How to tell if a girl enjoys your company: 29 subtle signs

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Guys – working out whether a girl likes you and wants to be around you can feel like trying to solve a complex algebra equation. It’s rarely straightforward and that can make deciphering your next move hard to do.

Some women will be more upfront and forward in their approach, whilst others will let you know discreetly.

It’s the latter that’s usually the hardest to work out, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today — does she enjoy your company and like you as more than a friend?

29 signs that she enjoys your company

1) She wants to know more about you

Most women ask questions because they’re curious about you. Oh, and they want to see how good a boyfriend you’d make.

The truth is, many of them just want assurance that you’re not like their crazy ex and that you’ve potentially got stuff in common that could be the basis of a new relationship.

But that’s not all:

Sometimes, finding out details about you and your past can also highlight any red flags — to you, it might seem like endless questions, but to her, it’s almost a pre-relationship interview (and in some cases, what feels like an interrogation).

2) She tells her friends about you

This is quite an obvious sign that a girl likes you and enjoys your company but she might not outright tell you how much she gushes to her friends about you.

Instead, she’ll drop hints, like letting you know that you came up in conversation the other day, or by telling you her friends want to meet you.

Put it this way:

If she tells her friends about you — you’re in with a chance. All that’s left is to win them over!

3) She reacts to your body language

The fact that she reacts to your body language is another certain sign that she enjoys being with you.

That’s because women are highly tuned into the signals a man’s body is giving off…

They get an “overall impression” of a guy’s attractiveness and think of him as either “hot” or “not” based on these body language signals.

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4) She finds ways to touch you

Not only does touch, like hugs or holding hands, release oxytocin (the love drug) but by getting touchy-feely with you it’s a sign she feels comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Look out for:

  • Sitting close and leaning against you
  • Resting her hand on your arm when she speaks
  • Putting a hand on your shoulder as she passes by you
  • Hugs that linger for just a second too long

As I mentioned earlier, some women will be way more direct and will make it obvious through touch that they’re interested, whilst others will find subtle ways to make a physical connection.

5) She looks deep into your eyes

Eye contact. Whether you’re good at it or find it awkward as hell, it’s a pretty effective way of conveying hidden emotions because locking eyes releases oxytocin too, just as touch does.

So before she’s ready to verbally tell you enjoys your company, she’ll send signals using one of her most powerful and mysterious tools.

You might catch her staring at you from across the room, or maybe she gazes into your eyes whenever you speak. A telling sign is when she smiles whilst looking into your eyes.

6) She always sits facing toward you

Sitting facing you or with her body directed towards you shows that she feels comfortable around you.

She’s opening herself up and giving you her full attention, rather than facing away from you and shutting you out. This isn’t always an easy sign to pick up on, so just watch out for how she positions herself around you.

7) She looks at your lips when you talk

She’ll look at your lips, she might even lick her own, but the point is, lips are attractive.

From smiles, kissing, uttering sweet nothings, the lips are another gateway to the soul and to starting romantic relationships.

And if she finds you attractive, she won’t be able to keep her eyes off your lips, especially when you’re talking.

Another subtle sign that she enjoys being around you and that there’s an attraction and connection between you.

This relates back to what I mentioned earlier – women find certain body signals completely irresistible, and most men don’t know how to use this to their advantage.

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8) She always looks her best when you’re around

A gal will always do her best to look amazing around you if she likes you and wants to take things to the next level.

Looking good has two benefits:

  1. It’ll hopefully attract your attention and make you find her attractive
  2. It’ll make her feel more confident around you knowing that she looks her best

Even if she isn’t the type of girl to get dressed up with tons of makeup, you’ll notice that she still always looks neatly presented whenever you’re around.

9) She teases you

Teasing you might be lightly making fun of you and having banter. It’s all about letting loose and testing your limits.

Whilst it should never get too personal or hurtful, lightly teasing shows she’s interested in you.

One study showed that prosocial teasing can be used to show closeness and affection and that in some cases, people tease each other to gauge whether the other person has a similar style of humor.

