8 steps to move on from a false twin flame

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In the reunion process, one or both twins are often hesitant to let go of a false twin flame.

Yet, moving on requires inner guidance and a battle against social expectations during a challenge-filled journey.

Whether you are more spiritually advanced than your partner, you may immediately realize that you are in a relationship with a false twin flame.

Alternatively, maybe you’re the one in a relationship with a karmic partner, and you’re not sure what to do.

Regardless of which scenario best describes your current situation, the bottom line is that moving on from a false twin is a complex but necessary process.

So, if you’re currently in karmic limbo and you need help with moving on: Here’s everything you need to know to help you.

Let’s get started.

What is a False Twin Flame?

Let’s start at the grassroots level. Are you able to identify a false twin? Do you know the difference between which one is real and which one is fake?

A false twin flame feels like a dream come true, they tend to connect with your soul, but the connection is not genuine.

In a nutshell, they look and act like your soulmate, but they will be the first ones to leave your side in testing times.

Two primary roles are present in each relationship: the runner and the chaser. They are interchangeable and can fluctuate.

At times you might be chased, and at other times, you’ll be doing the chasing. In a false twin flame relationship, you will always be chasing your partner to get the time and attention you desire.

A false twin flame is like a freeloader; they take and never give.

This dynamic causes adverse effects in terms of your mental and physical health and will leave you feeling frazzled and utterly exhausted at the best of times.

False Twin Flame Signs

Many struggle with this. It can be incredibly challenging to identify a false twin for all at the beginning of a relationship.

We wear love goggles that block logic and reason, yet there are telltale signs when comparing an authentic twin to a fake one.

Also, you might come across more than one wrong twin during your journey.

It’s a sobering fact, so it’s best you know how to spot a fake to save you the agony.

Here are signs that you will alert you to that your twin is fake

1) They constantly bring you down

A false twin can mirror your personality, so interacting with them means becoming aware of your weaknesses.

You will also face your fears head-on, negatively impacting your sense of confidence.

2) False Twins open old wounds and won’t let them heal

In most cases, the bond you have with your life partner is based on love.

The connection between you and the fake twin is not.

A false twin takes great satisfaction in opening up old wounds and enjoys watching you in pain.

Unfortunately, you cannot heal emotionally because you live in a perpetual cycle of negativity. This will harm you in that you will not be able to rebuild your life.

3) They’re quick to throw in the towel

In contrast to your real twin, a fake flame will give up on you without so much as batting an eyelid.

When you find yourself in a tight spot, they will be the first to leave our side.

But, unfortunately, they will also offer you unclear or vague advice, which will amplify the problem.

You will always feel unworthy when you’re in their company, and the only time they’ll offer you any support is when you can be of benefit to them.

4) Twin flames stunt spiritual growth

Progressing to a higher spiritual plane is no easy feat.

To experience enlightenment, it’s necessary to cleanse your soul from any emotional and spiritual baggage.

Your fake twin will prevent you from cleansing your soul and stagnating your spiritual journey.

Instead, they will make you obsess about the pain and problems you experienced in the past, so much so that you’ll never be able to move forward.

5) They are commitment-phobes

A fake twin is incapable of committing and is a commitment-phobe.

Since their souls never make a genuine and pure connection with another, fake twins wander aimlessly between relationships.

6) They keep you at arm’s length

They’re never there when you need them.

A false twin will always be unreachable in times when you need them the most.

Instead, they bail, make excuses and leave you hanging.

They are unreliable and cannot be counted on.

7) Your relationship doesn’t go anywhere

There are usually loads of push and pull; however, there is a difference.

The false twin flame will often have their partner in a perpetual state of “waiting” during the runner and chaser phases of the twin flame journey.

The reason is why things never seem to progress!

During the runner chaser phase, each twin acts like a magnet in authentic twin flames.

So as the magnet attracts and repels, energy exchange occurs.

So there is some form of movement, and neither is left waiting.

8) Deep-seated Issues

In a false twin relationship, insecurity, jealousy, and fear dominate.

Everything feels forced, and you don’t experience any peace or harmony.

A fake twin is supposed to bring out the worst in you so that you can heal your soul, heal any old wounds and replenish your energy.

Only then will you have the ability to cross paths with your authentic twin flame.

Why is moving on from a false twin hard?

Breaking up is hard to do. Every break-up comes with a unique set of circumstances and challenges; twin flames are no different.

Some of the most common reasons why moving on include:

  • Societal pressure
  • The involvement of minor children
  • Family and friends
  • You doubt the journey
  • Familiarity and being stuck in a comfort zone

How to move away from a fake twin flame

So, you now have a better understanding of what a false twin flame relationship feels like.

It’s very similar to the real deal but, you’ll quickly realize that they’re your imposter flame.

Of course, once you have this realization, you might feel heartbroken and upset, but remember, don’t be disappointed.

Your false twin is meant to reveal themselves to you, and it’s part of the process.

What’s essential for you to remember is that moving on from a counterfeit twin paves the way for you to cross paths with your authentic twin flame.

Holding onto something that isn’t meant to be is just delaying your real twin flame journey.

To help you, here are some considerations to help you out.

1) It starts with realization

When we’re in love, we’re blinded. Life is all roses and sunshine, and it’s not possible to see the bad in anything.

We do everything in our power to ensure that our partner is happy and that they feel valued, so much so, we often put ourselves out on a limb to achieve this.

So, if you’re moving heaven and earth to keep your partner happy and they aren’t reciprocating the gesture, this is a telltale sign that you’re with a fake twin.

Reaching this stage might take some time because everything seems so surreal in the very beginning.

You must acknowledge the moment when it arises.

