A body language expert reveals the 8 signs of true love between Prince Harry and Meghan

We all know by now that body language is a huge tell.

Everything from your posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures can give the game away about how you really feel.

Body language experts around the globe have been getting to grips with Prince Harry and Meghan’s body language in the newly released Netflix series.

What does it tell us about their relationship?

Here’s how Meghan and Harry’s body language reveals true love.

1) Harry’s awkwardness over the couple’s first date

If you’ve ever gone bright red in front of your crush, then you’ll know all too well that true love isn’t always the most confident.

Strong emotions can make us timid, and even a little insecure. There are moments in the Netflix series ‘Harry & Meghan’ where Harry shows his shy side.

According to one expert, this is further evidence of Harry’s genuine love for Meghan.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb says body language not only tells us about the couple’s emotional connection but also to what extent they believe what they’re saying.

And when Harry starts to retell the tale of their first date, and significantly, him showing up 30 minutes late after getting caught in traffic, his sincerity shines through.

He expresses his embarrassment at his tardiness and nerves at meeting Meghan for the first time.

As Cobb explains to Bustle we know he is genuine because of the way he lowers his head and holds his nose as he talks.

“When he is saying that he was red and sweating, his body language supports that,” Cobb reveals.

“So we know that he’s not fibbing there, he’s not exaggerating. What he said matches his body language and that gives us confidence that what he’s saying is factual.”

And fellow body language expert Darren Stanton agrees.

“Whilst speaking about their first date, Prince Harry started to go a little bit red, which is congruent with embarrassment. He then started to touch his face and nose — signals which are referred to as pacifying gestures,” Stanton told the NY Post.

“Even though Meghan and Harry are in the present day speaking about their first date, the unconscious mind of Harry is triggering all of those past feelings and that is why we saw him go red and become fidgety,” he added.

Harry goes red-faced when recalling the couple’s first date | Source: Netflix

2) The couple reminiscing about their trip to Botswana

One of the romantic moments revealed in the first episode of the Netflix documentary series was the couple’s last-minute decision to jet off together to Botswana.

After having only met twice, Harry invited Meghan to join him so that they could make time to get to know one another away from prying eyes.

Harry recalls: “I was astonished that she said yes. This woman that I’ve only met twice, she’s coming to Botswana, and we’re going to be living in a tent for five days. Wow.”

Body language expert Blanca Cobb says that as the couple talks about the details of their first ever vacay together, their excitement (as well as their feelings for each other) is clear:

“They are crazy about each other. They’re looking at each other as they’re retelling the story [about traveling to Botswana]. They’re so connected — it’s a moment between them — and this is the type of behavior that you see with couples who are really into each other,”

Meghan and Harry embrace in Botswana | Source: Netflix

3) The way Harry and Meghan laugh together

When it comes to true love, a couple shouldn’t just be lovers, they need to be best friends too. And best friends ultimately have fun together.

That’s why Harry and Meghan’s playful body language is yet another sign of their true love.

Here’s body language expert Darren Stanton again:

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“It’s clear that they have a great sense of humor around each other and both of them are willing to demonstrate that in front of the cameras. Meghan was quite playful when Harry was speaking about him seeing her with a dog filter on social media as the pair laughed.”

In another moment Meghan reveals that Harry had a list of what he was looking for in a woman.

They joked together about it before Harry put an end to it all by commenting “let’s not go there”. But as Stanton explains, everything still remained light:

“However, he brushed off the conversation in good spirits, doing so in a joking and mischievous way,”

Meghan and Harry share a private joke together | Source: Netflix

4) Their child-like energy around each other

They say that love makes you feel like a kid again, and maybe they are right.

That certainly seems to be the case if you look at the often child-like body language that Prince Harry and Meghan display.

Body language expert Judi James, says many of the pictures the couple reveals in the documentary series show their almost innocent exuberance.

Speaking in the Express newspaper she references one photo in particular used in the first episode of the Netflix show with Meghan and Harry “leaping in the air with their mouths open like the kids from Fame”.

“The wide open mouth is a recurring body language theme here and it gives the impression that Harry is re-visiting his childhood state and re-writing that script to have a happy ending with another woman he clearly loves.”

Judi highlights, “There is no hint of an entitled lifestyle with wealth and high status created here.

Harry and Meghan look like two, in-love hippies rather than high-ranking royals.”

Harry and Meghan jump for joy | Source: Netflix

5) Their giddiness talking about the proposal

According to body language expert Cobb, signs of a genuinely loving partnership between Harry and Meghan can be seen throughout the first few episodes of the Netflix documentary series.

But she mentions their affection shining through when the couple discusses their engagement in the third episode, which leaves them clearly giddy and excited”.

“Their body language is consistent with how much they rely on each other for emotional support and how they have each other’s back,” Cobb points out.

 “It’s as if no one else mattered, but the two of them. They are one for the other. Exactly what you’d expect of a couple in love.”

Happy smiles after Meghan says yes to Harry’s proposal | Source: Netflix

6) Their loving eye-locked looks

Sometimes you don’t need a body language expert to tell you what is clearly written all over someone’s face.

Some of the clearest signs of true love between Prince Harry and Meghan are how these two lock eyes.

Whether it’s a reassurance glance or a lingering look, the love between them is obvious.

The look of love as Harry and Meghan gaze into each other’s eyes | Source: Netflix

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