After all, we’re more likely to bond with someone who has a vibe to us, than somebody opposite and with little in common.

10) She gets nervous around you

Nerves around a crush are normal, but she might be an expert at hiding it and putting on a confident front. However, there are always signs that’ll reveal how she feels, like:

  • She fidgets in her seat a lot
  • She plays with her hair or hands
  • She constantly touches her face
  • She blushes or looks away when you look at her
  • She appears flushed when she speaks

This happens because when we see someone we’re attracted to, our dopamine levels increase, causing us to focus harder.

At the same time, our norepinephrine levels also increase, which makes us approach with caution — hence the nerves.

11) She finds ways to get your attention

Another subtle sign is when she tries to get your attention, regardless of the social situation.

She might draw the conversation back around to herself, appear highly energetic or enthusiastic, or she might just simply touch you on the arm to get you to focus on her.

To show that she truly enjoys your company, she might also suggest plans that involve activities you like, so you’ll be more likely to invite her out.

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12) She always makes plans with you

Making plans is another surefire sign that she enjoys your company. If she didn’t, she’d avoid meeting up unnecessarily.

Now, even if she doesn’t outright ask you, she might drop hints about hanging out.

Look out for casual comments about her favorite restaurant, the band coming to town for a concert that she loves, or the outdoor cinema she’s been dying to check out…you get the gist.

13) She tests you

Testing you have a variety of benefits for a girl. Sure, she does it as a consequence of liking you and wanting to hang out more, but it’s also to see:

  • How you respond to certain subjects
  • Whether you can handle tough conversations or situations
  • How true your intentions are — are you just confident when things are going well, or do you genuinely like her regardless of the conversation?

She might make up theoretical situations (we all love a good “what if” question), or deliberately push you out of your comfort zone. In the end, it’s all a way of seeing how suitable you’d be as a partner.

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14) She mirrors your actions

Mirroring is when you unconsciously copy the movements of someone else. You take a sip of your drink, she’ll do the same. You cross your arms, she’ll cross hers.

It’s not that she wants to be like you, but she wants to make you feel comfortable around her and by copying your movements, she’s showing you that you guys are alike.

And that’s not all:

Mirroring also draws your attention to her and makes her seem more empathetic and easier to connect with. It’s a subtle technique but highly effective in letting you know she enjoys being around you.

15) She preens herself often

“Preening” is the act of making oneself more attractive.

Now, that doesn’t mean she’s going to strip naked or apply her makeup in front of you, but she will find subtle ways to preen, like:

  • Combing through her hair with her fingers
  • Applying lip balm or lipstick
  • Brushing fluff or lint off her clothes
  • Straightening up and sitting poised and confidently

Essentially, she wants to make sure she looks good around you. If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t care about how she looks or whether her lipstick has faded or not.

16) She gives you special treatment

If you work together, you’ll notice she pays you more attention than to other colleagues.

If you’re part of the same friendship group, she’ll always find ways to talk to you more than others, or even get you alone away from the group.

This special treatment comes naturally because she’s trying to build a connection with you, so, look out for when she gravitates towards you more than others.

17) She frees up time for you

If she truly enjoys your company, she’ll make time for you.

It doesn’t matter if she’s bogged down with work or she had planned a quiet evening alone, she’ll still drop it all to spend some time together.

If she goes out of her way to be around you, it’s clear she’s having a great time with you.

18) She flirts with you

Hopefully, if a gal has been flirting with you, you’ll already have an inkling that she enjoys your company.

But, with that in mind, flirting can be quite subjective and it comes in different forms. If she isn’t an “out there” type of flirter, she might show it by:

  • Smiling at you often
  • Lightly touching you
  • Remembering details about you
  • Saying your name often when talking
  • Eye contact

Of course, there are varying degrees of flirting, but if she’s subtle about it then these are the signs to look out for.

19) She compliments you

It might seem that compliments are reserved for women, but in truth, men love a good flattering remark too.

