How to glow up mentally: 18 simple steps to achieving your goals

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Do you want to ‘glow up’ and transform yourself mentally?

Although this might sound difficult to achieve, it’s actually very doable. All you just need to do is follow these 18 simple steps to achieve your goals.

Let’s begin!

1) Tap into your personal power

So how do you glow up and achieve your goals easily?

The most effective way to do so is to tap into your personal power.

You see, we all have an incredible amount of power and potential within us, but most of us never tap into it. We become bogged down in self-doubt and limiting beliefs. We stop doing what brings us true happiness.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. He’s helped thousands of people align work, family, spirituality, and love so they can unlock the door to their personal power.

He has a unique approach that combines traditional ancient shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist. It’s an approach that uses nothing but your own inner strength – no gimmicks or fake claims of empowerment.

Because true empowerment needs to come from within.

In his excellent free video, Rudá explains how you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s easier than you might think.

So if you’re tired of living in frustration, dreaming but never achieving, and living in self-doubt, you need to check out his life-changing advice.
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2) Write your goals down

If you want your life goals to come true, then it’s crucial that you jot them down.

Sure, they may be ‘all good’ in your mind, but when you write them down, they become your statements of intent.

“I want to be (this or that) in X years.”

“I want to earn X in Y months.”

Case in point: a Huffpost report has shown that you are “42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.”

So why is writing goals effective? Experts believe that “The act of writing down your dreams and goals ignites an entirely new dimension of consciousness, ideas, and productivity to the powerhouse that is your subconscious mind.

This simple act also opens your subconscious to “seeing” opportunities that simply can’t be observed if you’re tied up with THINKING about your goals.”

In fact, if you want to achieve your goals even faster, experts recommend sharing your written goals with a special someone.

“The likelihood that you’ll transform your desires into reality goes up even further if you share your written goals with a friend who believes in your ability to succeed (a partner in believing),” adds the report.

Tip: Make the right objectives by following these four steps on setting goals (and actually achieving them!)

3) Draw a deadline

Jotting down your goals is useless if you don’t set a deadline. After all, this date can help you:

  • Prioritize your tasks/steps to reach your goal
  • Define your objectives clearly
  • Motivate you to actually achieve your goals
  • Keep your promises
  • Boost your confidence

Tip: If you wish to achieve a hefty goal, break it down into several activities and set a deadline for each.

As always, keep your goals SMART – specific, measurable, relevant, and time-based. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed with the size of the task.

4) Adopt a growth mindset

There are two kinds of mindsets. First is the fixed mindset, where it is believed that skills and talents are static and cannot be changed.

On the other end of the spectrum is the growth mindset, where the view is one’s intelligence and ability are ever-changing (and improving.)

Obviously, having a growth mindset can help you glow up mentally.

Quoting Carol Dweck, author of the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success:

“When people are in a growth mindset, they look at their  abilities as things that can be developed through hard work or help and input from others. They’re more willing to jump in, take a challenge because they’re not seeing everything as reflecting on their deep permanent ability.”

Tip: Find it hard to motivate yourself? Then make sure to reflect on these 91 truly-inspiring growth mindset quotes.

5) Develop new skills

The world is ever-changing. Even if you have the necessary skills now, you may need new ones in the future.

True enough, ‘learning never stops.’

Tip: The good news is you don’t have to enroll in an expensive class to improve yourself. (Then again, there’s no stopping you from doing so.)

If you’re pressed for money (and time), there are 101 excellent skills you can master with the help of YouTube.

6) Go ahead and take the first step

Written goals? Check.

Growth mindset? Check.

New skills? Double check!

Now that you have everything you need to glow up, it’s time for you to make a move!

See, you won’t be able to achieve your goals if you just hold the fort. It may be scary to go out at first, but soon, you’ll get the hang of it.

Tip: Make your first step easy to commit to and do. Going big will overwhelm you, possibly rendering you ‘unable’ to move.

7) Ask for help, if needed

There may be tasks that you aren’t physically or mentally able to do. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on your goals, though.

