12 traits of a high-quality elegant woman we can all learn from

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There’s something unique about her.

You can tell she isn’t the type to just want to “hang out” and watch TV on the couch all day.

She’d rather socialize with ambitious and dynamic types.

And when it’s her turn to pick where to have dinner, you know the food is going to be exquisite.

She wasn’t the type of person you “picked up” on a drunken Friday night; you really had to prove yourself to her.

Now you notice how mature and honest she is.

Here are 12 signs that let you know that you’re dealing with a high-quality elegant woman.

1. She Never Forgets to say Please and Thank You

You might have already been used to being so casual with your friends that you’ve forgotten what real manners look like.

When you sit in a restaurant together, and order, she always says “Please,”and “Thank you.”

She sits up tall, not slouching, but not exaggeratedly pulling her shoulders back either.

She places the table napkin on her lap and doesn’t put her elbows on the table.

When you’re eating together, no matter what restaurant, sitting with her feels like you’re enjoying some fine dining.

She moves with grace and doesn’t speak while her mouth is full.

When she does all of this, you just know she’s an elegant and classy lady.

2. Her Fashion Sense is Refined

She isn’t the type to just “put something on”.

All her outfits are planned and they’re of high-quality material.

Even the clothes she wears just lounging at home already make you think she’s getting ready for a magazine photoshoot.

She may take most of her fashion inspiration from the covers of Vogue, Anna Wintour, or Princess Diana.

The fit of her jeans is just right, and the colors she wears compliments her skin tone and her eyes flawlessly.

As striking as her outfits are, they’re never loud. They’re subtle.

She knows how to style herself, whether it’s a luxury brand or thrifted pieces.

3. She’s Punctual

Classy and high-quality women tend to be busy women.

They’re always up to something, whether it’s going to an important meeting, managing her various departments, or even simply seeing friends.

In all these things, she is always on time. She’s very rarely running late.

She understands not only how to manage her time but also the value of it for other people.

When you agree to meet up together, you can expect her to be there a few minutes earlier.

She may even follow the maxim, “Early is on time; on time is late”

She isn’t impatient.

She’d much rather wait on someone than be the one waited on, despite her status.

4. She Doesn’t Fight You; She Discusses

While disagreeing with other women could easily escalate to shouting matches, tantrum-throwing – generally not having a productive conversation.

This is not the case with a classy and elegant woman. She doesn’t express it in the way you’re most used to.

Instead of getting into a shouting match, she may instead try to understand where you’re coming from.

She listens to your side of the argument and shares her side directly and clearly. And if she’s wrong (which may rarely happen), she’s willing to admit it.

5. She Doesn’t Depend on You or Anyone to Take Care of Her

While other girls wait around for a man to take them on a date or pay for their meal, she does it herself.

She’s hustled her way to the lavish lifestyle she now lives.

Though she’s had the support of her family and friends, for the most part, she’s self-made.

She’s a completely independent woman that doesn’t need anyone to take care of her.

So if she’s chosen to go out with you, you should consider yourself lucky.

It means she’s giving you a chance to prove yourself to her; let her know she’s not wasting her time with you.

6. She Knows How to Handle Her Alcohol

She doesn’t go for beer; she prefers the hard drinks. She knows her cocktails and vintage wines.

While you can spend an evening drinking together, don’t expect her to get too tipsy and clumsy.

She isn’t the type to go out partying, taking shots, getting wasted, and passing out in the cab ride home.

She’d rather sit with you in a quiet area for an intimate evening of getting to know each other.

7. She Can Manage a Healthy Lifestyle

She’s fit. But what might shock you is that she doesn’t follow any strict diets.

Others might be relying on going vegan or a paleo diet.

She, on the other hand, knows her nutrients.

She knows how to cook up delicious and healthy meals that fuels her throughout the day.

Her healthy lifestyle is also supplemented with physical activities.

If she isn’t jogging, she’s swimming, or playing squash or tennis, polo or golf.

She doesn’t enjoy sitting in front of her laptop all day; she stays active.

8. She Knows How to Keep Conversations Engaging

Classy women understand the art of good conversation; there’s rarely awkward lulls in conversation.

When you’re talking, conversations feel like they seamlessly transition from one topic to the next.

She alternates between teasing you and getting to know you. She’s quick-witted in her comebacks as well.

When you’re talking, you can feel her energy; she gives you her full attention because she really wants to get to know you.

9. She’s Always Learning Something New

When you talk to her, you might sometimes feel insecure about how little you know compared to her.

She always seems to be up to date on the latest political and economic news, as well as having her finger on the pulse of culture; she knows what’s trending and what’s out.

Often in her spare time instead of going out and partying with the elites, she might be tucked away in her room with a thick book.

She’s always trying to improve herself and her mind, learning new languages, instruments, or skills whenever she can.

10. She isn’t Afraid to Voice Her Opinions

While other women may have been taught growing up that it’s more polite to stay silent, she doesn’t follow that traditional teaching.

When she’s with other people who are voicing opposing opinions, she isn’t afraid to chime in and correct them or at least argue for her other side.

There might be men discussing managerial tactics that she disagrees with.

When this happens, she joins in and shares a better alternative to the solutions they’re proposing.

While others might be afraid to do such a thing, she’s fearless and confident in herself and knows she’s right.

11. She Lives an Experience-Rich Life

She’s not the type to have two days in a row that look exactly the same.

One day she might be painting a majestic tree in her garden, then the next day she might be off visiting the sights of her city.

She loves to try new things, which means she might be multitalented: she can play the piano, dance, and even speak a third language.

When you ask her about her life, she always brings up fantastical stories about her travels around the globe, meeting different people, and having memorable experiences.

12. She Can Empathize with Ease

When her friends need advice, she’s the one they go to.

She knows how to listen intently to their struggles and can fully see where their pain and problems are coming from.

She doesn’t give unsolicited advice, but when she does, it always seems to be the wisest one.

She’s able to see the world through another person’s eyes.

She might have been born with this skill, she might not.

But what’s sure is that she always takes the time to talk to people that need her.

She gives them her full attention as if they’re the most important person in the world.

Her sensitivity to the emotions of others are what have allowed her to sustain such meaningful relationships over the years.

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