10 habits of classy couples who inspire each other daily

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The phrase “classy couple” might bring to mind a couple who lives the high roller life, with plenty of sports cars to spare.

But don’t be fooled.

What makes a couple truly special is how they hold each other up.

So, in this article, I will give you 10 habits of classy couples who inspire each other daily.

1) They have a morning routine

If one is to make the most of the day, then they ought to start it off right.

Classy couples are well aware of this and for that reason, they establish a morning routine that they live by.

This gives them the opportunity to make it more than just a rush to put on clothes and get some food down.

They also try to take it slow and so they wake up an hour or two before they head to work. They make sure they enjoy their time together, and rest assured that they have done everything they need to do—from writing down their to-do list to having their morning meditation.

2) They exercise together

Classy couples know the importance of exercise.

It’s good for both body and mind, and classy couples care about both. It’s hard to be classy, after all, when your mind is frayed and your body is out of shape.

And what better way to exercise than to do it together?

They might go to the gym together, go for daily walks, or try to go for a weekly swim at the nearest pool.

What matters is that they get their body moving, and they do it together to push each other to do better. And so it’s not just about getting fit then—it’s also a great bonding moment.

3) They infect each other with positivity

Classy people know that life is hard enough as it is. So whenever possible, they would rather seek out positivity than drown themselves in negativity.

So when something positive happens to them like a promotion or a raise, or when they stumble across good news worth sharing like improvements in global climate, then they will share it with one another to double the joy.

They trust that their partner isn’t just going to shrug and minimize their partner’s enthusiasm.

They have each other’s back after all, and this mindset primes the two of them for positivity.

But of course, while they try to look at the bright side, they always try to be mindful not to insist on positivity when doing so might come off as dismissive or insensitive.

4) They compete with each other (but in a healthy way)

A lot of us have come to see competition as a bad thing. But that isn’t necessarily the case…not for classy people, at least.

You see, the problem isn’t with competition itself, but in how a lot of people simply suck at managing their temper and egos when pitted against other people.

But classy couples can manage to avoid falling into that trap and compete with one another in a lighthearted, positive way.

They might compete over who gives better massages, cooks better, or has walked more miles the past week.

Instead of trying to affect the self-esteem of the other, they simply try to build one another up by giving each other a goal to shoot for.

5) They express their love daily

Classy couples are so well-mannered that you’d think at first glance that they simply don’t express their love openly—certainly not like lovestruck teens do, at least.

But on the contrary, they actually show their love for one another a lot… even in public. They just know how to be discreet and subtle about it (in other words, classy).

It can be as simple as eating together at lunch, shooting each other knowing glances, and saying simple compliments like “you look cute today.”

But of course, they can be as goofy as they want in private, and have no issues ending the day with all the hugs and kisses that they can give to one another.

They know that a happy relationship is the foundation of a good life, so why not make each other feel loved?

6) They don’t engage in gossip

There are couples whose favorite pastime is talking trash about other people. Classy couples are not like this.

They find no satisfaction in talking about people at all. And even if they sometimes do—they’re just human after all—they try to regulate themselves so that they can avoid turning it into a habit.

So when one of them overhears a rumor and relays it to their partner, they will just keep it at that. They won’t pass it to someone else.

Something like “Oh, you know what, I heard our friend Janice is dating your sister’s ex!” would be met with something like “Oh really? That’s funny. Welp, it’s none of our business but good for them.”

Reminding one another that the private lives of the people are none of their business, just like that, is important to snapping each other out of the rumor mill and moving on to more important things to talk about.

7) They encourage each other to follow their dreams

Classy couples truly believe in each other. They admire how far their partner has come, but they also know that whatever goal they set their heart on, they’ll eventually get it.

So they’re always sharing about their goals and encouraging each other to go further.

For example, if one is too busy to pursue their passion in painting because they’re drowning in work, the other would remind them that they should make time because painting is their calling.

They’d give each other words of encouragement. They’d ask for updates and give them a thumbs up for a job well done.

They’d even willingly ask each other how they can help—whether it’s by giving the other more free time to pursue their passions or letting them borrow a few hundred bucks to buy the materials they need.

8) They do things that can enrich them

They are always doing something that can nourish their mind, body, and spirit—whether it’s a spiritual retreat, a concert, or a trip to the museum.

Sure, they’re fine with just being lazy at home too (who doesn’t want to Netflix and chill?), but they’d rather go out when they can.

And when they go out, they’d always choose to do something new. They’ll explore and try out new things instead of staying in the usual place because classy couples always want to discover new things and grow.

9) They gently keep one another in check

Being classy doesn’t mean being meek and yielding just to be “polite”, not to others and not even to one’s partner.

What sets classy couples apart is the way they handle conflicts.

If one’s partner has been drinking a bit too much, for example, they would gently yet firmly reprimand them by reminding them of their health.

Or if they could see their partner become a couch potato, they would tell them exactly just that and then ask if there’s anything wrong.

They aren’t afraid to rock the boat a little if it means helping their partner remain the best version of who they are.

And yet they know better than to turn to verbal abuse or coercion. They love and respect their partner a bit too much for that.

And this goes both ways in the relationship.

10) They focus on themselves

Unless they can see their partners going down a dark path, classy people avoid getting too fussy about their partners’ business. They’ll be supportive, for sure, but they’ll never build their life around them.

Instead, they focus on themselves— trying to be the best person they can be. And in being genuinely themselves, they help enrich and inspire their partners’ lives.

Classy couples remain firmly individual no matter how much time they spend together, how much they bond, or how much they love one another. And that’s because they do not neglect their own personal growth.

Last words

The one important thing to remember about classy couples is that they aren’t who they are because of their relationship. Instead, their relationship is what it is—vibrant, strong, nurturing—because of who they are individually.

That is to say, one needs to be a mature and stable person first  (in other words, classy) before they get into a relationship.

Once that is out of the way, you might find that it’s actually not that hard to be in a classy relationship. Maturity attracts maturity, and with maturity comes stability and… well, class.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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