Part of glowing up mentally is knowing when to ask for help.

In this case, you’re sure to benefit from the help of highly-successful life coach and teacher Jeanette Brown, founder of Life Journal.

You see, willpower can only take you so far. The key to transforming your life into something you’re passionate about involves perseverance, a shift in mindset, and practical goal setting.

And while this might sound like a mighty task to undertake, it’s easier to do thanks to Jeanette’s guidance.

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Now, you may wonder what makes Jeanette’s course different from all the other personal development programs out there.

It all comes down to one thing:

Jeanette isn’t interested in being your life coach.

Instead, she wants YOU to take the reins in creating the life you’ve always dreamt of having.

So if you’re ready to stop dreaming and start living your best life, a life created on your terms, one which fulfills and satisfies you, don’t hesitate to check out Life Journal.

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8) Remain organized

Being organized is not merely having a tidy workplace. As my fellow writer Anna Dovbysh explains in her article ‘25 habits of really organized people’:

“Organization is more about your workflow, in and out of the workplace.

“The way you process thoughts and methodize what you need to do. This involves prioritizing and thinking logically ahead.”

Tip: One of the key takeaways in her article is the importance of routine and systems. For starters, you need to add structure to your day-to-day activities. Doing so will make things easier – so that you get to use all of your precious time efficiently.

9) Don’t try to do everything all at once

If you think that doing a lot of goal-related tasks in one fell swoop is more efficient, you’re wrong. Actually, it’s one of the three mistakes people make when trying to achieve their goals.

“We’re wired to be monotaskers, meaning that our brains can only focus on one task at a time,” explains Cynthia Kubu, Ph.D., in her Cleveland Clinic interview.

For starters, multitasking can get in the way of your performance. It divides your attention, which means you aren’t able to focus on any one thing. (And, as you’ll read later, having a razor-sharp focus is crucial for reaching your goals!)

Tip: Go slowly but surely. Do things one step at a time. Remember: it’s a rare trait that sets extraordinary people (like you) apart!

10) Do away with the distractions

If you want to be just like the high achievers who always accomplish their goals, you need to do away with the distractions.

Perhaps the best example of this is your cellphone. It’s beneficial, alright, but it can send you into a time-wasting spiral of perusing social media sites and watching videos, among many other things.

So instead of fiddling with your phone during your free time, set your sights on what you need to do.

As I’ve previously said, keep your eyes on the prize!

Tip: If you’re easily sidetracked by your phone (among many other things), then make sure to follow these ten proven ways that’ll help you stay focused in life.

11) If you’re wrong, admit it

Some people are so blinded by pride that they fail to admit their mistakes.

As psychologist Mike Brooks, Ph.D. succinctly explains it in his Psychology Today article:

“Being right allows us to feel superior to others whereas being wrong makes us feel inferior. When our sense of self, our psychological projection of who we are, is being threatened, we defend — or even go on the attack.”

So if you want to achieve your goals, you “must be flexible to learn and grow, and this necessitates that we recognize when we are wrong.”

See, being bullheaded about things will keep you stuck at a particular step or phase. So instead of making progress, you just end up going in circles.

Needless to say, admitting your mistakes will help you do things right the second time around.

12) Perseverance is key

As you attempt to reach your goal, you may find yourself bogged down by a handful of challenges.

Some of them can be pretty hard to get through. In fact, they may be so challenging that you’re tempted to give up.

But if you want to glow up mentally, you must do whatever you can to overcome these obstacles.

Perseverance is key!

As the Positivity Project explains:

“Persistence can be directly connected to an individual’s ability to be successful throughout their life. Those who persevere through setbacks often reap the benefits of the success gained by refusing to give up.”

13) Surround yourself with positivity

Picture this: you’re surrounded by naysayers who are always trying to bring you down. Needless to say, having this negative energy all around you will eventually cause you to fail and stumble.

That’s why it’s essential to change your environment and surround yourself with positivity.

