes are going to be locked on yours.

Of course, if his eyes are darting all over the place and he’s distracted by whatever is around you, there’s a good chance he’s not interested.

13. Is he leaning in?

Guys do some pretty strange things with their bodies when they are attracted to a woman.

They don’t even realize it half the time, so it’s the job of the woman to interpret these signals as a sign to move in for a better look.

First, he’ll lean into the conversation if he likes you. The space between you and him will get smaller and smaller as the conversation goes on.

He’ll lead with his pelvis, meaning he’ll lean from side to side, stick one a hip, put his hand on his hip to take up more space and make himself look powerful.

This is an age-old power pose that men use to show they are strong and capable, and of course, the pelvic thrust is just a roundabout way of getting you to look in the direction of his junk.

On the other hand, if he is moving his lower region away from you, or if he has crossed his legs and creates a sort of barrier between you and him with his legs, he’s likely not interested in you.

14. He removes things in his way

You may not notice it, but when we don’t want to be around someone, or we feel uncomfortable around someone, we subconsciously put up physical barriers.

For example, a common body language cue is crossing your arms when you’re around someone you feel uncomfortable with.

It’s like you’re protecting yourself with your arms.

It’s your subconscious way of telling them to back off.

However, on the contrary, when you like someone you do the opposite. You open your body-wide and you welcome them into your space.

So while it may seem like a small sign, if he is uncrossing his arms around you and his body language appears very welcoming, then he might just like you, or at the very least, you’ve disarmed him and he feels comfortable around you.

So when evaluating his body language, here’s what you can look for: Crossed arms may indicate that a person feels closed off or defensive.

  • Open body language may indicate the opposite.
  • Hand behind their back may indicate they are feeling bored or angry.
  • Fidgeting can also indicate they are bored or nervous.
  • Open posture involves keeping the trunk of the body open and exposed. This can show openness and friendliness.

15. He laughs at everything you say

There’s no denying it.

He likes you when he thinks you’re the funniest person on the planet…especially when you’re clearly not.

So if you’re wondering if he likes you, there’s an easy way to find out:

Tell a lame joke and see how he reacts. If he laughs, he likes you (or ultra polite). And if he doesn’t laugh, or at least make you feel good about your attempted joke, then he might not like you.

Just keep in mind that our sense of trying to make people feel important and acknowledged when we like them is so high that we will go out of our way to make ourselves look silly (aka laughing when we shouldn’t be) so that the other person is raised up.

Love is a tricky thing, isn’t it?

16. He’s finding excuses to touch you all the time

There’s no getting around it: Guys love to touch ladies, particularly ones they’re crushing on.

However, a lot of weird and sexist guys love to touch ladies as well, so you need to know the difference.

What you’re really looking for here is a guy that gives you little innocent touches like on your shoulder or hand.

What are some examples?

He might gently touch your arm when he is talking to you. Or he might squeeze your arm and ask you if you’ve been working out.

He might even tell you that he loves your hair and subsequently stroke it.

The key for a guy is that touching you not only makes them feel good but like they’re building rapport with you, too.

Watch out for:

Guys that touch you in a sleazy manner. These guys aren’t crushing on you. They just like to touch females and you should stay away from them.

Keep in mind that some guys will be too nervous to touch you as well. So don’t use touch as a be-all and end-all that they like you.

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17. He’s trying to work out if you have a boyfriend

Now it’s fairly obvious that if he asks you, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?” then he’s clearly interested.

But not many guys are going to be that direct. Instead, they’ll ask indirect questions to figure it out.

Perhaps they’ll mention that they’re single in the hope that it forces you to say “me too.”

Or they’ll ask things like, “Oh, so you went alone to the party?”

If you’re looking out for it, it will be pretty easy to notice.

You could mention that you are indeed single and watch for their reaction. If it produces a smile from the guy, then he’s definitely into you.

18. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

Jealousy is a strong emotion, and it’s tough to control.

If you’re talking to other guys, he might start looking over wondering what’s going on. A guy that isn’t interested in you wouldn’t bother looking when you’re talking to other guys.

