10 habits of women who prioritize honesty in relationships

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I’ve dated some gold diggers and some very nasty women in my time.

What tied them together was a really awful dishonesty and immaturity in failing to communicate. 

By contrast, there are key habits that honest and worthy women display in relationships that I want to take a look at here. 

1) She’s honest about her past

Many of us have relationships, traumas and problems that we’d rather leave in the past. 

But the truth is that no relationship can be built on a solid basis without honesty about our past. 

Women who care about honesty in a relationship don’t try to hide or “rehab” their past. 

They’re honest about what they’ve been through and their struggles. 

They’re honest about toxic exes, about life crises and about addictions or issues they may have had. 

Now I’m not saying they dump this on you all at once and give you a high five: but sooner or later an honest woman is going to tell you about what (and who) is in her past, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

2) She only makes promises she intends to keep 

Dishonest and flaky women make all sorts of promises and commitments that they have zero intention of keeping. 

The problem is that you often don’t realize that until they have shafted you numerous times. 

It’s at that point you understand that she hasn’t just slipped up a time or two: she’s a truly unreliable, dishonest person. 

Women who care about being authentic and honest in a relationship, by contrast, only make promises they intend to keep

If they aren’t sure about something they say “I’m not sure.”

They take their words seriously and they stand behind their promises. It’s certainly a refreshing (and rare) change from your standard flake queen. 

3) She opens up to you when she’s having a bad day 

There’s a fine line about admitting you’re having a shitty day and taking it out on others. 

I think many of us guys have dated women who manage to capture the worst of both worlds in this respect:

They don’t admit they’re having a bad day, yet they still take out their bad mood on you. 

To say it’s unpleasant would be a serious understatement. 

Women who care about honesty admit when they’re having a bad day. They also do their best to not take it out on you. 

If and when they do take it out on you, even in small ways, they own up to that instead of gaslighting you or claiming that any shrewish behavior on their part was somehow your fault.


4) She appreciates your time and doesn’t take it for granted 

The kind of high quality woman who’s ready to really love a man and be honest never takes your time for granted. 

She values your time and respects your other commitments. 

We all want to be put first sometimes and she’s no different. 

But you’ll notice that she doesn’t treat you like an appendage or somebody who owes her your time. 

She respects you, accepts when you’re busy and is honest about how much she wants to see you or needs her own space as well. 

5) She’s financially transparent and doesn’t freeload 

Money is one of those subjects that’s easy to avoid until it blows up right in your face and ruins a relationship. 

That’s why financial transparency is so important. 

Women who value honesty will open up about where they’re at financially. They won’t spring the news on you that they’re massively in debt after a year together. 

People have a right to their financial privacy even in relationships, but honesty does require that at least big financial problems be admitted. 

An honest woman will also never use you for your money. If you sense a gold digger, you need to get out as soon as possible as this will not only sap your accounts but also your self-worth and self-respect. 

Nobody wants to be a pathetic simp and a piggy bank! 

6) She discusses relationship concerns instead of repressing them

When there’s a problem or concern in the relationship, an honest woman will talk about it. 

There’s no use in repressing problems, and they tend to fester and become much worse if you do. 

It’s the same on the personal level as it is on the relationship level: ignoring issues doesn’t improve or resolve problems, it just makes them grow under the surface! 

That’s why a woman who cares about honesty will admit when something’s not going right, even if it’s only on her end. 

7) She tells you any issue she has with you instead of pretending everything is fine

When it comes to particular issues your partner may have with you, an honest woman is going to discuss them. 

Whether you feel her concerns are valid or not is besides the point. 

But if she’s honest you’ll at least be able to count on her telling you and not plastering on a fake smile and an appearance that everything is fine when it’s clearly not fine. 

Passive aggressive patterns and not knowing what you did wrong can be such an awful thing in relationships, which is why an honest woman being direct with you is such a relief. 

When you’ve upset someone you want to know why! 

8) She admits when she strongly disagrees with you or finds your views or actions objectionable 

People who are confident and honest don’t feel the need to be overly nice or agreeable. 

An honest woman will respect you enough to let you know when she thinks you’re wrong or being an idiot. 

To be fair, these kinds of disagreements could be strong enough that you end up breaking up. 

But at least you won’t be staying together on false pretenses! 

9) She’s self-aware and admits her own weaknesses and shortcomings 

An honest woman will be self-aware and know her own strengths and weaknesses. 

Dating somebody who’s self-aware is immensely superior to dating somebody who’s winging it. 

It’s like the difference between walking in a forest with a flashlight or stumbling drunk in a forest with no way to see. 

When you’re with someone who’s self-aware it also encourages you to become more self-aware, which is a definite win-win situation. 

10) She approaches the relationship’s future with honesty and realism 

Every couple who’s in love will sometimes talk about the future or even dream about it. 

An honest woman will only make promises she can keep, as I mentioned. 

But at the same time she will be willing to discuss the future at least in terms of maybes. 

She might not know all her future plans or exactly where she feels the relationship with you is going. 

But she’ll be willing to talk it over. 

And if she’s having doubts she’ll let you in on them instead of hiding it and blindsiding you later. 

Finding an honest woman 

Finding an honest woman, or man for that matter, is not easy. 

The fact is that everyone is honest up to a certain degree, but then the lies start. 

When somebody has sacrificed principles for self-interest, you can no longer trust them. 

Only partner up with a woman who is consistent in her behavior and doesn’t lie, even about the small things. 

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