15 ways to get your ex back spiritually

Everything reminding you of a certain someone? Can’t seem to get your ex out of your head? 

Relationships end, but not every closed door stays shut! Sometimes when an ex is constantly on your mind, it is because a chance for you to get back together may await.

But how do you do that?

By taking time to get to know yourself from within truly, you better understand the journey you are on spiritually. 

With that in mind, you can project positive vibrations with your higher self out into the universe, attracting your ex back into your life.

Here is some spiritual food for thought on exactly how…

1) Address your relationship status 

Lingering feelings for an ex are pretty common. We have all been there!

Wanting to get back together is a feeling that can hit you even long after you have moved on.

Those yearnings tend to be stronger when you’re single, but if you’re dating someone else, they can sometimes be misinterpreted.

Perhaps you are comparing your current partner to your ex? 

To find out if this is the case, you need to communicate with yourself on a spiritual level. Ask yourself if there are things that need addressing in your current partnership. 

  • Are you fantasizing about past connections because your current relationship isn’t fulfilling your spiritual intentions? 
  • Are you letting fear take hold and refusing to commit? 
  • Is your ex crossing your mind simply as a way to create a mental distance because you are not spiritually ready to face an issue head-on?

If your ex is in your thoughts, it is important to evaluate why you don’t rush ahead and DM them; search yourself for answers.

Emotional health is key to spiritual intelligence; with a new outlook on the emotional association, your ex may also be able to picture a new relationship with you.

James Bauer generously shares a step-by-step method in his fantastic short video. Following his advice, you too, may be able to change the way your ex feels about you on a spiritual level. 

James explains how to trigger deep emotions and paint a rosy new picture of what life together could be like in a text-based format.

With a method like James’ and your spiritual maturity in check, you may be able to spiritually remove the safeguarding emotional walls that your ex has built during the grieving process.

You can watch Bauer’s excellent free video here.

2) Remember, the universe may have other plans

Even with all the will in the world, the universe may have other plans for one or both of you.

No matter how much you may want an ex back, you can’t bend another soul to your will.

If it isn’t meant to be, or there are others you need to meet on your path, then you must not take it personally.

Instead of wallowing in misery and allowing negativity into your being, take the opportunity to work on yourself and find comfort in knowing there are bigger plans in place for you:

It may feel fruitless but trust me, at the very least, you will come out the other side with a better version of yourself. Perhaps one that is far more spiritually attractive in your exes’ mind’s eye.

3) Gratitude is key

Ultimately the universe wants to keep your spirit happy. But you must show your gratitude.

People tend to take everyday experiences for granted.

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life in a modern world, we forget about the spiritual journey and what a true gift being here alive to experience and share it. 

Be grateful for the small things in your life right now, project a positive spiritual message to the universe, and the universe will reward you with positive energy! 

The way I like to practice being mindful and grateful is with a simple gratitude journal. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set aside a moment at the end of each day;
  • Write down 3 things that you were grateful for that day;
  • Think about your gratitude: what color is it? Where does it sit in your body? Visualize it and actually feel it within.

Perhaps your soul is simply thankful for having had great weather that helped to lift your mood, or your favorite food was available at the restaurant you visited. 

It might be tricky to begin with, but soon the gratitude will flow, and you can push yourself from 3-5 in your journal.

4) Accept your higher self has plans

When we are manifesting, the hardest part of the process is not having control over the outcome. We have to plant the seed and let go of whether or not it will grow. Here are a few things you can start doing today to have more acceptance of the situation:

  • Visualize what you want, and make your intentions clear; 
  • Take steps to align your practiced actions with your spiritual intentions;
  • Let go of any attachment to the result.

When we let go of control, we show trust in the will of the universe. We put spiritual faith into it. 

Tell yourself the Universe will handle the details and that everything will work out. 

Changes may not happen how nor when you expect them, but only by letting go of the attachment do you expand limitations. 

If you have a rigid expectation and the Universe can’t find a way to make it manifest, it won’t.

By leaving things more open, the universe has more opportunities to present you that could bring about your spiritual desires.

Most importantly, accept what comes your way. It may not be the way you want, but stay positive. Perhaps a new partner is on the horizon, and returning to an ex is a spiritual regression.

The universe knows things that you don’t know.

5) The law of attraction loves positivity

I understand that relationships have ups and downs. My experiences also have not always been sunshine and lollipops.

But if the negative outweighs the positive in a previous relationship, you may have to come to terms with the fact that the person wasn’t right for you.

There will always be good and bad days but to want to invite something truly negative into your life comes from a place of delusion clouding your spiritual judgment.

To attract an ex back, you have to focus on the positive; if there was only ever a sliver of positivity, then all the spiritual energy in the world isn’t going to manifest it for you!

