How to tell if a girl likes you over text: 22 surprising signs

It’s no secret that it’s tough to figure out if a girl likes you over text.

I’m a guy, and I’ve found it impossible my entire life.

But the truth is:

When you get more experience and you research women psychology, it becomes a lot easier.

Despite what you might think, you don’t need to be incredibly witty or intelligent.

You just need to know how to keep a conversation going.

In this article, I’ll talk about the 22 most important signs to tell if a girl likes you over text.

1. She starts texting you first

This one should be fairly obvious.

If she is initiating a conversation with you, then you can bet your bottom dollar that she likes you.

This is even more obvious if she is texting you for no reason.

For example, if she is just texting you to ask, “What you’re doing?” or “What have you been up to today?” then she almost certainly likes you.

We all know that it’s usually up to the man to initiate conversation, so if she is making an effort to text you first, chances are she’s picking up what you’re putting down.

2. She is texting you A LOT

If she is up all night chatting to you and then she texts you again to wish you a good morning, then she likes you.

While this might also mean she is a little bit clingy and needy, it does also indicate that she’s got the hots for you.

She enjoys texting you, and she feels comfortable chatting with you. That’s why she is doing it so much.

3. She is giving you frequent updates of what she is doing

In the same vein, if she is texting you frequently with what she is up to, then chances are she likes you.

After all, she’s trying to bring you into her life.

More importantly, she wants you to get familiar with who she is and what she stands for.

Most women know that developing rapport is the best way to eventually develop a relationship with the man they like (which is you, btw).

4. She replies immediately.

Don’t you just hate it when a girl you like hardly responds to you? She takes ages and only gives you one-word answers.

I’ll be honest, that kind of girl probably doesn’t like you.

But the girl that responds immediately without hesitation? Yep, she likes you.

She doesn’t need to think about it. She knows she likes you and doesn’t want to play games.

Keep in mind that some girls play hard to get when they initially start texting you because they don’t want to appear desperate.

But soon enough, they’ll begin texting you right away when they get more comfortable (if they like you, of course).

5. She makes an effort with her replies

She doesn’t just give you one-word answers. She takes time with her responses and makes sure to ask follow up questions to keep the conversation going.

We all know that girls are chattier than men, so if she likes you, she’s going to put effort into her communication.

She’ll always ask follow-up questions, too. After all, she doesn’t want the conversation to fall flat with the guy she likes.

On the other hand, if she is just giving you one-word answers and not really making an effort, then the chances are she doesn’t really like you that much.

6. She notices when you haven’t texted her lately

If you haven’t texted her in a while and she asks you why that’s the case, that’s a visible sign that she’s thinking about you, and she values the conversations you usually have with her.

This is one of the most obvious signs. After all, if she’s afraid she’ll lose the connection with you, then it’s pretty evident that fear comes from her feelings for you.

She sees a potential future with you and doesn’t want to ruin her chance of developing a relationship with you.

She’s just reaching out to make sure you’re not losing interest in her.

7. She can’t help but use cute and sexy emojis

Before you take this sign too much into account, you need to get a grip on how she texts other people.

If she doesn’t seem to use a lot of cute and sexy emojis, but then she always does with you, then there’s a fair chance she likes you.

After all, this is almost a type of flirting over text.


Because she’s trying to make the conversation fun and sexy. And developing sexual rapport with you is her goal (even if she doesn’t know it explicitly). It’s more of a subconscious type of thing.

8. She teases you

Girls experience this all the time. When a guy teases them, they know that the guy usually likes them.

It’s just a way for a guy to make the communication fun, which is what will lead to the girl loving them.

Well, it’s also the same thing for girls.

If she is teasing you, she is trying to elicit an emotional response from you.

It also means she is comfortable enough with you to tease you and have fun with you.

If you start teasing her back, you’ll see the sexual chemistry skyrocket between the two of you.

Over text anyway.

9. She is always laughing at everything you say

When a girl likes a guy, she generally laughs at everything he says. It’s natural.

It’s precisely the same over text.

If she’s saying Lol, ROFL, lmao, haha to everything you say, it’s not only a sign that she’s having fun in the conversation with you, it’s also a way to say she likes you because you make her laugh.

It’s also a great sign that she’s comfortable in the conversation with you.

10. Conversations between you two seem effortless

This is a great sign that there’s chemistry and rapport between the two of you. And when there’s chemistry and rapport, the more likely it will be that she likes you.

Also, if she likes you, she’s probably making more of an effort in the conversation. She’s asking questions and being talkative because she wants to avoid any awkward silences.

If you like her, you’re probably doing the same which is making the conversation flow nicely.

