9 habits of people who never get bored in life

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For all the flack the world gets, I have to admit that it is still quite a vast and varied place–a planet packed with exciting places, characters, and adventures waiting to happen. 

The internet alone is home to basically every bit of information you could possibly want. 

Hence, all things considered, there’s no excuse: claiming you’re “bored” is a proclamation reserved for the unimaginative–a reflection of you more than anything.

The truth is that life can be full of intrigue and novelty regardless of setting, we just need to have the right approach. 

To start you off, I’ll be talking about the habits of people who never get bored. I’m sure you can think of a few people in your life like this. 

Once you understand their habits, you’ll be in a better position to incorporate their ways into your lifestyle. 

Let’s get to it!

1) They’re lifelong learners

The person who is never bored sees their life as a canvas, and every day, they seek to add more color to it. They know that the quest for growth and knowledge never really ends. 

So as long as they’re alive, they’re cognizant of the fact that each day brings an opportunity to better themselves and enhance their knowledge, skillsets, and interests. 

They make use of endless resources both online and offline, like attending courses, participating in webinars, and good ol’ fashioned reading. 

In fact, they’re often regular fixtures at the local public library. 

They savor fresh adventures and actively seek them out since they know that these new experiences invariably equate to personal growth and a richer overall existence. 

2) They have real hobbies 

Real talk: you don’t typically get bored when you have an arsenal of hobbies to keep you stimulated and entertained. 

From cooking to woodworking to brewing beer to simply watching films, the interested person is constantly participating in activities that bring them joy. 

My musician dad lives in a sleepy town in British Columbia, Canada where the week’s most exciting event is the Sunday farmer’s market, by far. 

Throughout the years, I’ve asked him some iteration of “Don’t you get bored here?” at least a handful of times.  

He would respond, “No, as long as I have my guitar with me, I’ll always be happy.” 

Sure enough, the guy is always vigorously strumming his electric Les Paul, headphones on, conducting his own personal concert in the living room. 

On other days, he has friends over for elaborate dinners, which he plans and cooks (another thing he very much enjoys.)

When you have a hobby you’re passionate about (particularly a creative pursuit), boredom is largely off the table–the catharsis you get brings with it a feeling of peace and contentment.

3) They’re inherently curious 

I won’t lie: one of the telltale signs of a boring person is that they seem to be indifferent about things outside of their realm of interest. 

The opposite is true: the person who is never bored is constantly asking questions, always wanting to absorb more in an effort to satisfy their insatiable curiosity

Whether it’s how the engine of their car operates or the religious customs of the Muslim family next door, they seem to genuinely want to know more about the world around them, how things work, and the logic behind them. 

This innate wonderment permeates all aspects of their lives.

4) They engage with others

One constant among people who are never bored is that they’re assertive about making the most out of their situations. 

Maybe they reside in an isolated village somewhere, so they keep themselves fulfilled by making the extra effort to seek out social interactions and initiating hangouts with family, friends, and even the occasional new person. 

They value people and appreciate the fact that diversity brings a fuller life. 

There are almost eight billion people on the planet and our time on it is finite. This should be enough motivation for you to venture out of your shell every now and then to experience the splendor of choice. 

It’s true what they say: variety really is the spice of life (though smoked paprika is probably a close second.) 

5) They stay physically active

From my experience, a sedentary life has a direct impact on your mental processes. Boredom tends to occur when you’re mentally stagnant and lethargic. 

The person who isn’t bored understands the importance of physical activity and its (scientifically proven) effects on mood, alleviating stress, providing a productive distraction, and simply stimulating the brain. 

As you may have heard, exercise releases the good type of chemicals; meanwhile, spending countless hours on the couch feasting on buffalo chicken tenders and bingeing on reality television kind of has the opposite effect. 

So make it a point to start incorporating some exercise into your daily routine, be it jogging or yoga or a simple brisk walk. I promise you, it’ll do you wonders. 

6) They have goals

The non-bored individual is able to maintain their animated and engaged demeanor because they’ve often already set goals for themselves, both personal or professional, and live to achieve them. 

By having a concrete and conceivable reason to get out of bed in the morning, this constant pursuit of achievement keeps them excited and driven to move forward. This is also the type of mentality where boredom goes to shrivel up and die. 

7) They practice mindfulness

The non-bored person tends to be mindful of their circumstances–whether through yoga, meditation or simply being present in the moment. 

Instead of getting caught up in anxiety about the future or mindlessly dwelling on the past, they know how to fully appreciate current circumstances. 

They’re not distracted by unproductive or intrusive thoughts. They constantly have their head in the game. 

When mindfulness becomes the norm, having a productive, positive mental state also becomes routine, something that extends to eliminating thoughtless, passive feelings like fear and boredom. 

8) They are welcoming of change

Here’s the thing: non-bored people are not threatened by the prospect of change

In fact, they see it as an inevitable and exciting part of life, not something to be scared of and/or avoided. 

This mentality allows them to adapt to fresh situations, keeping life compelling. 

I have an ex who always stuck to what she already knew, consistently resisting to partake in new experiences or meeting new people. 

Even when we’d travel, she preferred to go to safe places she’d already been many times. It’s no coincidence that she often complained about how she was “always bored” or in a rut. 

Perhaps, if she shifted her mindset from avoiding change to embracing it, she’d realize that new experiences have the potential to reinvigorate and reenergize perspectives. 

The world is a big place, so confining your experiences to such a tiny portion of it is a real travesty, in my opinion. 

9) They keep a positive mindset 

Unfortunately, boredom goes hand in hand with pessimism, kind of like cigarettes and alcohol. 

On the flip side, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the person who is rarely bored tends to maintain optimism about life.

Instead of being constantly deterred by potential hindrances, they look at challenges as opportunities to grow, thrive, and succeed. 

As established in the previous point, at its core, being bored also tends to mean an unwillingness to take risks. 

The interested person lives to step out of their comfort zones and try fresh things. 

Remember, as humans we are meant to take risks in some way or another. Safe and predictable are fertile breeding grounds for boredom.

Let’s not forget: No risk, no reward. No pain, no gain

To conclude this section, I’d like to quote historic French dramatist Pierre Corneille: “To win without risk is to triumph without glory.” 

Final thoughts

The next time you claim to be bored, make a conscious effort to shift this perspective. Be creative about bringing light into your life. 

The world is yours for the taking but do not expect it to land on your lap. 

The point is, you alone have the power to change your circumstances. Start taking control. 

Make use of the limitless resources online to guide you. Follow the items on this list that you feel are attainable. Challenge yourself.

Once you start making these things a part of your routine, boredom will gradually become a foreign feeling. Isn’t that something? 

It’s time to start being an active player, not merely a spectator, in the game that is your life. 

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