7 steps to seduce a woman if you are a married man

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The art of seduction is never straightforward, and it can be even trickier when you’re a married man.

You want to tread more carefully, while still making your interest clear.

This article will offer you 7 steps to seduce a woman if you’re a married man.

7 steps to seduce a woman if you are a married man

1) Compliment her

Some of the same rules apply, whether you’re married or single. And compliments with a woman always go far.

Here’s a clever little hack that not many people know about which is going to help you in the art of seduction…

The reason men and women want sex is slightly different.

Research has found that men want sex simply for the act of pleasure from the sex itself. On the other hand, women gave more complicated reasons.

Women want intimacy, a feeling of closeness and to feel sexually desirable. So by complimenting her, you fulfill this need to feel wanted.

Some women may feel flattered that a married man wants them, even when he is spoken for. So you can use that to your advantage.

Flatter her and pay her compliments to show that you think she is special and desirable.

2) Do her favors

In other words, doing her favors all boils down to paying her extra attention. Just like the previous point, you are trying to make her feel special.

It’s a good way to build trust and establish a connection, without being too obvious.

It can be helping her out with something or offering her your time and energy on a project.

For example, there may be something that needs fixing around the house. Or you might volunteer to help decorate her house or help her clean out her garage.

Find ways to offer your services to her and show that you are a man to be relied upon who will put himself out for her.

3) Listen to her

 Remember what we said about why women want sex compared to men?

Women are generally looking for more of an emotional connection from their sexual encounters.

This is also backed up by research that found that married women are more likely to cheat because they feel unappreciated, unloved, and misunderstood.

Essentially women are more likely to stray because of emotional reasons, whilst men are more likely to stray for physical reasons.

That’s why listening to a woman is really important. It shows her the emotional support she is looking for from a potential partner.

Ask her questions that show an interest in her and pay attention to what she tells you. We might think of listening as a simple thing, but it’s really powerful.

4) Get flirty

 Whenever you want to seduce anyone, you should brush up on your flirting skills.

We’re talking about things like holding eye contact for longer, smiling plenty whenever she is around, subtly checking her out, and paying attention to body language.

Flirting is always the best way to gauge someone’s interest in you and see whether there is mutual attraction.

Start off by flirting a little and see if she reciprocates. If she flirts back you can increase the flirting to heat things up.

5) Buy her gifts

Whilst everyone’s love language is different, most of us can appreciate the gesture of a gift.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either. I’m yet to meet a woman who doesn’t enjoy flowers, chocolates, or other little love tokens.

But it can be more subtle than that too. It can be as simple as picking her up a coffee or getting her a slice of her favorite cake.

It really is the thought that counts.

6) Use technology to seduce her

 Adding someone on social media is always a good way to learn more about them and try to build a rapport.

You can react to her stories or slide into her DM’s. You can also get her number and text her friendly messages.

It becomes a private space to try to create a more intimate connection, without being watched.

That way you can send flirty messages and pay her attention, even when you’re not physically around her.

7) Be clear about what you want

At some stage, if things are going well, you’re going to have to make your move. That might mean asking her out for a drink or dinner, just the two of you.

But it also means you’ll need to have a conversation about exactly what you’re looking for.

If it’s just a bit of no-strings-attached fun, then she needs to know that. If feelings run deeper and you want the romance to progress, similarly, it’s something she needs to know from the start.

You might feel reluctant to lay your cards on the table, for fear of putting her off. But you run the real risk of it all backfiring on you if you don’t.

A woman scorned can create havoc in your life. So it’s best to find out what she is looking for and check whether it matches what you are looking for. That way everybody knows where they stand from the start.

Final thoughts…

The truth is that even when you love your partner, it’s common for those sparks of passion to fade from any marriage.

Sadly love isn’t like it is in the movies. Even though most people think affairs are wrong, the reality is that plenty of people have them.

But here’s the thing:

The thought of another woman is bound to be exciting. The newness of forbidden desire is yet to be burdened with reality.

But it’s always smart to think about the consequences before doing something you may regret. It’s estimated that anywhere between 20-40% of divorces take place because of infidelity.

I’m certainly not the morality police, so I tell you this not to try to sway your decision or guilt trip you in any way. But instead, simply to arm you with the facts.

If you feel like your marriage is broken, there are things you can do to fix it.  Similarly, if your sex life with your wife isn’t what it used to be, you can improve it.

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