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11. She’s asking personal questions

Many men don’t pick up on this sign.

Personal questions don’t mean the normal “getting to know you” questions. It’s questions that go beyond that.

She’s trying to get to know you for who you are. Perhaps the questions might have an emotional bent.

For example, instead of “what do you do,” it might be, “what motivates you to do what you do?”

Watch out for questions that you’re not really used to. She’ll take more time with her questions, and she’ll tailor them towards you.

They’ll be more considered and it’s an excellent sign of interest and attraction.

12. She’s telling you personal things about your life

In the same vein, when she becomes comfortable with you, she’ll reveal more about her personal life.

This is a great sign that she sees you as someone she can trust.

But in the same token, it doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you, though it a good sign.

If you’ve been friends with her for a while, then she’ll undoubtedly reveal more about herself because she feels comfortable with you, not because she likes you romantically.

But if you haven’t known her that long and she’s revealing personal things about her life that most people don’t talk about, then she clearly likes you.

13. She sends you lines from her favorite movies or songs

This is a creative type of flirting. She’s letting you know what she’s interested in while also parting some wisdom or humor your way.

In other words, she’s trying to impress you AND develop rapport.

It’s a clear sign that she likes you and is trying to move the relationship forward.

14. She’s sending you flirty and sexy messages

Well, this one speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

If she’s painting a picture of you two getting together in a way that your parents wouldn’t appreciate, then you can bet your bottom dollar she likes you.

For example, if she asks you what it would be like if you two kissed when you meet, that’s clear that she wants to take things further with you.

15. She keeps asking you about your personal life and what your plans are for the future

If she is asking you what your future is going to look like, then I can guarantee you she likes you and is seeing if a relationship is possible with you.

She’s trying to work out if there are any roadblocks in her imagination for a future relationship with you.

Trust me; if she is wondering what the future would like for the two of you, then you can guarantee that she likes you.

It also shows that she wants to know more about you. She’s trying to figure out if she two are a suitable match for each other.

16. She can’t help complimenting you

Maybe she is looking through your Facebook or Instagram photos, or she is prying about your accomplishments in life, but whatever it is, she can’t help but compliment you.

If she likes you she may even sound self-depreciating about it. For example, she may say things like, “A successful guy like you would never go for a girl like me.”

This means that she is attracted to you and fears that she won’t be good enough for you.

17. She is trying to work out if you have any other love interests or a girlfriend

This is a visible sign, but some guys just don’t see it.

Now a girl probably won’t come out and say, “Do you have a girlfriend?” because that might make her look desperate.

But if she is prying around to see if you have any other girls on the go, then she probably likes you.

For example, she might ask you, “When you went to your cousin’s wedding last year, who did you go with?”

She’s trying to figure out if you went with a girl or a girlfriend.

She just wants to know that you’re single and available.

Keep on the lookout for little things like this. If she’s trying to let you know she’s single and she wants to know your status, she probably likes you and wants to know that there could be a future between the two of you.

18. She can’t help but send you photos of herself

This is particularly the case if she is confident in her looks.

She’ll send you gorgeous photos of herself because she is trying to attract you and impress you.

To find out if she likes you, just ask her to send you a photo. If she does, then she likes you.

But if she doesn’t, well, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you, but she just might not be that confident in her looks.

19. She wants to ramp things up and face time with you

This is an obvious sign she likes you because she wants to speak to have an actual conversation with you. She is trying to build rapport and make sure that you two get along.

This is a great sign that she likes you and wants to move things along!

20. She’s copying your slang and writing style

This is a huge sign that someone likes you. It’s something we all do subconsciously.

Watch out for:

– Is she copying the same slang that you’re using? Is she replying back in a similar amount of sentences to what you’re using? If she is always trying to agree with you and act like you?

If she likes you, she’ll subconsciously try to act more like you. It’s something all humans do naturally with someone they like.

21. It’s important to remember that people express interest in different ways

– If she’s an alpha female and confident, then she’ll be pretty forward that she likes you.

She’s not going to come out and say it, but texts will be pretty direct to present you with clues.

If she’s the shy or anxious type, then it’s going to be a little more difficult.

The anxious/avoidant types will generally appear aloof, so it might take more time to develop rapport so they get more comfortable. Once they’re comfortable, it should be the same as an alpha female though.

– Also, keep in mind that most girls will wait for the guy to make the first move.

22. She asks you out

Well, you can’t get more obvious than this, can you?

Even if it is just for a friendly coffee together, it’s a clear sign she wants to escalate the relationship with you.

If you like her too, then why not just say yes!

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