The next time you speak to him, he may appear angry or disgruntled. This is a clear sign that he’s jealous and he likes you more than a friend.

And don’t worry, as soon as you signal your interest with a nice, beautiful smile, I’m sure he’ll come around again.

For some guys, making them jealous may actually motivate them to take action. They might think they’re losing their shot with you, and they’ll make a last ditch effort to win your love.

Use this with caution, however. You don’t want to upset the guy and force him to look elsewhere!

19. He remembers little things

Guys aren’t the best when it comes to remembering the little things. So if he remembers that you had your brother’s birthday party the night before and he’s asking you how it went, then he probably likes you.

He’s thinking about you. He wants to stay connected and develop rapport.

Most people, let alone guys, wouldn’t do this, so see it as a sign that he has genuine feelings for you.

20. He is drunk dialing you

Well, you can’t get much more obvious than this, can you?

Have you heard the saying: “A drunk’s person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts?”

Alcohol has a way of making you honest with your emotions. So if they’re calling you or texting you when they’re drunk, it’s a great sign that they like you.

If it becomes common, then you might want to ask him out.

However, watch out for the men that drunk call you only at 2 am on a Saturday night. They might just be looking for a booty call.

The fact of the matter is, they’ve been out since at least 9 pm and they’ve only contacted you at 2 am. Stay away from those guys!

21. His friends leave you two alone

This is a huge one to be on the lookout for.

If his friends leave you two alone when you come around, it’s a fair chance he likes you. Why? Because he has obviously told his friends that he has feelings for you and he is looking for some alone time.

Also, if his friends already know a lot about you and you haven’t even met them yet, then he’s clearly been speaking about you to them. That’s a great (and obvious sign) that he likes you.

22. He is starting to reveal his quirky side

We all know that when we start to feel more comfortable around someone, we reveal more of our true selves to them.

Think about how you act around your best friend. There isn’t much that you hide about yourself.

So if he is starting to reveal his quirky side or geeky side, you can be confident that he feels accepted and comforted by you.

Now don’t get me wrong. This by itself doesn’t mean he likes you.

A friend feels comfortable around you.

But if you’re not friends yet, then this is a very good sign that he is picking up what you’re putting down.

23. He’s using “alpha” body language

If he stands taller, pulls his stomach in and his shoulders back, then that’s a great sign he’s into you.

He may also try to use up as much room as possible with his arms and legs.

After all, he wants to show that he’s the leader of the pack that can take care of you.

You can watch out for these signs by:

  • Seeing if he changes his walking style when he walks past you. Are his shoulders and chest pushed back more than usual?
  • How is he sitting when he’s around you? Is laying out his arms, trying to look relaxed and comfortable? Is he trying to use a lot of space?

Keep in mind that some guys will be nervous when they’re around you because they like you. For those guys, using alpha body language will be difficult.

24. Let his voice do the talking

personality questions to ask

When you have a chance to engage in a conversation with potential Mr. Right, pay attention to how he talks to you.

Does he ask questions to show he is interested in learning more about you, or is he just talking about himself… non-stop?

Does he seemed interested in what you are saying and does he engage in the conversation or is he just checking his phone in between drinks of his beer? If it’s all eyes on you, then he’s interested.

Keep in mind that if he is continually talking himself up, he’s probably trying to impress you.

And if he sounds nervous, then he probably likes you. Some people will try to hide their nervousness by appearing aloof and disinterested.

If you think this might be the case with your guy, try this:

Get a little closer to him to see how he reacts. If he doesn’t budge and even tries to get closer, he definitely likes you.

If he isn’t interested, he’ll likely step back and try to keep his personal space.

25. How he responds to touch

how to tell if a guy likes you - responsive to touch

If you reach out to grab his hand or playfully touch his shoulder, does he recoil or pull away?

If he does, it might be that he is nervous, but it could also be that he isn’t interested in you.

Don’t fret. You can rely on other body language and the way he treats you to determine if he likes you.

Some guys who are interested will try to touch you for any reason, such as hugging you when they meet you.