Don’t try to ignore the signs when you start realizing that your twin is false.

Thinking that things will improve with time will only make the situation worse.

Remember, the universe communicates directly.

We just need to be open to receiving and acknowledging the signs.

2) Stop obsessing about it

Dealing with a breakup isn’t easy, and it’s perfectly normal to feel upset and hurt.

False twin flames happen to the best of us, and you are not alone.

With that said, it’s not healthy for you to continually stew about it.

There is much more to life, so shift your focus to something more productive.

For example, improve the relationships you have with friends or family, and pour yourself into work if you have to.

Distraction and diverting your focus is the best way to take your mind off of your false twin.

There’s never been a better time to indulge in self-love and start doing the things you love and make you happy.

3) Find the silver lining

Everything in life is meant to teach you something; a false twin flame is no different.

The time you have to spend with them has aided your spiritual growth and has helped shape and mold you into the person you are now.

You know what you like and what you don’t like. This wouldn’t have happened if the universe didn’t give you a counterfeit twin.

Know that when you cut all ties with a fake twin flame, don’t despair.

Condition your mind to see the positive in the solution and be thankful for the lessons learned.

4) Clear your karma

You ended up with a false twin flame because of karmic cycles.

The cycles are not random, and the universe serves up these cycles to help you cleanse all the bad karma you might have perpetuated in the past.

Your karma is a little clearer every time you end a false twin relationship and continues to clear until it’s strong and healthy enough to meet your authentic twin flame.

5) Don’t give up

It might seem tempting to throw in the towel and give up all hope in finding your twin flame because you’re tired of the bs.

Don’t be!

A twin flame journey takes long, it can be arduous, and you might feel like giving up.

Don’t! Everything happens for a reason, and when the time is right, you will meet your twin flame.

Perseverance is key.

You are sad because you had a relationship with a false twin flame and have not yet met the real one.

There is something very positive that you should know: this negative experience has brought you closer to your actual twin flame.

You are now a wiser person because you have learned several lessons from this separation.

Now you are better prepared to live a happy twin-flame relationship.

Everything that you lived served for you to evolve spiritually.

Be grateful for this negative experience because it has led you to be a better person.

You are in tune with the universal harmony, facilitating your actual twin flame encounter.

6) Introspection

Taking the time to look for answers within is not a selfish act.

It’s always polite to consider the feelings of others; however, if you know that your heart is not in the relationship, it’s a better idea to end it and move on. For both your sakes

Dragging something out because you don’t want to make waves is a painful and awkward situation for both parties.

You will need to respect their feelings, which might mean causing short-term pain.

Nobody likes being led on, and the longer you leave it, the worse it’s going to be.

So rip the bandaid off and tell it like it is.

7) Healing is a process

Now that you are aware that your ex was your false twin, you need to let go of this life stage to start the next.

Accepting that the relationship is over is the first and most crucial step in healing.

The breakup stage is excruciating; however, accepting this pain as part of life will help you heal faster.

When you accept the pain, you stop negative feelings like guilt, hatred, anger, and resentment from overwhelming you.

Letting go and moving on means that you are well on your way toward healing.

Mostly, you will have learned from your past mistakes and will have the knowledge and wisdom that you can apply to your next relationship.

A healthy emotional mindset will help you encounter your actual twin flame when the time comes.

8) Your feelings are normal

You’ve just separated from someone you thought was the love of your life, and you’re devastated. You feel sad and angry.

Feeling this way is normal. Don’t be afraid to confide in friends and family and talk through your feelings. Bottling up your emotions is unhealthy, and getting things off your chest will help you feel liberated.

Instead, don’t isolate yourself; instead, use their support and lean on them to help you overcome.

Your loved ones know you better than anyone else, and you will find comfort in learning that they, too, have gone through similar experiences in the past.

Can a false twin flame become a real twin flame?

Sometimes in life, we want so badly for something to go our way that we look for every possible loophole.

In the case of twin flames, this is not possible.

A false twin can cause us to obsess so much that we’re unable to see reality from fantasy.

So even when it begins to dawn on you that you might be with your false twin, our instincts are to avoid thinking about this and to deny, hoping that things will take a turn for the better and that the relationship will inmove.

This only leads to further heartache and emotional turmoil that can harm our mental health.

You will never experience true peace and tranquility with a fake twin.

Regardless of how well your soul energies vibe or how well you bond initially. A counterfeit twin will reveal themselves during your relationship regardless.

How do I meet my actual twin flame?

The first and most crucial step is separating yourself from your fake twin.

In doing so, you are free to go out there and find true love and cross paths with your authentic twin flame during this lifetime.

Knowing fake from real will make it easier for you to let go.

In a nutshell, an authentic twin flame relationship is based on an intensely spiritual connection, immediate physical connection, and on the premise of unconditional love between you two.

You understand each other entirely and want to be with each other regardless of any obstacles faced.

If you couldn’t tick all three boxes in your previous relationships, it’s a surefire sign that your twin was a fake.

Wrapping up

I hope this article has helped you acknowledge that you were, in fact, with a false twin flame.

But, of course, if you were with your twin flame, you would not need to read this article.

Letting go is never easy; the hurt and pain can leave you feeling tortured, vulnerable and fragile.

Know that this process is necessary to help heal your soul and that the lessons you have been taught will stand you in good stead further down the line.

Nurture yourself. Do the things that make you happy, and that bring you joy. After all, you cannot love anyone entirely if you do not love yourself.

Accept these lessons with gratitude and, most importantly, keep a positive attitude.

The universe will bless you abundantly, and the gifts you will receive will be in abundance.

It all starts with you.

What you put out, you will receive. So make sure that it’s good.

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