10 ways sensitivity is linked to brilliance in exceptional minds

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Sensitivity and brilliance are often perceived to be mutually exclusive.

People believe that the smartest people are those who are able to prioritize facts over feelings, but this isn’t always true.

In fact, sensitivity is actually linked to brilliance in the most exceptional minds.

Want to learn how? Read more below to find out.

1) Sensitive people are creative

Sensitive people are typically creative.

Because they feel everything so deeply, they channel these feelings into brilliant works of art. That’s how we get magnificent books, heart-wrenching films, and songs that are so touching to the soul that they almost feel life-changing.

But their creativity reaches beyond the field of arts.

Sensitive people also make wonderful thinkers and scientists. Their brilliant minds often drive them to try to make sense of the world, whether it’s through the natural sciences or philosophy. 

2) Sensitive people are critical thinkers

Have you ever been told you’re “too sensitive?” That your feelings hinder you from making rational decisions?

Well, they were wrong. 

Sensitive people, such as you, have the ability to have such powerful feelings, which enables you to think deeply and carefully

This means you don’t take information at face value. Your careful deliberation and powerful intuition helps you determine what is true and what is not, which is a very useful skill to have in an era of misinformation.

3) Sensitive people are wallflowers

A sensitive person’s combined introversion and insightfulness make them wallflowers.

They would rather observe than participate. They often stay quiet, preferring to listen than to engage in conversation actively.

This makes them brilliant listeners and empaths, helping them understand others more profoundly than anyone else.

4) Sensitive people are deep thinkers

Sensitive people are deep thinkers.

They often ponder the meaning of life and human existence—are we merely specks in the vast, unending universe, or is there a more profound meaning behind our existence?

None of us truly know why we exist, and while at first it can be stressful to think about for sensitive people, their insights about the universe help them make sense of the world.

It’s what brings us the most brilliant philosophical schools of thought. The concept of morals and ethics all came from the minds of sensitive people, because they don’t only have a brilliant mind—they also have a wonderful soul.

5) Sensitive people are good decision-makers

People usually believe that extreme feelings are but a hindrance from making good decisions. 

But this cannot be farther from the truth.

While facts are important, feelings aren’t any less essential when making sound decisions.

In fact, science shows that the ability of sensitive people to feel deeply makes them more receptive to outside stimuli. It gives them the skill to notice subtle patterns which, in turn, enables them to predict outcomes accurately. 

This means they’re able to consider all the factors that come into play before making a decision.

But when they make mistakes, you can trust that a sensitive person will learn from it quickly.

6) Sensitive people are fast learners

Have you ever been told you’re a fast learner? Well, that might be because you’re a sensitive person.

Scientists believe that the ability to be sensitive to subtle stimuli was developed by our ancestors as an evolutionary strategy. 

This skill enabled them to quickly sense danger from afar, such as changes in the weather, spoiled food, or contaminated water.

But the wild is not only where this skill is advantageous—it can also be helpful in the present.

Being sensitive helps you see a person’s red flags from a mile away, which can prevent you from getting hurt.

7) Sensitive people are empathic

Empathy is a basic human skill. The ability to care and attune to the feelings of the people around us is what separates us from all other species.

But sensitive people have an especially higher level of empathy.

Their powerful empathy makes them brilliant problem-solvers. When they know what other people are feeling, they’re able to give sound advice and effective solutions to different problems.

8) Sensitive people are more receptive to training

The seemingly supernatural abilities of sensitive people are improved even more when they receive the proper training.

For example, in this 2022 study, a relationship education program was provided to marriages that are on the brink of divorce.

The researchers observed that sensitive partners were more receptive to the training, which consequently saved their marriage.

But this ability is not only limited in romantic relationships. Several studies have already shown that the abilities of sensitive people are supercharged by any form of support.

If you believe you’re a sensitive person, one way you can improve your skills even more is to have a stable support system.

9) Sensitive people are good leaders

Introverted people are usually perceived to be “too shy” to be in positions of leadership, but this is not always the case.

Even if sensitive people are usually introverted, their ability to easily sense the feelings of other people make them brilliant leaders.

They can anticipate the needs of others without asking, which helps them come up with effective solutions to different problems.

I would actually argue that sensitive people are more effective leaders than people who are more rational than emotional. 

This is because sensitive people are empathic. They don’t treat people as statistics that need to be fixed.

They see the stories, the feelings, and the soul. Their ability to be in touch with their humanity makes them better leaders than any other rational person.

10) Sensitive people are understanding 

Sensitive people do not judge based on what they see on the surface.

Instead, they are willing to take a deep dive into someone else’s life to see where they’re coming from.

They do not judge people who make mistakes. They believe in second chances. And most of all, they understand.

And their ability to understand others makes them brilliant teachers, doctors, friends, and romantic partners.

It’s what makes sensitive people so special.

Joyce Ann Isidro

Joyce is a writer who believes in the power of storytelling and changing lives by writing stories about love, relationships, and spirituality. A bookworm and art enthusiast, she considers herself a creative-at-heart who likes to satisfy her childish wonder through new hobbies and experiences.

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