How to make your ex laugh over text

Text can be your biggest ally when you’re looking to rekindle with an ex.

Whether your end game is romance or simply establishing a friendship, a funny text can go a long way.

Making your ex laugh is a great way to relieve any tension, and even re-spark those flames of passion.

Along with some top tips, in this article I’ll also share a few example texts you can send, and some all important things you need to avoid.

Here’s how to make your ex laugh over text…

7 tips for making your ex laugh over text

1) Use “in-jokes”

You and your ex have a history together, so be sure to use it.

You share memories and experiences that are unique to you.

And along the way, you’ve probably collected quite a few in-jokes that may not make much sense to anyone else, but could have your ex in stitches.

Whether it’s something that happened, an expression you would always use or something about you that only they would know about.

It’s also a really good tactic for highlighting that unique bond you share to your ex.

It cleverly conjures up memories of happier times, when you would laugh and joke together.

2) Be playful and teasing

You’re not doing a stand-up comedy gig. You don’t have to deliver those one-liners with the charisma of Chris Rock.

Part of being funny in these situations simply involves tapping into intimacy.

Think back to when you first started dating, or when you were trying to win them over.

How did you act then? What funny things did you say?

Often playfulness and teasing is a natural part of courtship and getting to know someone.

That’s because being playful is flirty. Very gently teasing someone triggers a spark of energy between you.

If this person is your ex, then the chances are you’ve already been playful with them countless times before. So tap into that again in order to send them a funny text.

3) Make yourself the butt of the joke

Particularly when you feel like you’ve got some groundwork to put in, a joke at your own expense can be a good way to lighten the mood.

If you want to make them laugh, a bit of self-deprecating humor could be the risk-free way of doing it.

That way the only person you’re offending is yourself.

For example:

“There’s a good chance no one else will have me. I mean, you’ve seen my dance moves. And it ain’t pretty.”

The trick is to be careful it’s not too self-deprecating. Especially if you want to get them back.

The above commentworks, because it is still light.

Don’t reveal genuine insecurities or self-doubt. Instead, confidently play up to making yourself the butt of the joke.

Often it takes a truly secure person to be able to laugh at themself. So it can be a good way to show your ex you’re not afraid to do this.

4) Recall funny times you’ve shared

In a similar way to referring to in-jokes, recalling funny stories can also be a great way to make your ex laugh over text.

The hard work has already been done for you.

Rather than have to come up with anything new or original, you can tap into times in the past when you laughed together until you cried.

If you’ve been together for years, there’s a good chance you’ve shared many laughs together. And even if you haven’t, just think back on all the fun you’ve had together.

Often when we split with someone, we lose sight of all the good times we’ve shared. Remembering those moments will trigger happy feelings.

A trip down memory lane is a great way to get your ex’s mind focused on the good times rather than the bad.

5) Be observational and pay attention

Being witty often relies on paying attention. It’s not always something you can rehearse or prepare for.

Instead, you have to look for opportunities that naturally arise.

One way to be funny with an ex over text is to look for truth and point out the obvious.

As simple as it sounds, pointing out the obvious can be really funny, especially when you already have a strong established bond.

That’s because it often says what you’re both thinking but perhaps have been avoiding saying. And so it becomes a rebellious and humorous thing to do.

Sarcasm (especially over text with an ex) can be slightly more shaky ground to navigate.

Whether it works will depend on your own type of humor and if you and your ex have an established pattern of using sarcasm.

Otherwise, it can get totally lost in translation. But used appropriately it’s another way of making light of potentially tense situations.

6) Say it with GIFS

Arguably GIFs could be considered a lazy shortcut to making your ex laugh.

But nevertheless, a well-used GIF or meme has the power to break the ice, test the water and make your ex LOL over text.

The fact that it’s a low-key text to send can work in it’s favor.

It’s a quick and easy way to get your ex laughing without having to say anything in particular or overthink things.

You don’t need to know how to write jokes or be funny. You just need to find the right GIF or meme that says it all for you. 

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of these best ex-related GIFs.

7) Tell a funny story

Not all jokes have to have a punchline.

Life itself can be pretty hilarious. And sometimes the things that happen to us make for the best stories that will get your ex laughing over text.

It might start with a simple message saying:

“The craziest/weirdest/funniest, etc. thing happened to me today.”

Before you proceed to share with your ex your witty tale.

Maybe you embellish or exaggerate certain parts for comic effect. That’s ok, all the best comics do.

The point is to get your ex laughing along with you and create new ways to bond.

Examples of funny texts to send your ex to make them laugh

It’s a good idea to think about what your end game is.

What do you want to happen? What do you want from your ex?

This can help guide you in the type of funny text to send to your ex to make them laugh.

Here are a few examples to give you some inspiration.

  • When you want to say I miss you:

“I’m not sure what I miss more, you or your Netflix account.”

It’s showing you miss them, but not in a soppy way. This also obviously works for any other online subscriptions of theirs that you were using.

  • When you want re-engage them in conversation:

“Ok, I’ve got to ask…

Because it’s been on my mind non-stop…

And I’ll go to my grave regretting it if I don’t…

….How’s your dog?

It’s not necessarily what they were expecting you to say. And so it’s playful and teasing, but a good way of casually re-engaging in conversation. Even if it’s been a while.

  • When you want them back:

“You’re a special person and I just want you to be happy…although ideally with me please”

It’s cute and sweet but in a low-key rather than needy or desperate way.

  • When you want to flirt:

“I always liked you just the way you are…although even more naked.”

It’s flirty, flattering, and sexual without being over the top, and so it’s a good way to test whether they will to flirt back. 

  • When you want to give them hope of getting back together:

“I mean, neither of us wants to die alone. So maybe we should die alone together.”

Reconciliation could be on the cards, there’s a chance you’ll get back together and you want them to know that, but still keep them guessing.

Watch out for these pitfalls when you’re trying to make your ex laugh over text…

1) Be very careful of how things will be interpreted

Before sending your ex a funny text, be sure to read the room.

Your ex may be more sensitive now that you’re not together and more prone to negatively reading into things.

Don’t tease or make jokes that could just come across as mean, rude or bitter.

Without a tone of voice or facial expressions to make it clear you’re joking, jokes over texts can be misinterpreted all too easily.

Wanting to make your ex laugh over text is great, but don’t try to take it too far. Constant joke-telling can feel dismissive or seem as though you are trying too hard.

Which brings us nicely on to the next point…

2) Don’t try too hard

Be yourself and don’t overthink it. Trying too hard might just come off as cheesy or insincere.

No matter how things ended, your ex liked you once enough to be in a relationship with you.

And unless you have a yacht and a trillion dollars in the bank, I’m willing to guess that their main reason for being with you is who you are.

All those same qualities that attracted them to you still exist.

So don’t try too hard, just be yourself. Remember that’s who they fell for in the first place.

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