It’s a common mistake people make on their journey to success – staying in their old environment. It feels safe and familiar, after all.

But if you’re bent on achieving your life-long goals, I suggest shifting from a negative environment to a highly optimistic one. Believe me, this positive energy will help you in more ways than one.

14) Keep yourself healthy

It’s hard to reach your goals when you’re physically and psychologically unwell. So while it’s essential to set your eyes on the prize, you mustn’t forget your health along the way.

Simply put, you shouldn’t skip meals, forego exercise, or scrimp on sleep to finish your tasks.

See, “When you stick to a diet of healthy food, you’re setting yourself up for fewer mood fluctuations, an overall happier outlook and an improved ability to focus,” explains psychiatrist Dr. Gabriela Cora.

And as I’ve mentioned, having a razor-sharp focus is crucial if you want to achieve your goals.

You’ll also reap the same benefits from exercise. According to the CDC:

“Physical activity can improve your cognitive health—helping you think, learn, problem-solve, and enjoy an emotional balance.”

Likewise, make sure you get enough sleep. As the NIH emphasizes:

“Without sleep you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn… and it’s harder to concentrate and respond quickly.”

In summation, keeping yourself healthy is vital for it’ll help you learn and keep you focused, two traits you need to achieve your goals effectively.

15) Go networking

It’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know.

Yes, it’s still crucial to be knowledgeable and skilled when trying to reach a goal. But, in the grand scheme of things, it helps to know the right people.

That’s why it’s crucial to go networking.

As my fellow writer Paul Brian explains in his article ‘18 no BS ways to win at life and get ahead’:

“Networking is all about building bridges and forming alliances. It’s not codependency, it’s interdependency.

“You hold up the slack where someone else falls short, and they do the same for you in return. So together, you take on the world in a stronger and unified way.”

Tip: If you’re shy to go networking, then make sure to follow these tips by author Erin Eatough, Ph.D. of BetterUp:

  • Challenge yourself to attend that first networking event!
  • Find a networking event that explores your interests.
  • Bring a friend with you.

16) Always monitor your progress

If you ask successful people how they reach their goals, they will emphasize the importance of monitoring your progress.

After all, an American Psychological Association report has shown that “If you are trying to achieve a goal, the more often that you monitor your progress, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed.”

Tip: While monitoring yourself is good, researchers point out that “monitoring progress had an even greater effect if the information was physically recorded or publicly reported.”

In other words, reporting your progress – say to a partner, family member, or friend – will make you more motivated to reach your desired goal.

17) Reward yourself

You know what they say: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

While it’s essential to work nonstop and do whatever it takes to reach your goal, you must set some time to reward yourself too.

Think positive reinforcement.

According to author Charlotte Nickerson, it is “the introduction of a desirable or pleasant stimulus after a behavior, such as a reward.

This desirable stimulus is intended to reinforce the behavior, making it more likely that the behavior will occur in the future.”

What’s excellent about positive reinforcement is that it could also “be used to teach new behaviors or strengthen existing ones.” Sure enough, it will come in handy whenever you find yourself struggling over a new skill.

Tip: Your reward doesn’t necessarily have to be big or extravagant. It could be as simple as reading your favorite book or watching a movie.

18) Evaluate your gains and make tweaks as needed

Whether you achieved your goal or not, you should evaluate the progress you’ve made through the continuum.

Evaluating your progress matters because it allows you to find ways to optimize your performance further.

For example, maybe you’ve done something wrong along the way. Assessing these mistakes will help you ensure that you won’t do them again in the future.

In essence, evaluating your performance allows you to make the necessary improvements to achieve your other goals more effectively (and efficiently.)

Final thoughts

Glowing up mentally is not as tough as most people think. More often than not, it’s a matter of tapping into your personal power.

Adopting a growth mindset.

Developing new skills.

Being perseverant.

While doing the 18 tips above may be a little tricky at first, they’re all worth it. As long as you take them to heart, you’ll be able to achieve the life goal you’ve always wanted.

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