He might also try what the Pick Up Artist community call “kino.” This means touching you to build rapport.

This can involve things like touching your hand when you tell a funny joke or putting their arm around you like you’re their little sister.

Shy guys can be difficult to read in this situation, and when you touch them, they may appear startled and unsure of how to respond.

That’s okay. Watch how they react after that incident to truly gauge their interest. Don’t rely on how he responds to touch alone.

As mentioned before, watch out for the players as well. They’re usually very experienced at building rapport through touching, so observe how they treat other women to truly gauge their interest.

26. Does he playfully punch your arm?

This may be a surprising one, but it’s actually a common signal that a guy likes you.

It’s a guy’s “manly way” of building rapport with you without being too forward.

If you laugh with him when he punches you, it’ll give him a signal that you’re interested as well.

If you don’t like him punching you, but you like him, then playfully laugh and say “ow that hurt!” He likely won’t do it again, but your smile and playfulness will indicate that you like him.

If you enjoy the banter, playfully punch him back. That could really assist in building sexual tension!

27. He’s ignoring you

Surely ignoring you can’t be a sign he likes you, right?


When it comes to playing hard to get, some guys believe that ignoring you is the most effective technique.

Men think that playing hard to get will increase your “wanting” feelings of them. And to a degree, they’re right. It might make them appear more desirable.

Also, it might force you to act and show your interest (that’s what they’re really looking for).

However, it is possible that a guy is ignoring you because he doesn’t like you.

Here’s how you can tell the difference:

Talk to him and see how he reacts. If he gives you a big smile and is happy that you’re engaging in a conversation with him, that’s a good sign. It’s unlikely he’ll continue the ignoring tactic if you’re talking to him.

Again, keep in mind that some guys are nervous and they might be ignoring you to avoid contact because they don’t want to look bad.

Talk to them, and you’ll find out if they’re not interested in you or they’re nervous around you because they like you.

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28. He wants to help you with your problems

Guys are problem solvers. And when it comes to a person they like, they want to find a solution to every problem they hear about.

Furthermore, they want to impress you with their solutions.

So if you mention a problem you have, and he likes you, he’ll likely scan his brain searching for solutions.

A guy that likes you will go the extra mile. They’ll want to be your hero that saves the day.

29. He’s letting you know about his future plans

If he’s talking about his plans for the future (especially, his personal plans), then it’s a fair chance that he genuinely likes you.


Because he might potentially see a future with you and he’s trying to work out if you fit into his plans.

Also, he might be trying to impress you. He’s trying to show you that he’s a guy with ambition and a future.

He’s not some guy that’s just thinking about the short-term. He knows he has a long future ahead of him and he wants to take you on the journey with him. Who knows, maybe he even wants more than just a relationship and he is thinking about the kind of family you will create together.

30. Keep in mind: Different personalities will show they like you in different ways

It’s important to keep in mind that different people will express their interest in different ways.

For example:

– If he’s an alpha male, he’ll be pretty forward in showing that he likes you and there won’t be much hesitation.

He might not come out and directly say it, but he won’t be far off that.

The more obvious signs like alpha body language, his body position and explicitly letting you know that he’s single will be fairly obvious in an alpha male if he likes you. So watch out for signs that are obvious to pick up.

– If he is a beta male, then he might be more subtle about it. He definitely won’t come out and directly say it. He’ll be shy and you’ll likely have to do some investigative work to truly figure it out.

And the anxious/avoidant types will generally appear more aloof because they don’t want to awaken their anxiety by trying to impress you.

So for these types of guys, you’ll need to watch out for the subconscious physical signs that we’ve discussed above.

How to tell for sure if a guy likes you

Want to know the best way to tell if a guy likes you? Ask him. Or let him know you like him. This isn’t high school, and there’s no need for games.

Cut to the chase and let him know you think he’s cool and he’ll either say the same or tell you he’s not interested.

If that’s not your style, and granted, it’s not a lot of people’s style, keep paying attention to how he acts around you, how he treats you, how he speaks to you, and if he makes an effort to spend more time around you.

