10 habits of people who attract positive energy

We can’t quite put our finger on it but we know them for how good we feel around them.

There are just people who attract so much positive energy it’s like they have a batphone to the Universe granting their wishes each and every time.

How do they do it? Are they simply born lucky?

Believe it or not—it’s an inside job and a lifestyle built up of simple habits any of us can do.

Start these habits and pretty soon, you’ll be one of the people who attract positive energy effortlessly.

1. They start the day with gratitude

With all the things going wrong in the world right now, being grateful doesn’t really top the to-do list of most people.

And this is what makes this habit extra powerful.

People who attract positive energy have built up systems to appreciate what they already have as soon as they wake up, and throughout the day.

But it’s not just all about attracting positivity. They’re also activating a forcefield that repels negativity, not to mention the entitlement that surrounds many people who have a lot but still complain just as much.

So whether through prayers or affirmations, their gratitude practice power charges the beginning of each day and sets them up to attract the positives from here on out.

2. They clear space

You don’t have to be into feng shui to know that clutter and chaos opens up an energetic drain.

Whether it’s their lifestyles or their homes, people who attract good energy know that clearing up space is a surefire way to invite more of the good to come into their lives.

They don’t overbook their schedules for fear of missing out nor overstack their cabinets and closets with things they barely use out of a scarcity mindset that they might need it down the line.

And because they only keep the experiences, relationships, and things that energize them, the positivity cascades and spreads in all aspects of their lives.

3. They enjoy silence

Have you ever been to those houses that keep the TV on all the time even if no one is really watching?

How about those people you meet at parties who seem obsessed with the need to fill every moment with a word?

Tiring, right?

On the other hand, people who attract positive energy seem to be surrounded with a comfortable silence that neither feels awkward nor contrived.

And while other people expect silence equals boredom, on the contrary, people with good vibes are attentive, engaged and open to moments of awe.

And because they are comfortable with silence, they are able to truly listen to their inner selves. Their self-awareness and listening skills makes them attractive not just to positive energies, but to people and opportunities as well.

4. They move

Whether it’s taking short walks, dancing or as simple as stretching their arms at the desk, people who attract good energy have become so attuned to their bodies, how it feels and what it needs to feel better.

Afterall, it can’t be easy to attract good energy when the body is creaking, and suffering from aches and pains.

But before you throw away money on expensive gym memberships, take a cue from observing some of the high vibing people around you.

Think of the guy who bikes in the morning to buy bread and always glows as they wave by, or the 80-year-old lady who sings to her plants and flowers while gardening.

Think of your aunt who’s always dancing around her kitchen whipping up another amazing dish, or your neighbor who’s always got a home DIY project underway.

If you look closely, you’ll probably notice that their movement practice isn’t always esoteric or hyper athletic. By moving in ways that suffuse their lives with bliss, they make sure that the good energy they have always sticks around.

5. They seek and find inspiration everywhere

While some people wait to go on some grand vacation, people who attract positive energy find inspiration in the ordinary—a ray of light on a leaf, or a line from a song from a passing car is enough to fill them with good vibes.

They have the eyes and the heart of a child. It requires very little for them to be happy. More than that, they remain positive even if things aren’t going too well.

They don’t aim to become rich, to find a great partner, to become perfectly healthy so they can finally be happy. They already are because they see beauty and inspiration no matter their circumstance.

And because they have the unique capacity to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, their positive energy has an infinite source of replenishment.

6. They own the power of their words

People who attract positive energy practice speaking kindly to others, but most of all to themselves.

And while practicing affirmations are proven to be beneficial, being aware of our internal dialogue is just as important.

Good vibes people don’t call themselves (or others) “stupid” when mistakes are made. Instead, they often say compassionate and encouraging phrases like “We made a mistake and that’s okay” or “I can do better next time.”

They know that to court good energy to their side, gracious speech is always a better choice.

7. They know how to rest and replenish

Ever had those days when you skipped on sleep or a good meal and before you know it… the day has gone downhill with mistakes and mishaps from every direction coming your way?

People who attract good energy know that it’s not a waste of time and energy to rest and replenish.

Whether it’s a quick shower, a 10 minute coffee break, a good night’s sleep, a good song, or a non-judgmental convo with a friend, people who attract positive energy practice filling up their own reserves long before they are depleted—without guilt and without reservations.

8. They use breath to attract energy

Without breath, there would be no life. And people who attract positive energy make sure to fill up their own oxygen tank.

While breathing may seem like the simplest most basic thing, many of us go through life taking shallow breaths that keep us in survival mode. People who attract positive energy have harnessed the power of breath to recharge, center, and concentrate their energy.

People who attract positive energy take deep and steady breaths before going into challenging situations, while navigating conflict, and stressful situations, and while talking with other people.

9. They find the light

They try to look for the good—the light— in every situation instead of focusing on the bad. If someone was late to a party, they won’t focus on how annoying it is that they’re late. Instead, they’d be grateful that they even arrived and in one piece!

And they find light literally, too! Yes, I mean sunlight.

The benefits of sunlight range from improving the immune system, to improving sleep quality. Sunlight also helps boost moods by helping the brain release serotonin that energizes, calms, and focuses the mind towards the positive.

People who attract positive energy know either intuitively or strategically that being in the sun and looking at the light side of things makes them feel good.

And feeling good makes them a magnet for abundance, and manifestation of dreams.

10. They honor emotions

People who attract positive energy are not scared of reality, sadness, anger, nor of feelings and thoughts that others would judgmentally brand as ‘negative.’

They won’t tell a friend who needs someone to hold space for their struggle “good vibes only.”

They know that to honor emotions is part of the process of harnessing good energy.

They honor their own feelings and others without rushing through the process.

They acknowledge challenges and difficulties but they also don’t dwell for a minute longer than necessary.

And because they understand this process, they don’t stay stuck and have the tenacious capacity to move towards hope and solution-seeking far swifter than most.

Last Words

While some gurus may make you believe that attracting positive energy is a complex and complicated process exclusive only to those who have the higher teachings, it’s really accessible and doable for anyone to begin.

The habits on this list are simple and require nothing but effort, awareness and intention.

While some people do seem born naturally attracting positive energy their way, often all it takes is the gentlest of shifts in your daily habits.

Pick one habit that resonates strongest and observe what changes you feel in you, and around you.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to begin with breath, or gratitude. All that matters is that you are being relaxed with easing into the process. Be gentle with your transition and don’t you dare be bogged down by perfection.

Enjoy the journey and pretty soon, you’ll be one of those magically gifted positive energy magnets, too.

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