11 habits of people who never worry

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As an anxious person, I’ve always envied those who are calm no matter what life throws at them.

So I figured that if I want to be more relaxed, I should try to study their habits and see what I can learn.

Here are the things that I notice worry-free people do daily.

1) They get enough sleep

Most of the relaxed people I know get eight hours of sleep a day, and this might just be one of the reasons why they’re so at ease.

It’s a well-documented fact that anxiety and sleeping problems go hand in hand.

Anxiety makes it hard to sleep right, but at the same time not having proper sleep gets you anxious.

It’s for that reason that if you have problems with anxiety, you should first take a close look at your sleeping habits and try to see if you’re not having enough sleep and then do your best to fix it. It just might be what you need, after all.

It can be hard to break out of the loop, but there are many ways you can get started and once you manage to get started, it’ll only start getting easier.

2) They meditate and recite affirmations

Not all people who are calm now have always been that way. You would be surprised at how many people who seemingly have everything straight in life were once deathly anxious.

They simply managed to find ways to cope with their anxiety and change their habits.

And one of the easiest ways one can deal with constant worry is through affirmations—small kind phrases one can tell themselves to improve one’s way of thinking.

They recite phrases like “you are becoming” or “you are more than who you are at your worst.”

By keeping phrases like these on the forefront of their minds and meditating on them, they manage to keep their anxiety on a leash.

3) They count their blessings before breakfast

Something that I have noticed is that those people who live free of worry are those who actively try to seek positivity wherever they go.

Rather than see the glass as half empty, they would see the glass as half full. Rather than complain that their breakfast is just peanut butter and jelly, they’ll be happy that at least they have something to eat.

They have conditioned themselves to always be grateful for every little blessing they get, and they have done it for so long that it’s become second nature to them.

And if you’re this kind of person, in reminding yourself of all the good things you have in life and the many ways you’re actually lucky, you get to appreciate life more and worry less.

4) They work on their short-term and long-term goals

A lot of us worry too much about the future—of the plans we have for tomorrow, the week after, or in a year’s time.

But stuff happens, and even our most well-laid plans can go awry. That’s why the people who aren’t consumed by worry don’t let planning consume their time.

Instead, they work on both their short term and long term goals.

By going beyond simply thinking and actually DOING, they keep themselves going, learn, and make it easier for them to adapt to disruptions.

And before they know it, they will have reached that goal that other people would have done nothing about but worry.

5) They don’t put all their eggs in one basket

Life is chaotic and unpredictable. Putting all of one’s eggs in a single basket (or even just two) is nothing short of foolish.

Think about it like this. If you put ALL of your savings in one bank account, what will happen when that bank fails? If you put ALL of your time and money into building a business, what if that business fails?

When it’s all or nothing like this, you can’t help but be anxious. If something goes wrong, it all comes crashing down.

And it’s for this reason that it’s those people who spread their efforts on multiple things at once who are most at peace. If one thing fails, they always have other things to fall back on and look forward to.

6) They meditate and try to be present

It’s important to plan for the future and to learn from the past. But one must never forget to savor the present… which is unfortunately what a lot of people end up doing.

They get stuck on their many regrets, fears, and even dreams that they take their present situation for granted. This often leads to them spiraling and catastrophizing.

It should come then as no surprise that refusing to fixate on the past or future does wonders for one’s mental health. And that’s precisely what worry-free people do.

They train their minds not to wander by practicing meditation and other techniques that could bring them back to the present.

If we learn how to do this, 9 times out of ten, we’ll be less of a worrywart, too.

7) They maintain their support system

When things go bad, a lot of us would get this feeling of dread—a sense of “oh, I’m screwed now”—and be tempted to just charge forward carrying the world on our shoulders.

And what happens is that small problems suddenly start seeming like they’re a big deal. And when we’re alone without anyone to reliably rely on, this feeling gets especially bad.

That’s why calm and worry-free people are those who take the time to nurture their relationships.

Simply knowing that someone’s got their back makes it easier for them to just call for help once they’ve beat that initial panic.

8) They connect with nature

One of the big problems that we people face these days is that we’re just way too fixated on keeping up with the fast pace of modern everyday life.

The solution to that? Some time out in nature, connecting with its slower, calmer pace.

And that’s why people who put a bit of nature into their daily lives are calmer than the rest of us.

It could be a 20-minute walk in the park every day, time spent caring for pets, or even a once-a-month hike into the wilderness. It’s a bit different for everyone.

Nature can give us important life lessons that can make us a little bit calmer if we would only give it into our lives.

9) They indulge in their hobbies

That old saying that starts with “all work and no play…” is especially relevant in this day and age.

We are so focused on being productive members of society that we end up neglecting the things that give us joy.

Without any time for rest and recreation, we all end up bored, exhausted, and frankly just straight up stressed—all conditions for anxiety.

So engage in your hobbies, be it reading, video games, dancing, painting, or even fishing. It’s therapeutic and it gives us all something to live for.

At the very least, it keeps us from having to ask ourselves “what even are we living for?”, which is a question that a lot of joyless people end up fixating on.

10) They let go of things they have no control over

It’s honestly tragic that most of the things we’re so deathly worried about are things that are simply out of our control—from natural disasters to people’s opinions about us.

The thing is, no matter how hard we worry, there’s simply nothing we could do!

And that’s why some people simply choose to let go. Why waste their energies worrying over something that’s out of their hands?

And for that reason, they’re simply carefree and never get bogged down by worry.

It might be a terrifying thing to consider, especially since it does make one feel like they’re just accepting these bad things in life. But if you think about it, that’s what actually matters.

11) They constantly challenge the demons in their heads

“What if things go wrong?”

“Oh, but what if things will go right?”

Whenever they notice a negative thought enter their head, they’d pause for a moment and think of the many reasons why that negative thought is wrong, or simply not even something worth worrying about.

If they think “What if you’re dying of throat cancer and you just don’t know it?”, they’d laugh and tell themselves “Don’t be silly. Throat cancer is very rare! You’re just trying to distract me from enjoying this lovely day.”

And if they think “You’ll be alone forever if you won’t find a boyfriend soon.”, they’d roll their eyes and tell themselves “I’ll find love in my own time, and what if I don’t get a boyfriend? There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Final thoughts

One of the big secrets behind being carefree and free from worry is to be self-assured.

Learning self-assurance is definitely not easy, so it’s easier to start with developing these habits I’ve described in the article.

Try to live by these habits and eventually, you’ll notice that you’re more relaxed and carefree than you’ve ever been in your life.

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