10 habits of successful women who always move forward in life

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Some women are simply unstoppable.

They keep moving forward in life even if they have chronic back pain, five kids, and a thousand-and-one setbacks.

And this is the reason why they’re successful at anything they set their mind to.

Want to be this kind of woman?

You don’t have to do crazy things. 

You simply have to develop a few simple habits.

Here are 10 habits of successful women who always move forward in life.

1) They remind themselves that they’re awesome

The world is much harder on women. 

It’s been sixty years since the civil rights movement and yet many people still think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

If we speak up and express our ideas, we’re seen as “dumb” or “trying hard” or “bossy”. 

If we pursue our calling, people think it’s “cute” that we’re doing our “hobbies”. 

In other words, people don’t take women seriously.

All of this could be the reason why women tend to be more insecure than men. 

Successful women counter this bad energy with positive self-talk.

They don’t just tell themselves they’re awesome, they tell themselves why exactly!

If they’re an aspiring writer, they might say “I really like the way you write. You’re so insightful and sensitive. The world needs you.”

Not a day passes that they won’t tell themselves how good they are.

They need it like they need water.

It’s not because they’re vain, it’s because they know that confidence is essential to keep moving forward in life. 

2) They check in on their mental health

No matter how empowered a woman is, if she’s in the dark depths of depression or if she’s crippling with anxiety, she’ll struggle to move forward in life.

And even if she’s able to, it would be at a snail’s pace until she’d lose momentum and motivation to keep going.

This is the reason why successful women pay extra attention to their mental health.

If they’re feeling down, they’ll stop everything and sit with their feelings.

In fact, even if they’re feeling great, they regularly pay attention to their mental health to ensure everything’s alright.

And if they think they need professional help, they wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist.

3) They try to get to know themselves better

When we think of success, the first thing that probably comes to mind is hard work or self-discipline.

But successful women know that even if they work 16 hours a day, every single day, they won’t go anywhere if they’re moving in the wrong direction!

Success, for them, is achieving the life they genuinely want for themselves. 

And so for that to happen, they have to know themselves better. It’s simply a must.

How do they do it?

  • They ask themselves important questions such as “Who am I?”
  • They try to define their life purpose
  • They try to define what success looks like to them
  • They define and redefine their values
  • They define the things they want and don’t want, and more.

And if they realize that they’ve changed, they will let go of their past self and simply move forward to become the brand new person that they now want to be.

4) They establish a daily routine (and stick to it)

Successful women know that success doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s achieved by repetition—by small habits done daily.

And so, once they figure out what they truly want in life, they make sure they’re doing things that could lead them to it. 

Here are some of the things successful women do to have a productive day:

  • They wake up early
  • They exercise and eat healthy meals
  • They make to-do lists 
  • They use productivity apps like Pomodoro
  • They do deep work at the time that best suits them
  • They sleep at the same time every night
  • They meditate

These habits have become so automatic for them that they don’t even have to exert any effort to achieve them.

And because of this, they’re able to achieve more things, fastrack success, and keep moving forward.

5) They set goals and work on them with gusto

The most successful women I know are always setting goals.

They’re just so passionate!

I once met an entrepreneur who’s already in her 60s. When she talks about her ideas, she gets so excited that her eyes twinkle. 

She’s busting with passion…and that’s probably the reason why she’s achieved so much!

Successful women are not afraid to have so many interests and so many projects. They’re not afraid to be seen as “too ambitious”

If one fails, they’ll do another, and another. 

They’re always busy with projects in various stages of production.

They know they can’t achieve them all, of course. But they can definitely achieve SOME of them.

Besides, even if many of them didn’t take off, they had fun and learned a lot doing them.

6) They devour all things self-development

You might find self-development books and videos too “dumb” or “basic” or “full of fluff”.

And let me tell you this: most successful women feel the same way! 

They’re not as basic as you think. Seriously.

But they know that consuming anything self-development is essential for success.

They treat them like vegetables—they have to eat them to achieve good health. Besides, most of them are really delicious anyways.

So even if they’ve read too many productivity books, they’ll keep reading.

Not only will they learn from them, they’ll be reminded that that yep, they’ve got goals and they need to achieve them all.

It’s easy to forget our goals when we’re not thinking about them. So they make sure they’re always motivated to move forward in life.

7) They regularly assess their progress

Contrary to popular belief, successful women don’t just keep going. 

From time to time, they pause and take a look at where they are and what they’ve got.

They ask themselves questions like:

  • Is this still aligned with my life goals?
  • Am I really enjoying this?
  • Do I still find this meaningful?
  • Am I truly benefiting from this or am I staying just because I feel bad to back out?

And if the realize that they still want to continue what they’re doing, they’ll ask themselves:

  • How can I make this easier for me?
  • Can I delegate certain tasks?
  • What kind of help do I need?
  • Am I ready to work less on this so I can pursue other things?

Successful women know that some people get stuck because they don’t bother to examine their life and what they’re doing. 

So they make sure they pause and zoom out from time to time. And if they have to change directions, they will.

8) They push themselves to try new things

The people who constantly move forward in life are the ones who are always trying new things. 

Successful women regularly go out of their comfort zone. 

They love to create, experiment, explore, and discover.

They’re the ones who’d try ballet at 50 just because they’re curious.

Or the ones who’d always try out new restaurants just to try something new.

Of course, they won’t do things that could be harmful for them—like cheating on a partner or driving at 200 kph just to spice up their life.

They make sure that they’re trying new things that could actually benefit them.

They want to move forward, not backward, after all.

9) They find ways to work smart

Successful women value time. And this is the reason why they always find ways to work less hours.

They know that if they devote all their time to something, they’d be stuck doing it for a very long time. And they most certainly don’t want that!

That’s why they find ways to work less on tasks they can delegate.

They’ll hire an assistant, an intern, or use apps to make their life easier.


So they won’t burn out!

But also, so they can start doing other things—whether it’s something to do with their career or their home life.

10) They get inspiration from other women

Successful women are successful because, first and foremost, they believe they can be successful.

And they achieve this by looking up to other successful women.

They read bios of successful women from Patti Smith to Michelle Obama to Arianna Huffington.

They befriend other women who have big dreams.

They ask guidance from the strongest and wisest women in their lives.

They want to get as much positive influence as possible.

It makes them think that if others can do it, surely they can do it, too.

And when they’re feeling especially uninspired, they hold their head up high and tell themselves to keep moving forward so that one day, THEY too will become an inspiration for other women.

Final thoughts

It’s normal to feel stuck in life, especially as we get older.

But here’s something you must know: even the most successful women get stuck from time to time.

What sets them apart is that they just keep moving forward.

So don’t feel bad. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not lazy or weak or irresponsible.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re very motivated and willing to grow.

Trust me—if you develop at least half of the habits in this article, you’ll become one of them in no time.

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