How to Get Your Ex Back: A Step by Step Guide to Winning Them Back (For Good)


From Desperate to Desired: How I Transformed Heartache into Magnetic Attraction

Stop chasing your ex. It won't help you win them back

Constantly ruminating on what went wrong and chasing after your ex from a place of neediness only breeds more hurt and erodes your self-worth. Healthy, lasting relationships are not built on one partner relentlessly pursuing the other. 

The truth is, trying to be someone you’re not, poor communication habits, and lack of self-belief shut the door on reuniting in a fulfilling, sustainable way.

Manipulative tactics like playing mind games or posting dramatic pleas on social media also push your ex further away. 
You deserve to share your life with someone who cherishes the whole, radiant you – not fight endlessly for crumbs of affection.



Move from pursuing your ex to being pursued

Hi, I’m Tina, a relationship expert for Hack Spirit and founder of Love Connection. After my own heartbreaking splits, I obsessively studied relationship psychology to find answers. Ultimately, I discovered that self-love is the foundation of lasting attraction.

In “How to Get Your Ex Back,” I share my comprehensive 10-step roadmap for rediscovering your personal power and ethically re-attracting your ex. You’ll learn powerful self-love practices, effective communication styles, mystique-building strategies, and subtle ways to approach your ex without appearing desperate.

With candid wisdom and practical exercises, you’ll gain the tools to become a secure, self-assured catch—naturally reigniting the spark to reunite and maintain that passion long-term.

What You Will Gain from My Book

In "How to Get Your Ex Back," you will learn:
  • Radical Clarity: Understand what you truly want in a relationship.
  • Self-Love Practices: Nurture confidence and inner strength.
  • Mystique-Building Strategies: Use proven techniques to pique your ex’s curiosity.
  • Subtle Re-Approach Tactics: Learn ways to reconnect with your ex without appearing desperate.
  • Authentic Charisma: Enhance your natural charisma while staying true to yourself.

What Will Happen After You Read My Book

By the end of this book, you will achieve:
  • Unshakeable self-worth and magnetic confidence
  • Clarity on your non-negotiable needs in a fulfilling relationship
  • The ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts
  • Skills to ethically re-attract your ex from a grounded place
  • The freedom to move on to a healthier, longer-lasting bond
Get instant access to "How to Get Your Ex Back" today and become the confident, self-assured partner you want to attract.


Changed my viewpoint on self-help books
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I've always been skeptical about self-help books. You know, they're nice to read, they give you new insights, but it's always almost impossible to implement their advice in But Tina Fey's book about getting your ex back was truly something different. I was just trying to give my friend valuable advice after she broke up with her ex, and I accidentally came up with this book after searching for articles at Love Connection. And it turns out it's really a different and insightful book to read! I enjoyed every minute of the process of reading and, most importantly, I actually feel that it helped me offer my friend support and give her valuable advice. Now I feel like I boosted her self-confidence and helped her make the right decision. That's why I feel satisfied and inspired at the same time! Thanks for this, Tina! And if anyone is looking for an easy-to-read self-help book with practical advice, I highly recommend you to try it!
Paul B
Paul B
This book is clear, helpful and legit
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I don't usually buy into the self-help genre much. I thought this book would just be platitudes and feel-good quotations. It's not. It actually tells you a clear and simple method for getting back together with someone you love but who you separated from for serious reasons. The book never promises it will be easy or simple, but it delivers the goods. I highly recommend this one!
Kiran Athar
Kiran Athar
Better than expected
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I thought this would be another typical love book filled with cheesy anecdotes and nothing more, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it super practical and very down-to-earth. I felt like the author had taken her time to put together some really effective steps, not only for getting back together with an ex but also for building up confidence and self-love along the way. It's like a double win! I'm already back in touch with my ex and optimistic for the future, thank you, Tina!
Great easy read!
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Loved the practicality and energy of this brilliant read!
Recommend to all that are ready to live a life of maximum impact and minimum ego.

About the Author

Tina Fey is the founder of the Love Connection website, where she shares practical relationship advice with a wide following of readers. She is also a relationship expert for Hack Spirit.

By studying the psychology of relationships, Tina has developed effective approaches to finding and maintaining love. Her core belief is in loving yourself before giving your heart to others, a principle reflected in her guidance and encouragement.
Tina works from wherever she is in the world. A free spirit with a love for travel, she enjoys the stories of those she meets along her journey.

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