If you parted ways on a circumstantial basis instead of genuine issues, you may be in with much more of a chance. Sometimes the paths of lovers and even soulmates cross simply at the wrong time.

Sometimes one needs to grow spiritually to truly connect to the other.

If you and your ex missed the boat for a “good thing,” and now you feel the time is right, then turn all your spiritual focus on the positive aspects of your past relationship. 

Remember these important things about the law or attraction and positivity:

  • The law of attraction doesn’t work with negativity;
  • A negative focus will inevitably push your ex spiritually further from your reach; 
  • Try to shut down any negative thoughts;
  • Think of memories that awaken positive feelings within you; 
  • Focus on everything that makes you love them;
  • Using the law of attraction, the universe will eventually guide your ex back to you.

6) Search within & keep your emotions in check

The first step toward spiritual manifestation success is understanding where your feelings stem from.

If our emotions are not in check, then we can react instead of acting with intention.

When it comes to attracting an ex back to you, you must also consider their perspective.

Make sure how you feel is healthy for your spirit.

If you are overwhelmed with intense emotions and feel as though you can’t go on without them, you must think with spiritual maturity and know that this is a major red flag.

Feeling that way could be due to spiritual deceit at the hands of your ex, which may or may not have been intentional. 

It could also be that you are currently too insecure about establishing and owning your independence. 

To believe and desire that your ex is the one and the only person you will ever love in your entire life are two different concepts. 

We already discussed letting go of manifestation results; you need to be thinking healthily, and feeling unable to live without this person is an unhealthy mindset.

If you feel like you have exhausted spiritual methods and are sure you aren’t flogging a dead horse, then seek alternative methods.

When I found myself in a similar situation, I turned to Brad Browning, A.K.A, “the relationship geek.”

Brad has helped thousands of men and women get their exes back. He has lots of suggestions for even the direst of break-ups. Regardless of the situation and circumstances, Brad has some great advice you can apply immediately.

See his free video for some tips and tricks to re-spark the romance between you and your ex.

He helped me wrap my head around my break-up and devise a strategy to get back with my ex.

If you truly want your ex back in your life, here’s a link to his free video again.

7) Work on self-forgiveness

Try as we might, no one can change the past.

Reliving it is a choice. During my messiest of break-ups, I found myself drawn to replaying events. But it is a waste of the present!

So, girl, avoid the blame game!

It’s easy to get bogged down with heavy negative questions like was I a good enough partner?

Thoughts like this send your spirit on a downward spiral; you must always be moving forward.

Learning to forgive is paramount in every situation. But don’t just forgive them; forgive yourself too

You can’t attract your ex back if you are in a negative headspace

Nourish your spirit by forgiving yourself for the past. If the universe has plans to reintroduce your ex, it needs to know you’ve moved forwards.

8) Get active!

Break-ups are difficult; trying to muster the positivity needed to attract an ex back into your life can be strenuous when you are at an all-time low.

Physical activity such as going to the gym floods your body with endorphins, providing the emotional lift you so sorely need. Outside activities such as running and hiking are all the more spiritually beneficial.

The exercise channels your energy elsewhere, keeping your mind from your break-up, and being in nature is very grounding for the spirit. I love a brisk walk in the woods or barefoot yoga in the grass; connecting to the earth itself is very therapeutic.

Aside from the mental shift, you will also get into better shape by working on attracting your ex back on two separate levels.

It takes discipline and control to look after your body. Showing your ex that you’re capable of self-care, reinforces the idea that you can also take care of them.

9) Lay resentment to rest

Any resentment you might have, conscious or unconscious, needs to go ASAP!

How else can you focus positively on the relationship and manifest it? Think of these:

  • Anything that went wrong between the two of you must be forgiven;
  • Anger and pain need to be put to bed;
  • You must focus on the good rather than the bad.

Resentment will only push you further away from any chance of a romantic relationship.

To let resentment go is no easy task, but it will bring you one step closer to attracting your ex spiritually.

10) Communicate intentionally

Communication between you and your ex is the next step on the cards.

The situation will dictate the pace, which may bring harsh realities, complex feelings, and difficult emotions. 

Stay open, honest, and authentic, moving at a comfortable pace. 

Address why you broke up clearly and discuss what would be different if you tried again.

There are some huge pitfalls to avoid during these tentative communication moments.

Keep in mind the following: 

  • No promises or vows;
  • No begging;
  • No trying to prove your love;
  • No blaming, guilt-tripping, sugar-coating, or gaslighting.

Before attempting, ensure that you have arrived at a point where you are comfortable and committed to your current life.

Authentic communication that comes from a place of spiritual growth is what will get you back together with your ex. 

11) The power of morning affirmations

Raise your spiritual energy levels with the power of positive affirmation. The morning is the best time to implement them.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to get your spiritual energy back on track.