And if she finds ways to compliment you, it shows you’ve caught her eye.

Anything from your hairstyle to how passionate you are about work can be a cause for a compliment, so don’t brush it off as just being polite if it happens.

20) She gives you her full attention

Giving you her full attention is a big deal, especially in today’s world with technology being a huge distraction.

So, if she puts her phone on silent and keeps it firmly tucked away in her bag, she means business.

She’ll maintain eye contact to let you know she’s listening, and she’ll hang on to every word you say, regardless of who else is around.

This shows she’s interested in you, but also makes you feel valued and seen, to make you want to hang out with her more often.

21) She tries to help you

From giving you work advice to offering her help when you move house, finding small ways to be a part of your life shows that she enjoys being around you.

She recognizes that for you to like her back, she’s got to build up trust and reliability, and by offering you a hand whenever she can it shows she takes this seriously. Plus, it’s another excuse to be around you.

22) She lets you know she’s single

Whether she furiously drops hints at how terrible the dating world is, or she lets it be known that her Friday evenings are spent alone, letting you know she’s single is a clear sign she likes you.

And equally, she might inquire about your dating life or ask indirect questions to find out what your relationship status is.

All this is done in the hopes of you asking her out and potentially becoming more than just friends.

23) She gets active on social media

Ah, social media opens up so many more possibilities when it comes to having a crush.

No longer does she have to wait to see you or speak on the phone, now she can check up on you whenever she wants.

She might like your pictures, upload and tag you in photos together, or check in to places with you whenever you hang out.

This is to let the world know that you share a connection and that hopefully one day that connection will develop into more.

24) She smiles and laughs freely

Even if your jokes aren’t funny.

She’ll laugh to make you feel good and to create a positive, comfortable atmosphere between the two of you.

Smiling is also a brilliant way to foster trust and a direct way to let you know that she’s happy in your company.

25) She opens up about her life

Just as she might try to get you to open up about your life, she’ll also share her vulnerabilities with you.

From family history to her fears and regrets, if she takes the conversation deep it’s a sign that she wants you to know the real her.

This is a big step to take, so know that she trusts and feels comfortable around you if she opens up.

26) She agrees with a lot of what you say

The truth is:

We like people who are similar to us. It’s just our instincts to gravitate towards like-minded people.

So, when you’re on a rant or trying to put the world right, you might notice she agrees with you and shows her support.

This strengthens the connection you have, and will probably make you more inclined to speak to her more often.

27) She might go from hot to cold within minutes

This is probably the sign you’ve been dreading, but a girl whose behavior is up and down could signify that she likes you and secretly loves your company.

On one hand, she’ll be bubbly, fun, and full of laughter and jokes. On the other, she might become moody, distant, or quiet.

When this happens, it’s not that she wants to annoy you or confuse you, but rather that she’s confused herself.

She might like you and start to worry that she’s coming across too strong, hence why she backs off from time to time.

28) When she walks into a room, she instantly looks for you

We all know that feeling, getting to the party and scanning the room for the one person we hope to see.

So, if you notice that she does the same, and her eyes always land on you, take it as a sure sign she likes you and wants to be around you.

Even more, if she makes a beeline towards you, and spends the entire night by your side, it couldn’t be more obvious that she’s into you.

29) She crosses her legs in a particular way

As crazy as it might sound, just the way a woman crosses and uncrosses her legs in front of you is a big indication of whether she likes you or not (and how comfortable she feels in your company).

If she crosses her legs towards you, it’s a sign that she’s attracted to you, and she’s (unconsciously) drawing your attention to her legs and posture. It also gives her a chance to get slightly closer to you and invite you into her space.

But, if she crosses her legs away from you, it shows that she’s closing herself off and she’s not interested.

In conclusion – Does she enjoy being with you?

Hopefully, these signs will help you determine whether a girl enjoys your company, or if you’ve mistaken the ever-confusing signs once again.

Remember — the clues are usually in the details, so buck up, pay attention and you’ll quickly figure out how she feels.

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