10 habits of women who never let drama ruin their lives 

Drama has a nasty habit of popping up whenever we least expect or want it, and while it stresses most people out, some women manage to handle it calmly and with class and grace…

So, in this article, I’ll be sharing 10 habits of women who never let drama ruin their lives…you’re going to want a pen and paper for this one, ladies! 

Let’s jump straight in:

1) They actively avoid drama

Women who hate drama and don’t want it to seep into their lives do the most obvious thing:

They avoid it like the plague! 

They don’t:

  • Gossip 
  • Stir the pot 
  • Hang out with people who bring drama 

These women know that if you give an inch, the drama lamas of the world will take a mile! 

So, if you want to stop letting drama ruin your life, this is the very first step to take. Stay away from drama queens and kings, protect your personal space, and don’t give in to gossip or hearsay! 

2) They prioritize self-care 

Now, if you’re really sure about cutting out the drama from your life, you’re going to have to be strong enough (mentally and physically) to do so. 

Because let’s be honest – drama has a way of following us around even when we don’t want it! 

So, get into the habit of practicing self-care. This includes:

  • Exercising regularly 
  • Eating/sleeping well and drinking enough H2O! 
  • Doing activities that make you feel good 
  • Journaling/meditating to stay grounded and focused 

You see, the more you invest in yourself, the easier it’ll be to walk away from drama when it comes knocking on your door. 

You’ll also be in a better headspace to implement the next habit of women who never let drama ruin their lives:

3) They set healthy boundaries 

Once you’ve got the first two points down, it’s time to start introducing healthy and STRONG boundaries.

You’ll notice that I bolded the word “strong” because it’s going to take some willpower to enforce your limits, especially on the drama drivers in your life! 

So, what types of boundaries should you put in place?

Things like:

  • “I’m not interested in gossiping about other people. Can we talk about something else?” 
  • “I don’t want to hear about this drama – it’s none of my business and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell me about it.”
  • “I see you’re angry. I do want to talk to you but let’s find a time when we’re both calmer.” 

The point is, you’ve got to get comfortable with telling people what you don’t like and what you won’t engage in. 

People will push their luck, but the more you stick to your boundaries, the sooner they’ll get the message. 

4) They communicate effectively 

And when you’re setting boundaries, you’re going to need to communicate clearly.

The truth is, women who never let drama ruin their lives make it a habit to speak assertively.

This means:

  • Looking people in the eye 
  • Speaking loudly and clearly 
  • Not beating around the bush 

If you master this, there’ll be fewer opportunities for people to twist your words or look for “hidden meanings” in what you say. This will hopefully make it harder for them to cause drama!

And as you enforce your boundaries, they’ll have no choice but to respect your decisions, especially if you stand your ground in the fight for a drama-free life! 

5) They practice empathy 

Another habit of women who never let drama ruin their lives is practicing empathy.

When we’re empathetic with others, it deepens our connections but also helps us to understand people better.

And when we understand people, it’s easier to get to the root of their actions rather than judge and speculate…which often leads to the dreaded D word! 

Women who don’t want drama work hard to see other people’s perspectives and avoid jumping to conclusions. 

6) They know when to cut out toxic people 

But just because you’re empathetic doesn’t mean you have to give people a free ride! 

Women who don’t let drama ruin their lives know when it’s time to cut people out – especially those who prove to be toxic

You see, some people will never respect your boundaries. They’ll constantly bring drama and negativity into your life.

And it’s important that you know when to call it quits and go your separate ways. If not for a peaceful life, then at least for peace of mind! 

7) They focus on solutions 

Another important habit of women who never let drama affect them is to focus on solutions rather than problems. 

Case in point:

Amara has just been told her maid of honor has an emergency and can’t make it. She can either: 

Start panicking, jump to conclusions, and bad-mouth her maid of honor for letting her down on her big day.


Recognize it was probably something quite serious if her M.O.F canceled at the last minute and send a text to say she hopes she’s okay. Then, ask one of her bridesmaids to step in, and the whole wedding goes smoothly and to plan.  

Here’s the thing – when you focus on solutions, it’s harder for the drama to work its way in! 

You’re more likely to think clearly and resolve the issue, rather than blow it out of proportion. 

8) They keep a positive attitude 

Another habit to adopt if you want to stop drama from ruining your life is to keep a positive attitude

Much like focusing on solutions, this will make it harder (if not impossible) for drama to seep in. 

Rather than worrying about your colleague who gossips, or a friend who’s creating a mountain out of a molehill, if you’re able to focus on the good things in life, you’ll remove power and attention from the drama. 

Keeping a gratitude journal could help you get started – the whole point is to focus your mindset toward the positive and away from the negative! 

9) They learn from their mistakes 

Now, another habit of women who never let drama ruin their lives is that they don’t repeat the same mistake twice. 

They get into the habit of reflecting on the situations and dramas in their lives, and then asking questions such as:

What would I do better next time? 

How could I handle this situation differently? 

What have I learned from this?

If you can do this every single time you find yourself being bogged down with drama, eventually you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize when drama is about to arise
  • Spot people who bring drama  
  • Avoid getting dragged into other people’s drama 

It may be a bit of trial and error to start with, so this is another good opportunity to start journaling and keeping track of your reflections and progress! 

10) They stay true to their values 

And finally, women who avoid drama ruining their lives tend to be in the habit of staying true to their values

For example, in my own life, “peace” is something I value. Once I made it a priority to live my life by this value, I automatically started cutting out people who bring drama

So, figure out what matters most to you in life. Work on creating your life around your values. And anyone who comes along and contradicts those values?

You’ll know to avoid them before they suck you into their drama! 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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