From Toxic to Healthy Relationships (to Finally Set Yourself Free)

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Rudá Iandê takes you through the exact same process he has shared with thousands of people to help them break free from the tragic codependent patterns that keep us stuck in toxic and unhealthy relationships.

Thousands have already watched this video and reported life-changing results.

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Delivered by Rudá Iandê

A world-renowned shaman who has helped thousands of people from all over the world, Rudá Iandê has now started sharing his unique processes of self-empowerment online through his partnership with Ideapod and Hack Spirit.

Hosted by Nicole Evans

A long-time member of the Ideapod community, the actress Nicole Evans has recently been hosting Ideapod's online events and summits. She shares her authentic experience of undergoing the process at the start of the video.

Produced by Ideapod

Ideapod is one of Hack Spirit's closest partners, and for good reason. They are an online media platform with the mission to redefine self-development. Their online productions always provoke a profound rethinking of personal empowerment.

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