9 steps to get a married man to sleep with you

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If you’re curious about what it takes to get a married man to sleep with you and aren’t sure how to go about it, this blog post is here to help. 

We’ve compiled 9 top tips to help you bed him in no time.

Let’s dive in!

1) Build intimacy

This is a process that takes a little bit of time so you’re going to have to be patient if you want to get a married man to sleep with you.

Show the man that you can be trusted and that you care about him by letting him know what’s going on in your life and establishing an emotional connection with him.

You can start this process by sharing personal stories or asking about his dreams, past relationships, and aspirations for the future.

2) Get him emotionally attached

This is the step when you start asking him about his life and emotions. 

You can do this by allowing him to vent, or sharing your own feelings and opinions on things that matter in his life. 

Once he’s emotionally attached, you’ve hooked him. He now trusts you and you’re able to dig deeper and delve into what makes him tick.

Once he’s emotionally attached to you, it will be way easier getting a married man to sleep with you.

3) Share core values

Bedding a married man is not always about sex. You need to make him see that you have lots to share.

Show that you’re a good person by sharing common ground. As you get to know him, find things that you have in common and talk about those. 

Find out if you share the same beliefs and core values and build on them to create a solid foundation for your relationship.

After all, sharing is caring.

4) Show that you’re physically attracted to him

Getting a married man to sleep with you is easier if he knows just how into him you are. 

This is where you begin to act on your attraction, bringing it up in casual conversation. 

You can do this by complimenting him slightly on his appearance or commenting on how attractive he looks when he’s at work or in another situation. 

You can also wear silky tops, low-cut blouses, and short shorts to display your physical attraction.

Physical attraction is the catalyst when it comes to getting a married man to sleep with you.

5) Make him comfortable with being intimate

When getting a married man to sleep with you, you need to realise that he might not be comfortable with breaking his wedding vows.

Also, he’s only “known” his wife intimately and he might have some issues in terms of performance.

Find ways to get him to let his guard down and feel more at ease with you. 

Asking questions about his past or finding out what he finds fun can make him more comfortable around you.

6) Be sexually provocative – touch, kiss, and be intimate with him

A surefire way to get a married man to sleep with you is to be as sexually provactive as you can.

Let your sexual confidence shine through and initiate some more intimate behavior with him. 

Kissing, touching, and other forms of intimacy will show that you’re a sexual person who knows what she wants out of life. 

Asking him to do something similar will get him on board quicker, making it easier to get his clothes off.

You’ll have him hot under the collar in no time and it will be a matter of time before the two of you do the deed.

7) Make yourself available to him – tell him you want to spend more time with him

When you want to sleep with a married man, you don’t have to make it too obvious that you’re ready for him to take you. 

You can try telling him flat out that you’d love to spend more time with him and that you want to get closer. 

This makes the man think about it, subconsciously itching for the chance for intimacy.

8) Be confident – you know what you’re doing and are sure about it

A lot of women who want to sleep with a married man don’t have enough confidence in themselves or their own ideas. 

This is especially true if they’ve never bedded a married man.

So, to remedy this, I suggest you watch all the content you can get your hands on in order to get into the character of the seductress

Think Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Audrey Hepburn, all iconic powerhouse ladies who bedded the men they wanted.

Your wardrobe, hair, and make-up also have to be top-notch at all times because this screams confidence, and also, men “feast with their eyes”.

9) Get him to spend time with you alone

You can try suggesting that the two of you go out on a date together or suggesting that he come over to your place. 

He might say no at first, but don’t give up on this idea just yet. 

Try again in a few days or try again in a different way. This will get him used to spending time with you one-on-one, which is essential when you want to sleep with a married man.


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