9 habits that make someone a fierce protector of loved ones

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a real-life superhero for your loved ones?

The kind of person who’s always there, ready to protect and care for them, even defend them when needed?

Or to put it simply, be a fierce protector? 

I’ve often been called one, or more specifically, a “mama bear,” and it’s a name I wear with pride. As a fierce protector, I’m not only there to shield my loved ones from harm, but also to encourage and uplift them.

Contrary to what people might think, being a fierce protector isn’t a matter of having the right inborn traits. It’s about cultivating habits that enable us to stand strong for those we care about most. 

In this article, I’ll share 9 habits that make someone a fierce protector of their loved ones. Let’s dive in!

1) Prioritizing open communication

I’ll start by correcting the common misconception that fierce protectors are aggressive and confrontational, or overbearing and controlling. I see why people would think that way; after all, “fierce” brings forth a picture of power and aggression. 

But that’s not at all true. While fierce protectors do stand up and fight when needed (more on this later), they actually prioritize healthy communication

That’s because it is the foundation of any strong relationship, which is always a major life goal for a fierce protector. 

That’s why I personally make it a point to talk openly about feelings, concerns, and aspirations, and encourage those around me to do the same. 

Because in the day-to-day of relationships, that’s how I make my loved ones feel heard and supported. It’s how I understand their needs and keep our ties close. 

2) Practicing empathy and compassion

As we communicate, it’s important to always respond with empathy and compassion

I’ve seen families where the parents were strict and rigid, believing that it’s the right way to protect their children. And I hate to say it, but it never ends well. When the kids grow up, they end up becoming distant and uninvolved.  

Of course, as a parent myself, I understand the importance of being firm. But I think that what matters most is how we make our loved ones feel. There’s a way to be firm and kind at the same time. We want to make them feel safe, not suffocated or judged. 

So, empathy and compassion? They always need to be top of mind when talking to one another. 

That way, we can offer the right kind of support and guidance they need. We can be the right person they turn to during tough times. 

This leads me to my next point…

3) Providing a safe space

One of the most important aspects of being a fierce protector is creating a safe space for our loved ones. 

As I mentioned earlier, we want our loved ones to feel safe with us. I’m not just talking about keeping them physically safe. 

It’s also about emotional safety – we want them to feel like they can open up without fear of judgment or criticism.

For fierce protectors, providing this sense of safety and reassurance is crucial in maintaining strong and supportive relationships.

4) Being dependable and trustworthy

Part of creating a safe space is being consistent and true to your word. That’s why fierce protectors are dependable and trustworthy

They follow through on promises and commitments made. When they say they’ll be there, they really will. When they say they’ll keep a secret, you can be sure they’ll take it to their grave!

It gives their loved ones a sense of stability, that security of knowing they have someone to rely on without fear of betrayal. 

5) Standing up for them when necessary

This is perhaps one of the most distinctive things a person could do that would earn them the title of “fierce protector.” 

There will be times when our loved ones face challenges or confrontations that require us to step in and stand up for them. I’ve had my fair share of this for sure, both as a parent and a wife. 

As fierce protectors, it’s our duty to be our loved ones’ advocate and defend them when necessary. I always make sure to have my loved ones’ backs, whether it’s in a social situation, a disagreement, or any other circumstance that calls for support.

Take care not to go overboard, though. There’s a thin line between defending and enabling. 

It’s essential to know when to step in and when to allow our loved ones to handle situations on their own. We must find the right balance between being a fierce protector and respecting/encouraging their autonomy.

That said, we should also be able to stand up for ourselves against the very people we love protecting…

6) Establishing healthy boundaries

Believe it or not, setting boundaries is a key element of being a fierce protector. Because the truth is, when you’re the one people turn to for support, the dynamic can sometimes become unbalanced. 

Fierce protectors know this, so they establish clear boundaries, too. They know when someone’s overstepping and asking too much of them. 

Because if they don’t, they could end up feeling drained and frazzled all the time. Ask any mom who doesn’t take their me-time seriously, and they’ll tell you that’s how they often feel.

So, remember this: you can only give of yourself what you have. If you’re always running on empty, there’s no way you can be the fierce protector you want to be. 

7) Being proactive in their loved ones’ well-being and growth

The fiercest protectors, just like any good leader, know the value of being proactive. They don’t wait for a crisis to step in and help their loved ones.

Instead, they stay a step ahead and get involved and connected from the get-go. You see this in the way they help their loved ones, such as: 

  • Helping them stay on track with a fitness plan
  • Lending a hand with household chores
  • Training them to be disciplined
  • Getting to know their friends
  • Offering praise, encouragement, and constructive feedback

Simply put, it’s all about setting them up for success! 

8) Recognizing and celebrating their achievements

And when their loved ones do succeed? Oh, fierce protectors feel that joy a thousand times more! 

I think I speak for all the fierce protectors out there when I say that celebrating the achievements of our friends and family is one of the most fulfilling times in our lives. 

We find joy in letting them know how proud we are of their efforts in many forms – from a heartfelt compliment to a surprise party or a thoughtful gift. 

9) Offering unconditional love and support

Finally, we get to this most important point – at the heart of being a fierce protector is the unconditional love and support we provide to our loved ones. 

I believe that this unwavering commitment is what truly sets us apart and makes us the champions our friends and family need. 

For me, my grandmother was my fierce protector. She was my definition of unconditional love. No matter what I did, the one thing I could be sure of was her love for me – no strings attached. 

In fact, when I was younger, I would think, “I could commit murder, and this woman would help me get away with it!”

But I guess that’s why I’m a fierce protector myself now. I know what it feels like to have somebody standing by you steadfastly, and it has made such a huge difference. It’s priceless.

So, once I grew up, I wanted to be that person for my friends and family, too. 

I hope these habits can help you be a fierce protector for the people in your life as well

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