Starting your day without any limiting beliefs is one of the most empowering tools you can have in your spiritual tool belt!

Affirmations are called such because they are always written in the affirmative and said aloud in a manner that suggests they are simply so! Describe the things you want aloud as if you already had them. 

Try tailoring some for the loving relationship you are working hard to visualize and attract to get yourself on the right path. 

Some examples might be: 

  • “Our love is strong; the universe is testing us; we can weather its storm.”
  • “We are connected; nothing can keep us apart.”
  • “They are as attracted to me as I am to them.”
  • “Our paths will cross again soon.”
  • “They still love me.”

Reorganize a pessimistic outlook first thing in the morning with a strong daily affirmation and start attracting what it is you want most in your love life.

12) Experience the benefits of meditation

Meditation may not sound like a very proactive spiritual way to get your ex back but it puts you in the focused mindset that you need. 

Meditation turns thought inward, opening you up to the energy of the universe itself. By visualizing your heart’s desires during meditation, manifestation is made easier. 

Meditation clears your head and aligns your body. 

A meditative state is a sacred space that you have control over, it is the playground in which dreams come out to play. The perfect place to attract the future that you want and bring it to life. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, try searching for an online guided meditation. To attract your ex back into your life, look for a meditation based on the aforementioned subjects, such as affirmations and the law of attraction. 

13) Find your happy place

I know that being happy while desperately wanting your ex back sounds very contradictory but finding your own happiness will mold you into someone who doesn’t depend on others to keep them happy.

You’ll find that you are a different person when you next spend time with your ex, and they will feel the difference.

It may seem impossible, but being happy right now can be achieved quite simply. Here’s a few tips:

  • First, stop trying to be happy!
  • Evaluate your deepest desires; 
  • Make a list of things of everything that bring you joy.

Realizing that you can create your happiness is a powerful spiritual step.

Do not rely on your ex or anyone else for your happiness. Take responsibility and use the time that you are separated to learn to construct it for yourself.

Though difficult, the benefits are incredible. When your ex sees you happy, it will flood them with memories of happy times shared and remind them it wasn’t all bad.

14) Use relationship shadow work

Another spiritual way to get your ex back is to implement psychological shadow work.

With professional assistance, the inner work becomes easier. Sometimes it is tricky to navigate your own self. If there is a lot of healing to be done, then an educated therapist might be what you need.

However, I have found that journaling prompts can be used for self-growth and spiritual shadow work with great results. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sit down and write whatever comes to you with your ex in mind;
  • Use what is written to dissect your relationship and work out the real root cause of your problems; 
  • Don’t try to answer their questions for them, but do try to utilize what you have learned about them during your time together.

Shadow work can be done together if you are on good terms, and it is something they would be spiritually open to.

Remember, shadow work is spiritually and emotionally draining. So take each session slowly to avoid any spiritual burnout.

Shorter multiple sessions over a few days might be better. But of course, listen to yourself; if you have no energy, leave it. The shadow work could be above your current spiritual level.

15) Combine different techniques

Try meditative prayer

Praying for guidance is a great first step if you struggle to attract an ex.  A higher power, be it from your higher self, your ancestry, or whatever other guiding force you believe in.

Keep requests specific and positively focused. Let go of control and trust any guidance received.

Write your heart out!

Harboring any resentment or holding on to any pain is counterproductive. A great spiritually cathartic exercise is putting it all down on paper. Write your ex a letter but don’t send it!

Instead, sit with the feelings that pour out; once you are ready to move on, you can rip it to pieces or burn the remains to find the ultimate release.

Harness the power of visualization

Ask yourself what you are looking for in a partner/relationship, and visualize what you want.

Determine where you draw the line, picture the deal-breaking details and create a strong mental visual to keep in mind when you decide to date.

Let go of the past…completely

Let go of the past and any resentment or anger to move forwards, forgiving both parties!

A healthy future starts with acceptance of the past.

Final words on attracting your ex back spiritually

Getting your ex back is possible!

But the Universe needs to see your intentions and actions are aligned. It needs to know that you are happy and grateful. 

Ultimately the Universe will provide if it helps fulfill your soul’s purpose on a spiritual level.

Now you have the info; you can prepare to take the necessary steps to start reconnecting with your ex.

Remember to stay positive, forget the past, trust the process and let go of the outcome. 

The Universe has your back!

The spiritual connection that you once shared had many more ups than downs. Focus on that, and you will attract and manifest.

There is no reason you can not get your ex back with a stronger connection than ever before. 

But these things take time, energy, and effort.

When the universe knows what you want, it will do its best to deliver it, but you have to be spiritually ready.

Until the time is right, enjoy life, be mindful, and project your desires into the world.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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