All of these things combined can be strong indicators that he is totally interested.

And if you aren’t into him, be sure to let him know and let him down gently. There’s no need to ruin his confidence in his pursuit of you. “Just not that into you” goes both ways.

So be kind and frank about it if you must break his heart.

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So you think he likes you? Here’s how to flirt the right way

Sounds obvious, right? Some people are natural flirts who always seem to find it easy to make that instant connection with anyone, anywhere.

But most of us don’t always find it easy to flirt.

Have you ever been on a date, assuming that if the chemistry’s there for you, the flirting will come easily? And then you try and flirt and it just doesn’t work out?

You’re not alone, and the good news is that flirting is a skill that you can practice and get good at, just like anything else.

Nerves can make flirting difficult. And those nerves are more likely to kick in when you really like someone.

And that is when it can be hard to tell whether a guy is just being nice or he is flirting.

The killer here is that lack of flirting can come across as bad vibes. Your guy might be expecting a little playful flirting and when it doesn’t happen, he just assumes you’re not interested.

Don’t fall into the trap of expecting the man to do most of the flirting. Most guys love it when a girl gives as good as he does.

Think of flirting is a process of communication. It’s an opportunity for you to show him a little of who you are and open up your personality up to him in a way you don’t to other people.

By flirting, you’re giving him your full attention (and that’s hot).

Here are some tips for flirting:

1) Draw attention to your lips. Yep, this does actually work. Keep chapstick or lipgloss in your bag and get pouty.

2) If you’re in a group of people, say hi while looking at everyone but him. He’ll feel left out. Then include him in the conversation slightly later and it’ll make his day.

3) Do the bump-and-flatter. “Accidentally” run into him in a crowd or at a party and laugh and say: “Oh, sorry – I become a total klutz around cute people”. They’ll be immediately flattered and will want to get to know you.

4) Get eye contact with your crush. Instead of looking away like most people usually, look at him directly, smile and wink. It will show you’re incredibly confident and if he has any balls, he’ll then come talk to you.

5) Check out their clothes. Make a comment about them. This doesn’t usually happen to guys so you’ll appear interested and a conversation should ensue.

6) Playfully hit him. This should help him understand that you like him, and it’s fun!

7) Compare your hand sizes. “Wow, your hands are so much bigger than mine”.

8) Cold and hug. If it’s cold, ask for a cuddle to keep warm.

9) Use back-handed compliments.

For example, you could say, “Your nose is so cute. It wiggles when you laugh.” Or “You’re smile is cute. It’s a little crooked, I love it!”.

These aren’t insults, but they’re simply things that other females who are interested in him won’t say.

It’s like you’re negating your own interest, and making him wonder whether you like him or not. It’s a great, fun way to play “hard to get”.

Don’t use these too often, just occasionally. Remember, giving flat out compliments can make you appear a bit easy, and usually guys love a chase. But these “compliments” are different and will spark the “chase” in him.

Top tip:

If you’re finding flirting hard, try treating it like a joke or a game. Stop worrying about the outcome or whether you’ll get anything back.

It can be easier to make your flirting really obvious, rather than worrying about whether you’re being subtle.

So, if he offers you a drink, say something like “are you trying to take advantage of me?” in a laughing, jokey way.

He’ll get the message you’re interested and you’ll have given him the opportunity to say something flirty back. If he doesn’t, you can move on without being embarrassed, because it’s all just been a joke, right?

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How to MAKE him like you…

Let’s face it.

If a guy doesn’t like you (in the good way), then there’s always a reason.

Maybe you treat him great. You think you’re doing everything right. And on the surface, you’d make a pretty great girlfriend…

But if he doesn’t feel the same way or is acting lukewarm towards you, then you must get inside his head and understand why.

In my experience, the missing link in any relationship is never sex, communication or a lack of romantic dates. All these things are important, but they are rarely deal breakers when it comes to the success of a relationship.

The missing link is this:

You actually have to understand what your guy is thinking at a deep level.

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Lachlan Brown

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